I Think Fug’s Alone Now

Yes. This happened.

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  1. currygirl

    Debbie is really taking her “Electric Youth” song to heart, freaking 20 years later. Gah, my eyes!

  2. silly philly

    Dude, as proven in the last photo, putting on pants did NOT help…

  3. Geemee

    They both look AMAZING. Great gams, ladies! I wish I was aging as well. As for the blue dress on Debbie, it would’ve been OK if that lace business wasn’t on one shoulder. And if it was 3 inches longer. Tiffany could’ve used a little more material at the bottom of her Chaka Khan tunic, too.

  4. M.Amanda

    I cannot support any of the oufits worn in these pictures, but I must say Debbie Gibson has really kept in shape. Her legs are awesome.

  5. AmandaD

    What is going on in that first picture? Is Debbie trying to punch Tiffany with that ring? Hypnotize her with it? I don’t understand.
    It’s a shame about the blue dress, because that color is great on her, and from the waist up it looks like it could be interesting (and I don’t mean interesting in a gynecological way as it turned out to be).

  6. What's The New Black

    Wow. Ew. Okay. In a word: Horrible!

  7. Amber

    Debbie Gibson looks great! (Minus the hideous outfits, of course). I’m not sure where/what Tiffay was going for, because the poncho made her look like she’s gained 200 pounds. After seeing the full picture, that is obviously not the case. She’s got great legs, so I guess, good for her? Good for both of them, really, except I am sure they could have found better outfits.

  8. Stefanie

    This is too much for first thing Monday morning.

  9. Christian

    I thought this was Toni Collette and Courtney Stoddom. I was born in 1984.

  10. UghManpris

    These are some sad, desperate outfits. :(

  11. Kit Lang

    I’m with Stephanie.

    Too much for a Monday.

    Sweet baby jebus!

  12. Molly

    I was thinking of lunch, but now I’m not hungry, I just want to cry in a corner.

  13. Lina

    As eyeball searing as this is, they both look SO MUCH HAPPIER now than they did twenty+ years ago. It’d be nice if the clothes were, say, pretty, but I’m glad to seem them having fun.

  14. Carrie

    Between this post and the new Old Navy commercial using “Only in my Dreams” I am having a full-on Debbie Gibson renaissance. Excuse me while I go find my old Electric Youth perfume, put on my bedazzled jean jeacket and go see if “Shake Your Love” is on Spotify.

  15. Sherri

    I am embarrassed. Both ladies do, indeed, look quite amazing, but there is a reality involving dressing for one’s age — no less sexy, but much less desperate.

    And the second outfit. Debbie, just….no. Honestly, I’d have preferred a nice muumuu,

  16. Mella

    I think DG kinda looks like Jen Aniston in these pictures. And now I want to slap myself.

  17. Brooke

    Sorry Fug Gals, but the ads are getting out of control. I completely respect your need to advertise, but when “The Lying Game” frames the left, the right, occupies a rectangular space within the post, in addition to not one-but TWO – square spaces within the post, a banner across the bottom of the page AND a banner across the top of the page (Total = 7 ads for the same thing), is it also truly necessary to have the-most-irritating-ad-gimmick ever of the pop down (or whatever it is called)? I will 100% absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, NEVER watch that show because I am now annoyed by it beyond words. Don’t think that is the desired effect … Can you please tone it down just a bit? I hate to abandon you guys, but it is getting too overwhelming and I can’t enjoy your site these days. I just end up getting irritated anymore.

  18. Donna

    This is one of my biggest nightmares. Although I’m sure I’ll never be this extreme, I fear dressing too young for my old age. Either my friends wouldn’t tell me b/c they don’t want to hurt my feelings or they do tell me and I ignore them b/c I think I still look fabulous when I look ridiculous. I should put these on my fridge to anti-motivate me.

  19. strah

    Brooke: Firefox + the Adblock Plus extension will solve your problem, seriously.

    Both of these ladies are lovely and have been fame adjacent for a long time, which makes me think that for this event they could have obtained better stylists. Debbie’s outfits do come across desperate and poor Tiffany looks like she’s overcompensating for being larger than Debbie by trying to hide in a sack.

  20. Fuh Ugh

    I swear I thought that was Gwyneth Paltrow and Christina Hendrickson.

  21. eee

    Carrie, the Old Navy “Only in my Jeans” (shudder) song parody makes me want to weep. And I wasn’t even that big of a Debbie Gibson fan back in the day. Even my husband’s jaw dropped in horror at that commercial.

    As much as Tiffany’s outfit here does her no favors, and Debbie’s outfits are scary, they’re both in amazing shape. I would kill to have Tiffany’s legs. Damn.

  22. sarah

    I’m hoping you’ve seen this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1680138/

    If not, it’s definitely as amazing as it looks and is worth some of your time :)

  23. Elise

    Ah, these ladies are on the gyno tour of 2011! I guess they didn’t want to be left out.

  24. Cortni

    At first glance I thought The Debster’s last outfit was really from Priscilla: Queen of the Desert that happened to be touring the dinner theater circuit.

  25. Sandy

    This is liking watching your mother be desperate! Queasy , I have to go lie down.

  26. Sandy

    Or maybe it is LIKE watching your mom….

  27. Lettucecup

    I thought it was Wilson Phillips.

  28. Gabby

    Tiffany looks great! Healthy! The poncho is kinda cool (want it)!
    Debbie looks like a drag queen in that last shot and emaciated in all the others (and this is coming from a die hard Team Debbie member).
    Oh how I wish she had stuck to the ripped jeans and face drawn on her knee.. That was cute (I used to do it but my mum wouldn’t let me rip my jeans knees :(

  29. Melinda

    @sarah – that movie looks like the most glorious thing ever created. Have you actually seen it?

  30. anny

    I don’t know who these women are, but that poncho look is pretty cool, especially with the shoes. And the legs.

  31. vandalfan

    This is horrid. The mutton is old and chewy and tough, dressed as new born lamb.

  32. shy

    @Melinda – Dunno about Sarah, but I’ve seen it. It’s even more ridiculous and awesome as it looks. While it doesn’t have Tiffany, Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus has Debbie Gibson, and is even better. This is only a taste of the awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBizgLZX7W0

  33. shy

    Wait, this one’s better! Same scene, just a longer video of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=I16_8l0yS-g

  34. Bambi Anne Dear

    DG looks like Kathy Griffin’s mad older sister.

  35. Claire L

    Outfits are terrible… but Debbie is rocking some GREAT arms…. I’ll wear horrible clothes for couple of hours to have those arms!

  36. Jessica B

    The new Old Navy commercial put DG and my head and now this is just reinforcing it. I am trying very hard not to go to itunes. Both of these ladies are my age and I would kill to have legs like either one.

  37. ChaChaHeels

    That oversized doily hurts.

  38. Andrea

    I was at this concert, and very close to the stage… Debbie looked ready for the gyno in the blue dress, I think people got a show they werent expecting, but Tiffany’s outfit was really cool looking in person… very shiny! And her second outfit was fine, vs Debbie with the hotpink fishnet and neon yellow bra. Ugh… give me Tiffany any day!

  39. Melinda

    @shy – wow. Now I have one more thing to worry about when I fly.

    And back to the topic at hand – is there something about being an 80s teen sensation that permanently warps one fashion sense?