Posh wore this dress from her fashion line to the show on Sunday.

It looked better inside, when she was a) not cold, b) not trying to ignore the paparazzi, and c) not wearing sunglasses. Seriously, she looked the same in it as the model did, and she’s four months pregnant. The looser silhouette is a nice look for her. And to be honest, it’s really hard for us to write about her now without being all, “I LOVE HER,” because going to these presentations has reinforced that she is actually a super cool lady. Don’t worry, we promise to retain our snarky remove if she ever shows up at something in hot pants again.

We also saw Jennifer Love Hewitt in a big ol’ satin bathrobe at Max Azria, and saw Amar’e Stoudemire and a toothpick-thin Rose Byrne — though not together — at Tommy Hilfiger. And then we watched the Grammys and realized that we had really, really missed Eminem. Who knew?