Grammy Awards Fug Carpet: Fergie

Okay. I know this is Gaultier, ripped from his recent runway show (and also ripped off from…himself in 2008), but come on, Fergie:

Whitney Houston is DEAD. PUT IT AWAY.

You also shouldn’t poke the vampire by dressing like a high-fashion map of the circulatory system. Look — he’s so thirsty he can’t even look at you.

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  1. Laucie

    How charming would this be if it had been fully lined ? How gross is this worn over a black bra and granny pants ?

    • Jennemy

      I was thinking the same thing. I love the dress (though maybe not the color). If it was lined, it would be so beautiful.

    • nikole

      I was wishing for at least a mid thigh bustier slip.. i wud have enjoyed that

    • Maddy

      Agreed. Love the dress.. without the granny undies and the bra. And maybe the scary face.

    • ariel

      Agreed completely. I think that would have looked way better and a bit more somber, in a good way.

  2. Kate

    there are so many things wrong, and yet all I can concentrate on is how high the waistband of the panties is…

  3. Visiteuse Random

    This makes me sad, because had this dress be worn over some kind of underdress thingy, it would have been glorious. Orange is not an easy color to pull off, though, but Fergie isn’t doing so bad with it.

    Aaaah, the things that could have been…

  4. Share

    Bad! No! No! Bad Fergie.

  5. Bella

    Mark looks like a man trying to stifle a laugh, most likely at the awful dress (?) she’s wearing.

    • Ladyblahblah

      After having been married to JLo for such a long time, I’m sure he’s well-practiced at stifling a ridiculous dress laugh.

  6. schadenfreudelicious

    come back when you’ve lined your doily Fergie…

  7. theotherjennifer

    who knew they made doilies in orange? skanktastic.

  8. Alicia

    It’s the sluttier version of Dianna Agron’s Golden Globes dress! I would have loved it lined.

  9. Trish

    When Amber Rose looks WAY more classy than you do … you have gone astray, Fergie.

  10. Linda

    Sometimes I feel like she can’t help herself, like she’s powerless over the impulse to make *something* in her clothes/hair/makeup a little trashy or skanky or whatever. And believe me: I am LOATHE to pass that kind of judgment on another woman. I’m not proud. But here we are.

  11. Molly

    My only complaint (this is the Grammy’s after all) is that she’s wearing grannie panties. I suppose it goes with Grammy but shoot Fergie, you still have it! Flaunt it!!! Don’t wimp out like this!

    It should have been a thong.

  12. Molly

    Aside from her hideous dress and undergarments she doesn’t look her usual buttaface and actually neither does he.

  13. Stefanie

    But Fergie, those underwear aren’t even cute!

  14. I Mean What

    Oy vey. Fergie really just needed to wear a slip. Definitely one of my Not Best Dressed

  15. Amber

    Apart from the clothes (which are awful, though I like the orange, if it were just something different), Fergie looks good. And I NEVER think that. So, good for her?

  16. A.J.

    Nice swimsuit coverup, Fergie.

  17. Mahastee

    Thanks for the link to the older version of this – trying to remember where I’d seen it before would have driven me nuts.

    It just needs a better lining. Otherwise I kind of love it.

  18. Shannon

    Honest to god, I wish these starlets would just give it up and wear bikinis on the red carpet, as opposed to subjecting us to this nonsense.

  19. Lina

    Caution orange AND nudity? Is that really where we are now?

  20. Noyan Konac

    What we have here is an orange dress on an orange person.
    Need I say more?

  21. ellenderavenous

    She’s just a wee bit trashy for my tastes.

  22. jen

    Perhaps Gaultier just had a lot of that orange lace left over….lying around…crud what do I do with this.

    Fergie comes in…and voila, rather than making curtains for the summer cottage…we have reverse jack-o-lantern dress.

  23. Mongerel

    Dumb sleeves.

  24. Stefan

    I’m pretty sure those are black Depends undergarments, which makes sense given her past history…

  25. Willow

    She looks like a road sign. NO THROUGH ROAD.

  26. Thomas

    Is Fergie going to be starring in an Esther Williams biopic? Because only then does this make sense.

  27. Kerina Pharr

    this dress made me cry. And then you reminded me that Whitney is dead, and then I looked at this dress again and cried harder

  28. Minutiae

    Your riffs on MA being a vampire will ALWAYS be funny, ladies.

  29. Jenny

    What is wrong with her? Is she mentally ill? I clicked the link and saw the pic of Maggie G wearing the first version and she looks positively demure yet avant garde compared to Fergie.

  30. blah

    if it was lined, i would like it. what I really can’t believe is that this looks like the EXACT same fabric from 2008… did they have a bunch left over and decide to reinvent it? Is this a common practice for designers? It just seems so lazy…

  31. sandra

    When your clothes are so awful that the man-pire who lived with Jennifer Freaking Lopez has to look away in horror, your clothes are too awful for this world. Burn them, Stacy. Burn them ALL!

  32. The Other Molly

    Lady-like and demure? Ahahahahahaha. Right.

  33. karen

    The best thing about this is that on twitter last night Snooki tweeted: “I can see Fergie’s ass cheeks. WHEw.”

    (yes, I follow Snooki on twitter, don’t judge me)

    • Chris

      You know your dress is bad when even Snooki (a woman who peed on a patio on national television) is offended by it.

      For starters, I didn’t know Nicole could be offended by anything.

  34. vandalfan

    Maybe she’s off to go elk hunting immediately after the ceremony?

  35. Sky

    Don’t be a hater! Girlfriend IS wearing black. Granted, it’s her underwear but at least she is showing a little respect along with her hoo-ha.

  36. Megan

    She looks like a f-ing idiot. How could she smile and feel comfortable in that thing?? Why would she show off big black grannies?? Why does she have to have her hair slicked back all the time?? WHY WHY WHY???

  37. JK

    How retro! A 1940s bathing suit with a 70s inspired cover-up. Day-Glo orange for the 1970s, Victorian for the 1870s. She is a multi-century trend-setter, our Fergie.

  38. dabug

    I’m sorry, but I like it! It’s cuter from farther away, where you can’t see how heinous the orange actually is and the puff sleeves…eh. This is the Grammys! Envelope pushed.

  39. ceecee

    In the first picture I thought the black panties and bra were printed on the orange lace, like those tee shirts you can buy at the beach with the bikini-clad body printed on the front. That dress would have been ironic. This dress is just ridiculous.

  40. Esmom

    Even less flattering than the dress was her attitude when Seacrest interviewed her…she was giddy, happy-go-lucky, talking about her “girl’s night” with her mom…not one iota of somberness that I think the occasion called for.

  41. Carolina Girl

    Actually, it looks like Marc Anthony is looking away so that he won’t laugh at her show of desperation.

  42. mepe

    hahaha…looks like JPG had some leftover orange lace from 2008. Strange his peeps couldn’t even give it an over dye so it didn’t look so overtly like leftovers from 4 years ago. And the worst part is that it wasn’t good the first time around.

  43. Girlin

    Ok..I’m not a Fergie fan.. I do think she is pretty skanky in what she wears a lot of the time but her face looks nice here….the rest?? As those who have gone before have already pointed out….why the Granny pants/bra? I’m not even sure proper lining could have saved this one – FUG!

  44. ri-dic

    I’m more offended by her bad plastic surgery than I am by this get up.

  45. Cat

    Love the color, think the dress is gorgeous, but seriously… you just wear a black bra and granny panties?! Ugh, over it. This would have been gorgeous if it had been lined.

  46. tuttle88

    Do you think she was wearing panties under her panties?

  47. Guerra

    Really guys??

    I love this!!! I think the orange is gorgeous!!!! the lace it beautiful
    I think I would wear a full peice bodice underneath, but it’s risky nothing wrong with that!!!

    Love love it!!!!!

  48. Sajorina

    This is a nice dress, but why do celebrities who are not 5’11″-6’1″ & size 0-2 models insist on wearing them off the runway? If she had asked for it to be lined, it would’ve looked AMAZING! But, I don’t like it on her as is!

  49. VanDee

    Did she have her face tightened for the Grammys? She doesn’t look like quite right. And that’s not even getting to the granny pants. I hope she stops tweaking her face, she’s about to pass the point of no return.

  50. Lily1214

    This does NOT work!

  51. Lily1214

    In the 2nd photo it looks like a swimsuit coverup. Mark Anthony just looks bored.

  52. Amanda

    I loved this dress/color…the undergarments however, what was she thinking? Even a full leotard would have been better under this than what she picked.

  53. Meredith Wood

    OMG Fergie put a slip on I can see your black eyed peas!

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