Grammy Pre-Party Fug: Natasha Bedingfield

This is a hilarious mess.

She looks like the president of the world’s most typo-prone sorority, which sent out a massive invitation to their annual YOGA party and then had to act like they MEANT it and didn’t just miss the “t” key in a Boone’s Farm-fueled blur.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (19):

  1. Stefanie

    Im having flashbacks of one of the practice outfits worn in Showgirls…..

  2. Shannon

    I think a Yoga party could end up being wilder than a toga party…

  3. yvetterene

    After seeing this monstrocity, I am convinced over half of these women got dressed in the dark using only “The Force” to guide them.

  4. gav

    Is it wrong that I think this is cute? Or at least if she’d swapped the trousers for a pencil skirt it would have been?

    • Kit

      Friends don’t let friends go out in their bras with a couple of bands of fabric over it attached to some sort of dance-class shrug. Yes, it’s wrong. ;)

  5. vandalfan

    It’s fine for a Zumba instructor, or to go to some Jersey Shore nightclub. What really is bad is the fried, over-processed, mussy hair and the heavy foundation and nude lipstick that makes her nose unfortunately prominent.

  6. Kimberli

    I love this entry, Heather. And not just because it brought up fond memories of underage drinking with Boone’s Farm Strawberry Lemonade.

  7. Caroleena Stantonova


  8. Sajorina

    Nice bra, Chelsea! Wait, what? She’s not?

  9. valeria

    I couldn’t remember Ms. Bedingfield so I actually did a Google image search to see what color her hair is “supposed” to be. Based on this photo, it didn’t seem possible that someone would choose this color combined with this hairstyle. Imagine my surprise to find that she is ‘normally’ blond. Still, though, this sort of ashy blonde shade isn’t too flattering IMHO.

    The ensemble, sigh . . . the red suede shoes are cool. I’m sorta grateful she decided to wear a brassiere — but this is one of the very few instances when I’d say someone would have looked better if I didn’t have to see their foundation garments poking out.

  10. Guerra

    Those pants are really unflattering, as is everything else.

  11. Franziska

    Just imagine, she stood in front of her mirror and actually thought she looked good enough to go out like that!!!!! How deluded can you be?

  12. Rubee

    I just had the most intense late 90′s flashback… She looks like a dancing extra in one of those Anastasia music videos… The ‘atletic’ one who always bumped around the most excentric way as if caught by a peeled 440 v wire.

  13. Alison

    Not only is the outfit vile, and totally lacking in all sense of taste and style, she looks quite unhappy to be wearing it. Not sure about the hair colour either, she looks a bit washed out. Sorry Natasha, this is a “must try harder” look for me!

  14. Britt

    This is terrible, but at least the bra is doing an incredible job. Talk about perfectly lifted and separated!

  15. hippetyhop

    I imagine her realising that her bra and shoes are the EXACT same colour and thinking, Well WHY NOT? Ha ha ha.

    (I actually like it, heh)

  16. KG

    The pants are just unflattering, and the top looks like a throw back to Britney Spears’ snake draping days.

  17. LJ

    Hmm has she in fact been forced to take up a part-time office job?. It would help to explain the vile pants/jacket combo.

  18. hardcore sass xD

    sooo tragic natasha… was she on drugs when she dressed herself or something???