Fugs and Pieces, January 10 2013


Big thanks to everyone who was so patient during our technical difficulties over the last week or so. Again, if you’re wondering if something is awry with the site, we always keep you up to date on Twitter (@fuggirls) and Facebook. In other, exciting news: The Golden Globes are this Sunday! And we will be live-blogging the Red Carpet for Vulture, starting at 6pm E/ 3pm P. I will throw up a link to the post when we’ve got one, as always. Until there, please enjoy today’s massive Fugs and Pieces – some of these are a little old since they were supposed to go in last week’s post, but, as they used to say on NBC, if you haven’t seen them, they’re new to you:

–Heather wrote about what it was like to watch her beloved Fighting Irish lose in the BCS Championship Game this week. (The Sports Section)

– Slate put together their favorite ten Longform reads of last year, and they’re all worth a look. (Slate)

– Given her Golden Globe and Oscar nominations, you will probably want to review The 25 Best Jennifer Lawrence Quotes of 2012. She got me when she called a vacation to Belize “unBelizeable.” (Buzzfeed)

– You ALSO want to see Deadspin’s 25 Favorite Sports Gifs of 2012. That kid….with the sax? I love. (Deadspin)

– Are you guys using The StyleUp? Basically, they email you each night, telling you what the weather’s going to be like the next day in your area and suggesting what you could wear that would be super cute and also appropriate for how hot or cold you will otherwise be. It’s awesome. They also have a blog! (The StyleUp)

– That NYT article about the filming of The Canyons and Lilo’s part therein is as good as everyone has said. (New York Times Magazine)

– Kelly Clarkson handles everything — gay rumors, her own weight loss — with class. Basically, she’s cool with whatever you think about her. (Celebitchy)

Beyonce is one of the few celebs who returns loaned clothes dry-cleaned, and with a note. Actually, Beyonce is a celebrity about whom I have ONLY heard really nice stuff. (Glamour)

– Yeah, Kate Middleton’s official portrait is…not flattering. (Lainey)

– Do I need to say another word beyond GET THIS LOOK: ANGELA LANSBURY? No I do not. (The Hairpin)

Jay-Z lyric, or line from The Great Gatsby? You take the quiz. (Vulture)

– The Duchess Diary at Socialite Life chatted with British Vogue about their “Katepedia.” (Socialite Life)

– William Shatner tweeted at an astronaut, and he tweeted back….with amusing results. (The Atlantic)

– Hill Valley’s newspaper really does need some work. Stop calling Doc Brown a crackpot, you guys! (Daily Intelligencer)

– This oral history of Good Will Hunting is awesome. (Boston Magazine)

– You want to watch the London Zoo doing an ANIMAL CENSUS. (Refinery29)

– Did you know that the White House has its own beer? Me either! (Time)


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Comments (17):

  1. Chasmosaur

    I just sent your essay to my father, Heather. Because I’m reading it and chuckling – I cannot count the weekends I was forced to watch ND football because I’d been sitting on THAT corner of the couch when they won. Or my poor dog had to wear her jersey because ND won when she wore it.

    (I am not a ND alum. Because Dad went before it was co-ed and his DAUGHTERS WILL SET FOOT ON NOTRE DAME. I visited campus a few years ago on a road trip and took pictures at all the locations near and dear to him ;) )

    ND Fandom. It’s a subculture to be sure :)

  2. Kathryn

    Whenever I read Kate and Wills stuff, it makes me think, I really want Prince Charles to get a turn on the Throne, because I hope that when it happens, someone puts together a Prince Charles montage set to the Charles In Charge theme song. It’s the only reason I want Charles to be King.

  3. Jules

    That portrait is intensely unfortunate. It’s quickly entering meme-land, too: http://i.imgur.com/ejhir.jpg

  4. Ellen

    My husband makes beer (as a hobby) and made the White House Honey Ale after the recipe was released this fall. The beer was ready to drink on Election Night. It was good.

  5. buttercup

    I’m sure Beyoncé is a sweetie pie, but there was that time she got huffy about not being allowed through on a street because an old lady died and emergency crews were removing her body.

  6. ChristieLea

    *Girlcrush on Jennifer Lawrence increases*

  7. Bookworm

    The William Shatner twitter exchange was seriously awesome.

  8. Sajorina

    My LOVE for Jennifer Lawrence increases… MEGA GIRL-CRUSH ALERT!!! Also, I agree with her “On Pants”!

  9. Berryberrykix

    That portrait looks more like a depiction of Kate as if she had gone missing and people in 2033 needed to know what she’d look like. The poor thing probably wanted to vomit anyway, and she had to stand there and rave about how brilliant it was.

  10. Rachel

    Aah! I’m a proud member of Fug Nation-Boston, and I saw that Good Will Hunting oral history last week and just KNEW you guys would like it. I even considered emailing it to you but wasn’t sure how to do it. I’m glad you guys read it and posted it!

  11. Cassie

    My friend from college is the creator of StyleUp! I’ve been getting all her emails about it while it was in beta testing and am stoked to see people are using it now. I feel like my world just became so much smaller having it featured on here. So exciting!

  12. Dani

    My antivirus software is blocking StyleUp as a phishing site. Bleh…I was excited to try it.

  13. carrie

    Loved Heather’s story in NY Mag, and loved cheering along with her this bowl season. Was slightly impressed that it took as long as it did in the comments of that piece for people to start in on her last name. Nice restraint, folks.

    • LT1

      The article was so good and then I had to spoil it by reading (some of) the comments. Why would people read something so heartfelt and still feel the need to come back with the ND hate?

      Sax-guy is from my alma mater so I was loving those gifs.

  14. Kate

    I had a job at one point in my life where I traveled a lot and stayed a lot of nights at convents (don’t ask). I was in Houston one week and noticed the first night that there was a picture of Beyoncé on the nuns’ fridge. One of the sisters saw me looking at it and said “Oh, do you know Beyoncé Knowles? I taught her in montessori school. What a sweet girl.” It was awesome.

  15. MG

    Loved the Angela Lansbury fashion article. Who didn’t hear strains of “Eglantine, Eglantine” reading that? Pure genious.

  16. Megan

    OK – here’s the thing. I really like Jennifer Lawrence. I think she might have committed a mortal sin by beginning her acceptance speech last night with “I beat Meryl,” but the rest of it was very funny and cool, and I really appreciate someone who is beautiful coming onto the hollywood scene in a non-beautiful way (Winter’s Bone).

    THAT SAID – if you vacation in Belize, you know that every tourist shop anywhere uses that slogan “UnBelizeable” and “You Betta Belize It,” and “Belize it Or Not” on everything – hats, tee shirts, shot glasses. It’s everywhere. And, again, I like her, but THAT was a little uninspired. To me. So… I’m saying I don’t think it should count FOR her. Mayyyyybe actually against her.