Gemma Fugterton

It’s my understanding that this is another instance of Naomie Harris Syndrome, a.k.a. a lined skirt with a more voluminous transparent layer over it, so that you’re never quite SURE if you’re seeing leg or not.

None of which changes the fact that Gemma looks like she was shot out of a cannon and into a funeral.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Tamburlaine

    It does look like there’s a pale skirt underneath the lace. But that doesn’t make it right, Gemma!

  2. Katty McNiley Ripley

    Can someone please stop this terrible trend! It’s terrible…

    That being said it clearly must be a very particular Bond Girl dress-code : “What If Esther Williams Had To Get Out Of The Swimming Pool And Into a Funeral in 5 Minutes”.
    Gemma’s attrocity even has the same color scheme that Naomi, but only in a more matronly nature.

    That being said: Is that Luke Evans lurking?
    He’s clearly the best thing about/in that photo…

  3. Bottle Ginger

    Too much. Either the lace bodysuit or the blue sequins might have worked with the net overlay, but the lace bodysuit AND the blue sequins AND the net overlay are too much!

    At least she had the sense to not wear any accessories with a dress that busy.

  4. Stephanie

    WHY? Some clothes just make me wonder– why they pick this with the millions of other choices!!

  5. Lynne

    Never mind why they choose to wear it… who chose to design it? Who said, “I know! Funereal lace over a spangled blue showgirl costume with an ivory coloured slip from Sears! And make it ill-fitting!”


  6. Helen

    Oh, make it stop.

  7. tammy

    if the bodysuit was green it would look like what Poison Ivy from Batman would wear to a formal event.

  8. Mara

    We’ve seen pretty much this exact same dress before, haven’t we? Am I going insane? The blue sequins under the black transparent overlay?

  9. Cass

    With the blousing around the ankle, you’re missing a far more terrifying possibility: that that underlayer isn’t a dress, it’s harem pants.

  10. Scouse Helen

    Why, Gemma? Why would you do this to yourself? No wonder she can’t look at the camera.

    She usually looks gorgeous…….when the person choosing her clothes isn’t insane.

  11. KarenG

    Love that line, “shot out of a cannon and into a funeral” indeed! That’s a perfect description!

  12. heather

    Every time I see patterned skin tight mesh of any kind, I remember the Cathy comic strip from the 80s where Cathy gets talked into buying a ton of patterned pantyhose by a saleslady who insists her boyfriend will think they’re sexy, and her boyfriend takes one look at them and says, “What’s wrong with your legs?” Do not want.

  13. ronnie

    I haven’t even got to her (WhoTF is she? …never mind, i don’t even care) I’m still looking at the hottie who just happened to sneak into the shot and look our way and say with his smile “yea, I saved this shot so now y’all have somethin’ pleasin’ to look at.” Even though, yes, yes, yes I KNOW! …that jacket reeks “rental”! Again, who is she? Oh, wait…

  14. anny

    “None of which changes the fact that Gemma looks like she was shot out of a cannon and into a funeral.”

    So, ’nuff said then.

  15. Bambi Anne Dear

    At least she’s wearing something under the lace but the whole shebang looks hideous.

  16. Sajorina

    That is BEAUTIFUL lace on a BEAUTIFUL woman, which is totally wasted by the lack of proper lining and the little mermaid swimsuit worn under it! Urgh!

  17. Emily Clarke

    No, no, no, no. This is not a thing. Not okay. Let’s stop this trend!

  18. Aphy

    This specific pic makes this gorgeous woman look like she has a drooping plastic shapeless crotch. I loathe this look.

  19. witjunkie


  20. buttercup

    Not only is trend tiresome, this dress is downright fugly! I can’t imagine anyone seeing this on a hanger and thinking it was beautiful.

  21. Lily1214

    OMG – more of the tacky see-through stretch black lace.

  22. lori

    Honestly, I think she looks absolutely gorgeous.