Grammys Fug or Fab: Taylor Swift


The thing about Taylor is, she never really looks bad; she just looks repetitive, or just sort of there. And my ability to get past it depends on things like, oh, how hungry I am, or whether I’ve just listened to one of her better treadmill songs. Since I am at Fashion Week, obviously there has been no treadmill, but there has ALSO been a lot of sandwiches, so I’m cheery. FOR NOW.

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  1. keekey

    I’m surprised by how much love I see this dress getting around the internet. Maybe I watch too many crime shows but all I can see is a big glittery autopsy y-incision across her chest, framed by a white sheet. “Autopsy dress” is not a good look.

  2. Stefanie

    Im somewhere in the middle. I dont love it by any means but I wouldnt kick it out of my closet.

  3. BrownEyedBetty

    I find T-Swift incredibly boring in every way.

    • mary lou bethune

      I too find her boring but at least she isn’t pornographic like some. Carrie bores me too and I always get the feeling that she is about ready to sneer at something.
      Showmanship is one thing that Katy Perry does well but not those previous divas. Kelly Clarkson is the one with the huge talent and the fantastic attitude, though.

  4. Billie

    I just, I’m just sick of seeing her everywhere. She is the true definition of over saturation. She needs to go away for a while and come back before I can form an unbiased opinion. Because as it stands now, just about everything she does is annoying.

    • Holly Hamilton

      This^^. The two above comments are exact.
      And her hair, I can’t get past how flat it is. Too flat. Perhaps it’s my coming of age in the late seventies big hair decades that shapes my thoughts, but whatever. It’s too flat for me.

      • Margaret

        Agreed, and her hair needs better highlights or something….is she trying to make mousy dull blonde a thing?

    • wildviolette

      There is way way way too much Taylor Swift in the world. Case in point, I was at my local 24 hour Walgreens at 6am this morning, in dire need of coffee and kitty litter. All was silent until Swifty echoed through the place, pimping her new CD, tshirts, mugs and commemorative pens. Her voice was trying to find the balance between too-cool-for-school and late night infomercial. On my blurry-eyed way to the checkout, I bumped into a life-size cardboard cut-out of her. It was all too much Taylor Swift, too early in the morning.

  5. Ms. Pants

    Unless she’s wearing a ball-gag and full gimp suit, Taylor Swift will always be in the “leave it” category.

  6. Sandra

    Getchyer bangs outa yer eyes, Girl! That’s a dreadful thing to do to your face.

  7. Cucina49

    Who IS that poor girl in the fourth photo?

    • Erin

      It looks like Joy Williams from the Civil Wars, which makes me a tiny bit optimistic that they won a Grammy. I want her and John Paul White back out on the road!!

  8. Kristan

    Even though her “dancing” was awkward, I thought the concept, set, and costumes were all pretty cool.

  9. TonyG

    Taylor certainly did try to up the showmanship with her circus-themed Grammy awards performance, but in that costume she looked like a girl trying to do Shania Twain. It just did not work for me.

  10. Annie E

    I thought it was awful, and I like Taylor Swift just fine. Her voice is still not strong live, and she didn’t have the “at least I’m playing my instrument” notion to fall back on. She also couldn’t use “dancing” as an excuse for sounding bad, since that was not dancing.

    • Caroline

      I too would not categorize what Tay-tay did on stage as “dancing” by any means. She was just super-awkwardly strutting across a stage of overdone back-up dancers and acrobats. If you’re going to try to go that big, at least take a dance lesson or two. Aggressively bad performance.

  11. Katie

    I agree that the dress seems like something we’ve already seen on her a million and a half times, but I can’t help thinking that a different color would have completely changed that. If the dress had been a jewel tone (maybe even the green of Florence’s dress??), I think I would have LOVED it. But in the same color palette she always wears it was just there.

  12. Sarah

    There’s a lot that can be said about Taylor Swift that’s negative but she does, at least, seem like a supportive friend. Sure she has a tendency to mean girl in songs (“she wears short skirts”…etc) but in real life she’s not a girls-just-don’t-like-me-I-only-get-along-with-guys type of girl and I respect that.

    • julyol1972

      I guess you may be right but I think she has the maturity of a 12 year old. How passive aggresive was she with that shot at her ex in the faux english accent? Ugh! She irritates me!

  13. gryt

    Please make her go away forever.

  14. jerkygirl

    Looks like fancy scoliosis brace.

  15. Charlotte

    This is one of those dresses where it really depends on who’s wearing it. If Jennifer Lawrence wore it, I would squeal with joy. (I would probably be happy with it on Anne Hathaway or Rooney Mara, too.) But if a Khardashian or JLo or…hmm, who else likes to wear white and be naked?…wore it, it would earn a big “Hell, no,” from me. I’m afraid Taylor falls into the latter category. I’m just so over her. Every ounce of goodwill I once had towards her has completely evaporated.

    I will say that if I had had to pick who would be the person to do a sartorially modern update of “November Rain”, T Swift would *not* have been on my list. (My guess would have been Miley Cyrus. SORRY MILEY. I actually really like you. I just hate your taste.)

  16. Crystal

    Please put on a pattern, girl.

  17. Sylvia

    I wish there was a “meh” option, for both the dress and Taylor Swift.

  18. Helen

    I love the dress with the T-strap. On the runway, it didn’t have that, and I think the addition gives it a nice modern touch that works with the classic lines. I’m NOT so sure it works on Taylor herself, specifically… I agree with Charlotte, above, that it would work well on Jennifer Lawrence, and quite possibly Anne Hathaway or Rooney Mara as well.

    Can’t tell about the second dress as I can’t see much of it here. I’m sure the armpit thing was an accident, but gosh that does look unpleasant.

    Hate the stage costume in both its iterations. That just looks stupid to me. Oh, and so does the braid worn with the dresses.

  19. Evalyn

    When the media starts to rave about Taylor Swift, I get a puzzled look on my face and think “Really?” Same reaction to the white dress. WTH? Bondage dress? Toga? Spangled sternum? Bangs? Huh?

  20. witjunkie

    Sorry..even with all the distractions, she still sounded awful. I can forgive a lot if someone is really talented (That song Beiber sang on SNL the other night? lalalalalove something – that was a great song and he nailed it, live; while I still think he’s a twat, at least I have a measure of respect for him.) But all this Swift hoopla is just the emporer’s new clothes to me.

  21. Alice

    As a fellow tall girl (especially in heels) I totally feel for her in the accidentally mashing someone’s face into your armpit during an excited hug incident. It’s awkward (and a little condescending) to lean down to hug, but if you don’t their face ends up somewhere awkward (boobs, armpit, turned awkwardly far to the side). There’s just no winning in that case.

    As for the dress, I really liked it. Sure, I would have liked it more in a color, but it had something interesting to it unlike most of her snoozy nudey glittery pieces. It wasn’t aggressively sexy like the other things she’s been wearing of late, but after seeing that much of Katy Perry’s boobs and JLo’s leg (so, so much) I was kind of happy for that. I tend towards liking Taylor, even if she is overexposed and slightly childish at times, because she does seem like a genuinely nice person in interviews and when she’s around her friends. She fell back to her comfort zone for the Grammy’s, but it was at least a little outside what she normally does.

  22. Mrs. Ditter

    Well, fuggirls, you’ve done it. She will now always be “T-Strap” to me.

  23. Jane

    Agreed with the comments that there is currently too much Taylor Swift in the world. I don’t know what’s worse – the inability to be single for more than 48 hours before hooking up with her next non-keeper boyfriend, or the fake “OMG! You mean I actually won?” expression she makes every time she wins something (thankfully, we were spared that at the Grammys since she struck out). Taylor, Taylor, Taylor – how can we miss you if you won’t go away? :-)

  24. Nico

    We still need to be talking about how bad her live performances are. This is srs bsnss!

  25. Sajorina

    Repetitive? YES! Boring? YES! FUG? No!

  26. Mjx

    My main reaction to Taylor Swift’s choices here is a feeling of sadness. They’re fine, but reflect a look I’d bet she’d never have gone for if she wasn’t in the public eye. Also, I have a strong feeling that she’ll still be wearing these things when she’s enough older that it will look desperate (whereas there are other women who can pull off this sort of thing in their 60s, and people say ‘God, she’s NUTS’, but it works because they’re clearly having a blast and wearing the hell out of it).

  27. Vandalfan

    Better posture would help the T-strap, and less proffered thigh and exposure of her willowy (to be kind) cleavage area. And of course, in some bold color, or a nice pattern.