Fugson’s Creek: Katie Holmes in Zac Posen

Her face says, “I know,. I KNOW. Let’s just get through this.”

Her evil satin hell-clot of a dress says, “HA! SUCKER. #TeamJen.”

[Photo: Getty]

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  1.  Annie E

    This is Exhibit A in the criminal trial against long bangs.

  2. Shannon

    It’s like very obvious pockets….or a place to stash extra dinner rolls.

  3. Peggy

    And hip pockets. Who looks a dress and thinks, “You know what I want to look bigger? My hips.”


  4. ohsohappy 

    Her hair really does have potential, but she needs to get someone ELSE to style it cuz whoever is doing it now is not doing it or her any justice.

  5. Crystal

    Holy hell, Suri is already getting married. What is this mother of the bride outfit?!

  6. Fiona

    Her bust is sliding slowly into those pockets.

  7. Legally_blonde

    It makes her breasts look like they are suffering from continental drift, it’s not flattering to her [teeny tiny] midsection, and the hemline looks poorly done. All things considered, it’s making me not hate the bangs so much. Good job deflecting from the haircut, Katie!

    •  ErinG

      Yeah, it says a lot about the hip bags that I didn’t notice the cleave situation until a second glance, but it makes her boobs look like they are right at her navel, height-wise! They don’t look droopy, just dropped. It is very weird.

  8. tnturbo

    Where to start? The bodice that makes it look like her breasts are drooping? The puppy dog ears on her hips, that make it look like womb patrol should be commenced? The horrible puckering of seams? Or, the matchy-matchy shoes? She is so pretty. Why? Why? would she let someone do this to her?

  9. Harrybythebeach

    Somebody forgot to arrange the tulips in the hip vases.

    • Holly 

      This reminds me of Debbie Reynolds’ first costume in Singin in the Rain–when she pops out of a cake and throws candy out of her giant hip pocket.

  10. Bella

    I do like the color, though.

  11. Cat

    I thought this was Sally Field for a minute. The color is gorgeous with her coloring (though feels very fall to me, not spring) but the dress is awful.

  12. Donna J

    That is some horrible dressmaking right there. It makes her body look like the top half and bottom half don’t belong together, like when you put a puzzle together of legs from one animal and a torso from another. Back to sewing class!

  13. Fifie

    Time to clean out the eavestroughs.

  14. greatwhitenorthchick

    Gorgeous colour, especially on her. I guess she was unable to wear uplifting enough foundation garments due to the sleeveless part. ? If not for the hip flaps and the bad hemming, that might’ve had a chance.

    Also, she needs better jewellery and some lipstick.

    • Louise

      Looking at how the bodice is sitting, I don’t think it was intended to be sleeveless/off the shoulder? It kind of looks like the straps have just been pulled sideways, given the way the fabric is sort of billowing out at her underarm/chest area. To me, it looks like it wouldn’t do that if the off-the-shoulder bits were pulled back up.

      Not that that would save any of the other horrid parts, except maybe the ability to give the girls some support.

  15. Jodi

    Those are cup holders! I want one.

  16. Caitlin
  17. Lola

    That’s the way her face always looks, she is not selling this at all. It feels like she is just really, really, boring. Makes one long for her Tom Cruise wifey days when she always had a pasted-on smile, and weird, vacant eyes.

  18.  Nina32


  19. Mary

    This reminds me of the suit Nicole Kidman wore in “The Others” with huge pockets for her ever present, ever rattling keys. Given the spousal history between these two ladies, I think this is somehow all Toms fault. Yeah, blame Tom. Nothing else makes sense.

    • marylou bethune

      Maybe there is a Keith Urban in Katie’s future… I hope so. She is so pretty and she looks like she isn’t all there… the hair is so Saturday at the shops looking..

  20. Sasha

    It’s been bugging me since she showed up with the bangs, but I finally figured it out: she looks kinda like Sally Field now.

    (Not a diss on Sally Field.)

    • sarah

      that is EXACTLY what i was coming here to say. and while sally field is clearly awesome, she’s also 30 years older than katie, so the fact that in this pic she looks like her twin is maybe not the best thing for katie.

      • Ms Poopy von Pants

        Great compliment for Sally, though. I thought the same thing too.

  21.  cg

    The things this does to her belly are not good.

  22. Anna Svahn

    Given that she is working with Bobbi Brown, her face looks undone.

  23. Lori

    Ugh, my bangs look JUST LIKE THAT. Well, not quite; right now they are more like Rashida Jones’ tiny pair of pants bangs. Trying to grow them long. There are discarded bobby pins in every corner and cranny of my house and car. What is a stringy haired girl to do?

  24.  Jules

    What was this made of, leftover Easter candy? Because it gives the appearance that it’s melting off her, and in the least alluring way possible as well.

  25.  Ashley

    Get rid of the hip-holster cup-holders and give her some lipstick, better shoes, and some JEWELRY FOR THE LOVE OF PETE and we’re in business.

  26. Kate

    There is a nice dress hiding somewhere in all that, but WOW has it ever been well concealed. It’s so odd. There isn’t any one piece that’s awful by itself (even the hip pockets might conceivably have been interesting had they been presented on their own, without the monstrous echo of the shoulder line) but put together it’s a truly exceptional piece of fug.

  27. Debra

    I hate to say this but she was much better dressed as Mrs Cruise…..and what does she do to be invited to all of these shindigs? and honey please stop letting Suri do your hair for any event…total mess

  28.  HelenBackAgain

    What’s with the Corpse Bride makeup? The one thing this dress has going for it is that gorgeous, saturated color. So, naturally, the thing to do, to go with it, was to remove all the colors of life from Katie’s face?

  29. CC

    In the closeup, you can see that she’s wearing purple eye shadow and liner that make her look like she’s got the flu. Nothing about this works.

  30. Nan

    Good God! What is going on?!!?! Why would she do this or allow someone to do this to her?

  31. Jen

    I think that rotting blood color looks heinous on her–and she really needs a bra! The weird part is that I thought this dress looked OK on the runway.

  32. Jenz

    She looks like she belongs on the poster for that new Elizabeth Banks movie, Walk of Shame, instead of Ebanks.

  33.  Aspasia

    All I can do is laugh in response. Looks like the punishment of a Lost Bet.

  34. Hoolia

    I love Zac Posen. He has been my favorite thing about Project Runway in recent seasons, even better than Tim Gunn.

    I do not love this dress. It is doing poor Katie no favors. She looks like her breasts are squashed down around her waist and her arms and legs are in a very glamorous straitjacket. But at least she has pockets for a catheter bag, which will be convenient because I think it would be very hard to use the loo in a dress that is trapping your arms and legs.

  35.  Looly

    I’m not surprised this is a Zac Posen dress. I don’t understand how or why he is a designer – his designs are terrible (in my opinion). Truly I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything of his and liked it.

  36. maryse

    i actually like this color but it needs a bolder lip. and she needs a haircut. the dress is weird.

  37. Susan 

    She looks terribly slouchy and the dress is unbelievably UGLY!!!!! Heck I look better than that on my worst days. At least you can see I am not putting ANY EFFORT into looking good. Katie has been looking rather ratty lately. It seems like she could try a little harder.

  38. Holeigh

    Now, to be fair, 1) I am currently watching Dawson’s Creek start to finish and that was 15 years ago already and 2) her makeup is doing her negative favors, but when did she start to look so old? I feel like she was super happy right after the divorce, but she just looks so downtrodden all the time now, she deserves better. As for the dress, great color, awful everything else. Completely agree that she looked worlds better when she was still married to Cruise, she needs to find some of that old inspiration.

  39. Elle. W

    I actually don’t hate this dress as much as everyone else. I think her hair looks terrible. if she pulled it back and went for a more glamorous look from the shoulders up, i think she could have sold this a bit more. also this color is a bit dark for april, i wish she would have tried this dress a few months ago. and the shoes are a bit matchy matchy for me, something else, but i can appreciate a classic pump with this. needed better styling up top.

  40. Eli

    I don’t get it. Girl has a good face, good hair, and a good figure (e.g. she looks really good in the Bobbi Brown and hair ads) but she always looks a sloppy mess. Your contract with the Scientology midget is over…have a Kidman-esque renaissance!

  41.  janiekettles

    It looks as if she’s standing behind it, somehow. Or as if the dress (if THAT’S what we’re calling it) just attached itself to her. She’s not wearing it, it is ‘ON’ her……

  42.  Elle

    The hip flaps (bow tie) makes it look like her tummy is bulging. Is she pregnant?

  43. Sherrie

    Ok, really. This woman can afford to have a stylist. Who in the holy hell told her, “you look FAB!” in that ? I can’t imagine that thing even looked good on a hanger. I think she lost a bet of some kind and had to wear that abomination of a dress. Or it was designed by a close friend and she didn’t have the heart to tell her the dress was uglier than sin.

  44. ClaireMFnBear

    This is all bad. The stringy hair, the terrible dress, and the matching shoes are not good. Why does she look so bad AND 47? (I’m not saying 47 is bad, I’m just saying someone that is 35 doesn’t want to look 47)

  45. MegoPachego

    I think her whole person looks tired: her hair, her eyes, that dress. She really is so pretty though and the colour has a lot of potential with better makeup. Keep the shoes, ditch everything else?

  46.  Sharon

    Oh, come on now!
    This is so unfair! I hate when people do this to people when they are participating in athletic events. It is apparent she was in a wrestling match with someone and lost… the least you could do is show a picture of the opponent.