Grammy Awards WTF!!?!?!!?!? Lady Gaga

Heather and I were working on some Fashion Week writing last night, while watching the Grammys, when the room service guy came in and cast a critical eye at the TV. “I’m so over Lady Gaga,” he said.

Dude. I feel you.  I… I just can’t do it anymore.  I just can’t.  Anyone who decides to arrive at the Grammys in an egg obviously has an unusually powerful and grossly all-encompassing need for attention, and here’s why: An awards show is not about one person. It’s about — well, let’s say at least a hundred people, about 80 of whom are way, way, way, way less famous than Lady Gaga is, some of whom are only known amongst polka enthusiasts.   If Gaga decided to open her own concert in an egg, then more power to her. A Lady Gaga concert is about and for Lady Gaga, and she can and should court all the attention she can.  And, trust, it’s not like I think the Grammys are the equivalent of the Nobel Prize or whatever, but I suspect everyone who was nominated for one, and who got to walk the red carpet, got pretty excited about their big night. And then this stupid Egg Being Carried In By Minions routine completely and totally drew every single bit of red carpet attention away from EVERYONE ELSE. To my mind, that’s not performance art — because it’s not being done to make a larger artistic point. The point it’s making is, “I’M HERE IN AN EGG LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME ME ME ME ME ME HOW ELSE CAN I FOLLOW A MEAT DRESS?” Honestly, I just think it’s bratty.

Of course, she couldn’t just stop with the egg. Please pop into the slideshow and follow along. I’ll try not to get all CAPSY on you.

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  1. Willow

    It gets even creepier when you know she refers to it as “The Womb”

  2. Jennifer

    I thought you showed considerable restraint. I would have gotten way more CAPSY.

  3. Linda66

    It reminded me so very much of Spinal Tap.

  4. sara

    Sigh. I never really liked her, but now I like her even less.

  5. Algae

    I just keep looking at the front guy’s abs. I mean…look at them. They need to be immortalized.

  6. Kathryn

    Man, I am so glad to hear that you guys feel the same way about that pompous attention whore. She’s just so…obvious.

  7. Jill


  8. Willow

    I am still waiting for her statement saying that this stands for the death of society and the rise of the The Twilight Saga.

  9. Amy

    What’s good enough for Mork, is good enough for me

  10. Marisa

    To me, Gaga is just like KISS … Crazy ridiculous outfits, considers herself the most original artist in the planet, puts on an elaborate show, yet her actual music is derivative and ordinary (albeit catchy, but am I the only person who thinks that “Alejandro” song sounds just like ABBA’s “Fernando?”). Her worst sin to me is that she takes herself (and expects to be taken) so seriously. You’re in an EGG (or wearing a teapot hat, or a side of beef, or Kermit the frog), it’s not brain surgery – at least let us know you’re in on the joke.

  11. Annette

    Thank you, thank you. I’ve never cared for her and I think most of us who don’t aren’t going to be more attracted after a stunt like this. It’s immature and self-important when it’s really not worthy

  12. Angela in Ontario

    My husband says she’s the GWAR of pop music.

  13. Jessica


  14. Matilda

    As weird as her egg thing was, I thought she’s getting predictable now. I mean, first the meat, then the egg, what next? Maybe she’ll do a David Blaine and disappear. I would like that.

  15. Liza

    Amen. I just can’t deal with her nonsense anymore. YOU’RE NOT THE DAMN MESSIAH. Ahem, sorry about that, but her fans act like she’s the second coming and it makes me feel stabby. And honestly, her new song sounds like a mash-up of Vogue and Express Yourself. And don’t even get me started on that ridiculously self congratulatory interview she did for Vogue. SHUT UP Lady Gaga. Your stunts are just boring now.

  16. Ash

    I think she’s hilarious. I want to hate her, but it’s just so funny. I mean, who doesn’t want to be carried around by a cadre of litter-bearers?

  17. LoriK

    I agree with Jennifer that you showed far more restraint than I would have. If I had written this post is would have been all CAPS all the time. Gaga has now gone so far past performance art into the land of annoying attention whore that it’s all but unbearable.

  18. Sarah

    She has become like Marilyn Manson to me. I don’t know if she is totally crazy or just putting on an elaborate show, but I’m super creeped out by her and therefore really don’t care to find out which it is.

  19. A.J.

    Why has no one mentioned that her black outfit looks like she’s trying to be the Alien from the movies? It looks like a “sexy” girl Halloween costume of the same. I want Sigorney Weaver to run up on stage and tell her to “Get away from her, you bitch!” LOL.

  20. ProudMary

    not only did she change her clothes, she changed her minions from the Red Carpet to the performance! because, you know, carrying minions are not dancing minions. of course.

    I can’t even imagine keeping up such a campaign for as long as she has. her narcissism is impressive, and she is a talented attention whore. but everything else, the music (disco dance pop that’s been done done done) her fashion (admittedly it’s out there, but I seriously doubt she’s the sole originator of all that crazy…anyone with enough money can buy lotsa lotsa crazy) are nothing new, interesting or special. I look forward to a time when we look back and laugh at the days of GAGA.

  21. Rowynn

    I must disagree, FugGirls – at least in part. I think this womb motif was meaningful to her, and while the whole thing is probably a bad case of Taking Herself Too Seriously, I do believe she had a vision beyond just LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME. And speaking of that – was Rihanna’s dress really any less of a literal shriek for attention? And how about Nicki Minaj’s getup?? Seems to me the whole event was one big orgy of LOOK AT ME – Gaga just managed to pull it off more effectively.

  22. Nico

    She is truly the MOST intelligent, articulate, talented, unabashed fashion freak out there…I like to fug as much as the rest of you, but you know, someone who’s THIS willing to deconstruct and reshape herself, who displays originality of fashion sense and hello???? WRITES HER OWN SONGS…is worthy of our admiration…we may not want to be seen in the womb, but hell, it’s better than anything worn by half the celebutante crowd EVER. Geesh. Love, the Monster-fugtrix

  23. Maretha2

    Slightly different opinion here — I do think LaGaGa is more talented than, say, Madonna, and I don’t mind her wackadoodle outfits. If she’s famous for wearing ridiculous clothes and making catchy music, well, better that than numerous arrests for drugs or theft or violating probation (ahem, LiLo!). Our culture has picked worse reasons to be fascinated with someone, is what I’m saying.

    I am concerned that she is so scary skinny now. Instead of wearing meat and eggs, maybe she should try eating some. Or some carbs. Something.

  24. CeeCee

    Yeah, I guess, she “writes” her own songs, if by which you mean “borrows” (e.g., infringes upon the copyright of) former pop acts such as Madonna, ABBA, and my lord, Ace of Base. Why would you WANT to rehash ACE OF BASE!?!?!?! (There, I got CAPSY).

    I am with the FugGirls. We all know all of these are award shows are acts of masturbatory congratulations, but they should be at least for, say, 50 people. Not just one. Gaga lost me when she stole her little sis’ high school graduation from her by showing up dressed like the Bride of Tim Burton. IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU.

  25. Alma

    Hey CeeCee don’t hate on Ace of Base! They made like 5 songs out of one simple beat. Now that takes talent!

  26. Fuh Ugh

    It’s been done, and by SPINAL TAP in 1984 for god’s sake! And that was a spoof!

    Did you see the 60 Minutes interview? She is seriously insane. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall at Madge’s house when the Gaga Circus hits town though. What does Madge think? Does she view it as an homage, or a natural evolution? Or is she thoroughly pissed off to be one upped at the game she invented?

  27. jen

    I’m starting to hate her guts. Seriously. Incredibly bad music, no charisma at all, it’s all just big hair, weird clothes and little monsters. Even Madonna is bored to death by this, and she invented it!

  28. Anna

    Thanks for the random 90210 moment.

  29. Nina

    Thank you. I’m beyond sick of this girl. Her songs are mildly catchy, but she’s in no way the brilliant artist she claims to be. I just want her to go away.

  30. Jessica

    I’d like to add that I actually do think she has talent — she can certainly sing — which, to me, makes this sort of thing even more bizarre. Because she doesn’t need all the bells and whistles the way, like, Madonna did (and I say that as someone who LOVED Madonna and preferred her pre-voice-lesson voice).

  31. Share

    I’ve been on Team Gaga for a while now. I mean, I find her over-the-topness to be hilarious, and I like hilarity, and so by the transitive principle, I like Lady Gaga.

    That said, she’s starting to annoy me.

  32. Anne B

    I don’t often wear shoes that hurt anymore, but the idea of being carried aloft on a litter by fit and fabulous young men in alternating stages of undress is a fantasy I’ve indulged in, usually while in exquisite foot pain.

    Perhaps GaGa’s shoes simply hurt?

    And yes, the 90210 insert was inspired. Thanks, ladies!

  33. Amy

    It reminds me of a cliche college performance art project. Seriously she is not as creative as she thinks she is. Seen it before.

  34. Alissa

    Comparing Gaga’s egg to Steve and Andrea exchanging an egg? Seriously, brilliant.

  35. Rachel

    I totally thought Swinton was the one leading the egg procession

  36. Emily

    The STUPIDEST part of this whole thing was that her performance wasn’t that groundbreaking. It was her and some dancers. That’s it. With all this build-up I expected something, if not mind-blowing, at least unexpected.

  37. val.

    It’s very try-hard, isn’t it?

  38. Libby

    Well said – the constant stunts for attention are tiresome. I’m not just over Lady Gaga, I’m over this shtick in general.

    Hey young artists (Gaga, Kesha, Rianna, etc.): How about just wowing us with your music and leaving the crazy at home?

  39. gryt

    She’s not nearly as interesting as she thinks she is.

  40. Kate

    The lady minion looks like Heidi Klum. I can totally see her wearing that latex dress to a Halloween Party too.

  41. atz

    I don’t know much about Gaga. I don’t watch a lot of TV so I only really know her from this blog and other places she’s been mentioned.

    My question is, does she do this with a sense of humor or whimsy? I think that the thing about GWAR for example is that they are being funny, and it’s genuinely entertaining (or, was, at least). Does Gaga take herself seriously? Hard to imagine.

  42. Leah

    I didn’t watch the show. Was this for a performance, or just for her to be in the audience? Also, how do you know she changed clothes in the egg? Did she actually change IN THE EGG?

  43. Mjx

    I don’t know, I’m actually sort of torn: Let’s face it, when performers do this sort of thing, you’re basically getting a free entertainment; think how boring it would be if she just showed up wearing an iguana and a pair of formal shorts made of fried eggs. It sure gives a lot more to right about than just being able to say ‘I think her nail varnish clashed with her hair, and I’m not sure if I like her clutch’… RIIIIIIIIGHT?!

    On the other hand, I think it would nice if she’s just relax occasionally.
    Last night I was watching the Go Gos’ ‘Head Over Heels’ video, and thinking, ‘YThey’re sort of awkward and uncertain, but they look like they’re really having fun’. You don’t see that much anymore.

  44. Mjx


    I have NO idea why I wrote ‘right about’.

  45. yeahandalso

    I really like her music, but I liked her image back when Just Dance came out and she was more of just a club kid. Back when she was just wearing like tights and a colorful top with maybe some bright eye make-up, she seemed cool like somebody you could relate to and emulate. And I still love her music but all of this just distracts from it.

    It is kind of a weird catch 22 where all this stuff gets he attention which can sell records but it also takes away from the music that is on them.

  46. Sally

    No no. I think the music is bland and all this art/fashion/pork-chop-shoes business is ridiculous. A very silly woman who looks like dog-plops.

  47. Norm Deplume

    She totally jumped the shark with that egg stunt. I’m officially over her antics. However, she could win me back by showing up somewhere riding a shark. Or wearing waterskis and a leather jacket. That would be real art.

  48. JK

    She tries so hard that it’s become embarrassing to watch. All faux-shock value, no discernible talent.

  49. Sally

    Also, if you’re a singer and that is your job – then surely writing your own stuff and performing it live is the least you can do. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a green grocer or librarian miming to their job while wearing a ham hock on their temple.

  50. Tina

    Prosthetic implants don’t count unless you get the full surgery, a la Orlan.

  51. sugarleg

    it’s so emperor’s new clothes, pun intended. I get that she digs fashion and art etc. (and that fashion digs her, ahem Armani couturier on contract), but EGGS-actly, this is not performance art, it is a media play for attention. go have fun and just be a pop singer. sheesh.

  52. Verodemort

    I am NOT against Lady GaGa in an egg for so many reasons… A, I like my GaGa scrambled, thanks. B, The jokes that have come out of this stunt were far more entertaining then the actual Grammy Awards! C, I would have been let down if she DIDN’T go full minion slave wombtacular on us and D, because I don’t think she does it for attention. Almost everything she does ties in with other crazy thoughts and ideas- her “BORN THIS WAY” song is about fighting adversity because you can’t help who you are, so her whole theatrical way of being different is litterally looking like a monster but, you know, she was born this way so get over it! It is a case of her taking herself too seriously but I don’t think she did it in a needy way. You also bring up a very good point- HOW else do you follow a meat dress?!

  53. Sally

    A giant after dinner mint and an early night!

  54. Fuh Ugh

    @Sally – bwa ha ha!

  55. Nat

    When my fiance saw her onstage his immediate reaction was “why is she dressed like a CONDOM?”

  56. jerkygirl

    Remember when Macy Gray showing up in a bathrobe was edgy? *sigh, nostalgia break*

  57. Sally

    Maybe if Bjork had gone into Mecha-Swan Dress mode and SHAT OUT Gaga as an egg, that would have been worth a look.

  58. Steph

    You had me at Steve and Ahhndrea exchanging the egg. Anyone have any U4EA?

    That being said. I want Gaga’s abs. I hope those were real. The rest… has already been stated. CAPSY.

  59. Posh

    I found it unappealing to look at the mucus-colored outfits she and her dancers were wearing on stage. If anything was to signal that her time is up, I think it was this performance and entrance: it was uninspired, annoying and gross to look at. Pointy shoulders? Just be human, its okay to have normal bones!

  60. Mimmicobba

    Well I’m on team Gaga- for me she’s the antidote to Kesha, Katy et al and really with her voice, songwritting and 10’000 looks she’s elevated way above Lyndsey, Kim K and this month’s Z-lister with their perfumes & jeggings and honest to goodness credit cards.

  61. casey

    I have to agree that for all of this hoopla, she damn sure should have had a more inspiring performance. I mean, I thought Pink’s performance with the ribbons, etc. a year or two ago was amazing – creative and demonstrated her considerable talent (and I don’t even really like that type of music); this – not so much. I had a least a passing tolerance for her artistic attention whoring but that has faded fast and this put the nail in the coffin. Over her.

  62. Allie

    She’s such a pretentious attention-whore. I’ve thought so for awhile (the outfit she wore to her sister’s graduation, anyone?), but I’m glad that her ridiculously stupid egg stunt has brought more people to my side. GET OVER YOURSELF, GAGA. You’re not that deep.

    And I about died when she thanked Whitney Houston for inspiring “Born This Way.” Ummm… wrong 80′s/90′s pop diva to be thanking for your “inspiration,” Gaga.

  63. bugs

    I haven’t seen any other photos of her inside the egg yet, but this doesn’t even look like a real person. I don’t think she was in the egg on the red carpet. Ryan Seacrest seemed pretty shifty when he said he saw her eyes so he knew she was in there.

  64. crystal

    She’s a pop star. It’s her job to get attention. If the other celebrities can’t bring it hard enough to grab a little spotlight, then that’s their problem.

  65. Becky

    I think the point is why does it have to be ‘All about Me?” Why can’t it be ‘All about the music” instead and not all the media-whoring? Isn’t the award show about MUSIC? and not all the fetish, anal-focused, iwasmessedupwheniwasakid and now you all get to know about it crap? I know some good, healthy counselors-now let’s move on to MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. annmartina

    Someone wrote into local radio this morning that after this and the meat dress, she’s only 2 red carpet outfits away from being a Denny’s Grand Slam breakast. Awesome!

  67. sarah ashley

    I never liked her shtick and I like it even less now. If she were to show up somewhere wearing jeans and a tee shirt … THAT would floor me.

  68. Melissa

    @annmartina – “2 red carpet outfits away from being a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast” – that is priceless.

  69. Jane

    This is what got you over her? She was at a televised event, promoting her new album. This was business.

    I lost any possible interest in Lady Gag after seeing pictures from her sister’s high school graduation. Sorry lady, but when you have to steal the attention away from a bunch of 18-year-olds on their big day, you’re just another fame whore like Bai Ling. (And, before someone else says it, I’m sure that many of the students were excited to have a celebrity there. And they would have been just as excited about it if she were wearing something noticeable but which allowed the others to be the stars of the day.)

  70. Joni Woodhead

    her “message” this time though was laudable ( love yourself, be proud of yourself, make no apologies for your differences, dont judge others or allow others to judge you ) at a time when young people need to hear that sort of message .. it seems like a lot of people saw the egg and then immediately rushed to fill in their critiques that she tried too hard without sort of connecting the “prop” to the message. … now the instrumentals to the song were extremely close to “express yourself” true, and that is a valid complaint from the MUSIC aspect. But for me that doesn’t take away from the lyrics … maybe the authors of the more hateful comments on here should read those same lyrics? Since the message clearly escaped them

  71. Andrea

    Over it over it over it and I was a long time ago. I actually listened to The Fame Monster for the first time recently when my housemate brought it and I was amused at how boring and derivative it was once you took away the GaGa show. Now I know why she does it at least.

  72. pearl

    I guess I can understand the Gaga Hate Train to a degree. I wanted to hate her SO. BADLY. I really did. But after seeing her perform on TV a couple of times and really hearing her voice without the Autotune and seeing her slam on the piano, I changed my opinion.

    I really do like her. It’s not just about the music for me, I love that she’s letting her freak flag blow crazily in the wind, not enough people do that. The so-called “weird” artists are the ones that are the most interesting. I agree that Gaga’s music isn’t all that original, but you have to look at the whole package. And at least it’s fun and catchier than the plague.

  73. diane

    I understand the performance art angle. Problem is, she’s just not that interesting or creative. Wearing meat? Oh wow. I’m shocked. I kept hoping the egg wouldn’t open like that great scene in Spinal Tap. She’s growing tiresome and boring. I don’t see much original about her. Her music is trite, not unlike Madonna’s. Sure, catchy tunes, but mostly appealing to teenyboppers, who have made both of them rich. But there’s not an ounce of cutting edge or avant garde in Lady Gaga, and Madonna lost those qualities a long time ago. Mediocre, middle of the road crap music all dressed up in leather and meat.

  74. Mars

    well, all i have to say is that i love gaga. she has the guts to do those things. she’s good. she’s an attention whore, yes, who isn’t, anyway? i’m sure all of us are.

  75. Anne B

    I do appreciate Gaga. She’s sincerely creative. Also, she gives me all kinds of ideas.

    For example, there’s this event I have to attend in April. Gaga’s totally inspired me. I’ve decided that I want to make an entrance.

    I’ll arrive in a waffle iron …

  76. fritanga

    A Silly Putty egg? A SILLY PUTTY EGG?! And her outfit WAS Silly Putty-ish. Too bad there were no Sunday comics on which she could roll around.

  77. Fifi

    Gaga is slammed for being an attention whore… did you guys momentarily lose your sight when checking out the other attendees? That Minaj broad just should never have happened. And, if Rihanna and her wanna be provocative/bdsm schtick isn’t crying out for attention, I don’t know what is. The only difference between the three of them, is Gaga actually has a method to her madness.

  78. Mia

    Lol at all the butthurt Lady Gaga fans.

  79. JQ

    She’s not even talented! Ack! I cannot stand this attention whore. You’ll never be Madonna, get over it!

  80. JessicaMarie

    @Joni Woodhead
    the reason we aren’t discussing the “message” and the lyrics of this “wonderful new song” is because she insisted we, as an audience, don’t by putting this crap. showing up in an egg, acting like this, the message of her music (which is kind of forced and corny) is lost. Period. No one is talking about the message of her song because we are all too business thinking what next. Just stop please. She can sing, she has talent. I don’t understand why she does this. So over her.
    And she doesn’t care about art. This is just stupid.

  81. Kate

    Loathsome. I hope and pray for a “Where Are They Now? Lady Gaga” episode at some point in my lifetime.

  82. Eurydice

    I told her that stupid hat should have been a giant poached egg, but she never listens to me.

  83. avalon1001

    Hmmm…. eggs… meat…..methinks Lady Gagya is an order of home fries away from one crazy-ass breakfast order. I also think LaGag ought to take a long hard look at Sally Kirkland and Phoebe Price, who I fear she is fast becoming.

  84. Joni Woodhead

    @ JessicaMarie .. I didnt say we should be discussing the message, just that I thought it was a good message to have. The actual discussion should be her fashion / performance and for the record I thought the egg reminded me of silly putty, and I thought the colors of the latex outfits were unfortunately similar to mucus.

    The rest of my comment was a response to the outpouring of judgment on her as a person and the all around hatred / venom I see in these comments

    Are we all so cynical that messages promoting self esteem and LGBT rights are “forced and corny” now? Nice sentiments… really.

  85. ohh miss jones

    Look at my arse, look at my tits, look at my frock of meat, look at me in a giant egg. LOOK AT ME! I’m doing it for the gays.

  86. Sara

    Personally, as someone who is a part of the LGBT community… I wish Gaga would get off my side and stop trying to help. Yes, it’s a good message. But when it’s bundled up in a ridiculous package like this, it’s just embarrassing and a little counter-productive.

  87. ohh miss jones

    Hear hear Sara.

  88. Molly

    Were the stage outfits made of latex? I kept thinking that they must smell funny.

  89. Sarann

    I don’t think there is a message. I feel like the ‘be yourself message’ is just thrown in there so she can mention it when anyone tries to call her on her attention grabbing.

  90. Geno

    See, I think it’s perfectly GaGa, and a really smart choice to get her talked about. Yes, the Grammy’s aren’t about one person, but do you really think people are picking out there outfits thinking “ooh perfect, this one will let me blend in with everyone else”? No, they want to get noticed!

    At least this costume has given me a new excuse when I’m late for school: “oh sorry, my egg was running behind.”

  91. rvc

    @oh miss jones – WELL SAID. (Sorry I get excited when I spot common sense.) That is exactly what she is trying to get away with.
    1. She is NOT the only singer/performer with a ‘message’. Really guys?
    2. She can sing. Yep. So can Christina Aguilera. (Better.) A good voice and technique do not great music make. And like someone said – this is her job.
    3. Does anyone see any rhyme/reason/method to her madness? There is none = it’s not so much originality/freaky-badassitude as it is attention-whoriness.
    4.There is such a thing as being noticed without stepping into someone else’s spotlight. Directing all attention at the freaking Grammys towards oneself is anything but.

  92. Nancy

    Lady GAG GAG

  93. Rachel

    @ everyone SO RIGHT!!!
    I was starting to think it was just me that wasnt totally blindsighted by Gaga’s crazy!
    If anyone else turned up to anything at all in a lifesized egg im be genuinely intrigued but with GaGa im not even phased anymore, im just plain bored.

  94. Talis

    Where are the banana peels when you really need them!

  95. Teezdog

    I was waiting for Ke$ha to show up in the other ovary…. :D

  96. Jeanette

    I like it.

  97. Stephanie

    Can I throw it out there that her hairstyle is completely copying Yo-Landi Vi$$er?
    All I am trying to say is that Lady Gaga is constantly ripping off the creative ideas of others and selling them as her own
    I have SO many examples. The facial prosthetics are stolen from Alexander McQueen Spring 2010. The video for Alejandro is a rip-off of a editorial that Steven Klein did for W magazine.
    I am tired of her stealing from others who are TRULY creative and then thinking of herself as some sort of genius.
    And to those who are talking about how she is amazing because she writes her own music, her music IS NOT THAT GOOD. A monkey could write it. Just cause she makes that crap herself doesn’t make her any better than the other pop starts that use writers.
    Whew. That was cathartic.

  98. Alexis

    I’m waiting for the day she dresses up as a giant turd

  99. missjane

    If she truly wants to be unique, why does she appear as herself wearing trackpants, slippers and a t shirt. I think she is boring and should dress to reflect her true self.

  100. ohh miss jones

    rvc – let’s spoon! :D

  101. jessica

    understand that lady gaga is not so much a person as a franchise of people working behind a face. im not defending the tactics for hogging attention but it is definately an interesting way of looking at it.