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Well. Now we know.

Ed Westwick still has the tiniest bit of Chuck Bass in his system and apparently it’s trying to kill him.

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Comments (20):

  1. Kathleen

    I’m positive that is a woman’s coat. And possibly everything else.

  2. kathotdog

    I spy a little Corey Feldman in there…

  3. Lisa

    Did he raid his mom’s closet? I like the jacket, for ME.

  4. Angela

    I just want to tell him to literally and figuratively open his eyes.

  5. acake

    I want a close up of that ring because LMFAO. Bless, you Chuck Bass 4EVA.

  6. PB

    Excuse me, sir. I think you spilled some Pepto Bismol on your pants. Oh wait. Hmmmm? I guess it looks like you might have fallen into a vat of Pepto. I’m sorry. That must have been messy.

    • witjunkie

      I need Pepto Bismal after looking at that.

    • Anne B

      ^ Right here. ^

      I doubt a Pepto soak is really the way to ensure you have the illest pants in the room, but rock on, Chuck Bass. Rock on.

  7. anna s.

    Ed, honey, if you really want to pull off the Chuck Bass look, the pants and the shirt are a good start, but you’ll have to ditch the leather jacket. Chuck would never be seen in public pairing pink pants with anything less than a purple velvet coat and vest.

  8. Sandra

    I know Lavon Hayes and you, sir, are no Levon Hayes.

  9. laura

    This is pretty bad, but I feel that he can pull it off, sort of at least.
    Anyone else heard “I’m Chuck Bass” in their heads when they saw this?

  10. Didi

    It appears that Chuck Bass has not taken very well the news that Blair left him for Seth Cohen…

  11. Vandalfan

    (dang, I’m sure I’d be laughing if I knew who the heck Chuck Bass was. But Google has a cute gadget today, so all will be well)

  12. Ladyblahblah

    I was wondering what French Stewart was up to these days.

  13. Anne B

    The pink pants and the cropped motorcycle-mama jacket will obviously get all the attention here. Still, if those little oxfords turn out to be tap shoes, my week is MADE.

  14. Eli

    He will never be full on Chuck Bass unless he wears a unitard.

  15. gin_in_teacups

    This is not good. A woman’s jacket, the shirt of a regular old office drone underling, and those might be Chuck Bass pants but with tennis shoes? Chuck Bass would never (except on a actual tenis court of course).

  16. Christina

    This is not unlike what Rosanna Arquette’s character is wearing in Desperately Seeking Susan when she first falls and bumps her head at the seafront.

  17. Lily1214

    WHO is this?

  18. lori

    This is like the square root of Robert Pattinson meaning this is beyond FUG, beyond comprehension.