Fugs and Pieces, November 17, 2012


I can’t pay attention to you right now. My big rivalry game is tomorrow. I have incantations to perform. Here, read this:

The Hollywood Reporter’s review of Liz and Dick makes me SO EXCITED for it, Fug Nation! Allow me to quote! The movie is: “spectacularly bad,” “half train wreck, half SNL skit,” “Both an awful mess and an instant classic of unintentional hilarity,” and, finally, “it gets worse as it goes on, so in the right company with the right beverages, Liz & Dick could be unbearably hilarious toward the tail end of the 90-minute running time.” FUG NATION, I CAN’T WAIT.

– I love it when The Guardian takes on movie trailers — their piece about Hathaway’s accent in One Day is one of my favorite things ever — and this look at the new Miley Cyrus movie…is a must read. That movie ALSO looks like a GFY EVENT. (The Guardian)

The Colbert Report’s take on the Petraeus affair is amazing. Susan Lucci is involved. (Colbert Nation — video, obviously)

– Also video and also amazing: the dudes on ESPN’s NFL Kickoff dropped quotes from The Princess Bride into all of last week’s show. Clearly intentionally, but WHY? Maybe just to be awesome. (Jezebel)

– The formula for being Sexiest Man Alive. (Time)

– David Beckham and Harper Seven blowing bubbles. I CAN NOT WITH THESE TWO. (Lainey)


– Speaking of books, ALLEGEDLY, the failure of Pippa Middleton’s party planning book is totally embarrassing to Wills and Kate. I am sure Wills and Kate just feel bad that poor Pippa wrote a book that includes such revelatory suggestions as, “consider serving a turkey at Christmas.” Poor, poor Pippa. (Celebitchy)

In which Ann M. Martin names her 10 favorite Baby-sitters Club books. The list includes my personal favorite, Boy Crazy Stacey. (Entertainment Weekly)

– Oh my god. In Tokyo, there is a company that makes tiny action figures of YOU. I mean, not you personally in secret for some nefarious purpose. I mean, if you want one, you pay them and they make them and they are AWESOME. (Smithsonian)

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  1. Agent Sculder

    The ESPN guys quoting The Princess Bride is seriously one of the best things ever! The fact they got in “Corners of Unusual Size”,=followed by a quick “I don’t think they exist.” makes me squee to no end. Marry me, Troy Wingo!

  2. TereLiz

    I can’t wait for the Liz and Dick drinking game. :)

  3. Donna

    I just read that review of Liz & Dick, and the whole time I was thinking, ‘I absolutely cannot wait to read the Fug Girls recap of this,’ so I was thrilled to then pop over here for the Fugs & Pieces and see mention of it right at the top.

  4. sharjem

    GET OUT: Boy Crazy Stacey was my favorite BSC book, too! I read it so many times.

  5. Lola

    I just watched a few seconds of Lindsay’s interview on GMA this morning and the interviewer said that she had watched the movie the night before and that it was (non-ironically) “Fantastic!” and then she said she had read “rave reviews” about it. Did someone actually give the movie “rave reviews” or was that interviewer just blowing smoke up Lilo’s you-know-what? Also, in the same interview, Lilo claims to not have known anything about her father’s love-child who was just confirmed to be his. Really??

  6. sarah

    No shock that there aren’t any Mallory books listed by Ann M.

    • Annie E

      Well, I liked Mallory – I got strep throat a lot as a kid and I read the book in which she gets mono (which I don’t think was written by Martin) every single time I got sick. I think my favorite was probably the Truth About Stacey, though. Everybody loves Stacey.

      • ChristieLea

        That was one of my favourites, too. I read it again as an adult and was (pleasantly) surprised at the depth of it. We’ve got Stacey dealing with diabetes and the rest of the girls fending off sabotage by a rival babysitter’s club…well-written YA fiction, especially compared to the ghostwritten fluff from later in the series.

        • ErinE

          i totally wanted to be Stacey! I remember I even wished I had diabetes, haha. These were the greatest books and I’m so happy for this great reminder! (and I will probably get the e-books for my kindle from the library…)

    • Megan

      Right?!?! Just coming here to say that. Ann totally HATES Mallory; in another article, she couldn’t even come up with a reasonable idea as to what Mallory would do as an adult.

    • toxxic

      I liked Mallory as well but my favourite was always Dawn!

  7. Abby

    Have you seen any interviews with Liz & Dick‘s producer? I caught some on TV the other day, and he’s basically talking it up like he knows it’ll be a stinker. Sure, he says it turned out great, but he also seems VERY willing to talk about how difficult it was to work within the situation that surrounded Lindsay. He doesn’t necessarily come out and say SHE was hard to work with, but he very heavily hints at it, and then is all like, “Let’s just say you should watch it,” basically courting schadenfreude-watches.

    And, I’m sorry, Jessica, but I’m doing just as many incantations for the opposite side, so we’ll just have to see who prevails! Hopefully none of mine require the sword to be stabbed into your field before they work… :)

  8. Karen

    The intro to this post is just one of the many reasons I adore you guys. But one request: if your incantations do manage to work, PLEASE do not share them with Heather next week. :-) Fight on!

  9. Elise

    Also Beckham is wearing a Phillies cap! :)

  10. Nancy

    Dear High Priestesses of Fug (aka Heather and Jessica),

    Thank you for a truly spectacular week of Fug, I deeply enjoyed it. Come back on Monday with your fug guns blazing.

  11. bobcatbabs


  12. Az

    GO DUCKS! Sorry. I HAD to.

  13. Jasmine

    Trey Wingo said on Twitter that they just did the Princess Bride thing because they all love the movie, which is so delightful. And now I seriously cannot wait to watch Liz and Dick and laugh and laugh (with plenty of wine).

  14. Emma

    There have been Liz and Dick ads on my Kindle all week and I think of you guys every time. I desperately hope I’ll be able to find a way to watch it over here in Prague. Or if not, I can’t wait to see your posts about it, which I’m sure will be thorough :)

  15. Aj

    I know I’m in the minority here but I would love a three year moratorium on all things Lohan … no matter how much she puts herself out there for public consumption/mocking. She is young, immature, poorly educated, and apparently incapable of introspection. Fish in a barrel.

    • ChristieLea

      She’s reminding me more and more of a real-life Norma Desmond: swanning around in the past, convinced her glory days haven’t actually left her, and that the world has been waiting breathlessly for her to come back.

  16. Rachel Clifton

    Just when I thought I could not love you more, I find out you are a Stuart Heritage fan (he of the Guardian movie trailer reviews). You should read his liveblogging of the UK X-Factor, Absolutely hilarious

    • Peeps

      Stuart Heritage = awesome writer! If you ever need a giggle, check out his website for all his various posts

  17. amys

    Okay, my turn: Go Dawgs! College football is such a fun time of year!. And David and Harper just kill me. Thanks for that and have a great weekend.

  18. Sajorina

    When do we drink during “Liz & Dick”? FugGirls you must set the rules of the game!

  19. Lauren Tharaud

    All of Ann’s favorite BSC books were from among the first 15 or so in the series…probably the only ones she actually wrote herself.

  20. Swedishsavor

    Lovely! Look at my blogg http://swedishsavor.blogspot.com

  21. Stephanie

    Princess Bride and football are two of my very favorite things. THANK YOU!

  22. Rachael

    The Beckham family is so delightful to me. I don’t care that Posh seem sullen in public most of the time. Clearly they love their children, and each other. There is nothing sexier than a hot, hot man who obviously adores his children and wife and doesn’t care who sees him at it.

  23. Amanda in Austin

    OMFG. I want a little action figure of everyone in my family, like, NOW. That is so amazingly rad.

  24. ML

    I peed myself reading that “Liz & Dick” preview review, Fug Girls. Y’all owe me new pantaloons.

  25. Sonya

    OMG, David Beckham and Harper and bubbles and I just can’t take it. It is too much. And I don’t even want children.