Fugs and Fabs: Elizabeth Taylor Bulgari Event

If you’re going to an Elizabeth Taylor event at Bulgari, wouldn’t you wear your fanciest caftan and most tremendous bejeweled turban? I would. And of course I would bring my talented, alcoholic sometimes-husband, so I would have someone at whom to throw my drink at the end of the night. There were no turbans at this event, but here’s hoping someone got a drink tossed face-wards.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. glee

    OMG, OMG, OMG – lifted directly from D-Listed:

    “At the Bvlgari Celebration of Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection in Beverly Hills last night, the ginger goddess [Julianne Moore]nore a $6 million diamond and emerald necklace that Richard Burton gave to La Liz during the shooting of Cleopatra in Rome.” Plagiarism rocks, and so does this necklace.

    I think all the people in the back staring at her are makings ure Jules here is not gonna make a run for it.

  2. mary lou bethune

    Boring except for Naomi who looks fabulous and confident. She is beautiful.Julianne looks good, too.

    • Cucina49

      Julianne and Naomi are the picture of class, even in the craptastic lighting.

  3. Rayna

    Drew is no doubt channeling Kate Hepburn. I like the look.

    Marisa is my goddess. J’adore.

    Julianne – well, what THEY said. I love the necklace, and I love it on her, but if you’re gonna wear it, you should WEAR it.

  4. Brenna

    Honestly, I don’t care what she wears, I’m just going to put it out there – I LOVE Drew Barrymore, and I love seeing her look so happy and healthy. I kind of actually love her pants. And the face they caught her in the middle of making is cracking me up.

  5. Tiffany

    When I saw Julianne on other sites, her dress looked RED and it kind of made the necklace Christmas looking. On this site, the dress looks more coral and “goes” very well with the green. Wonder which hue is closer to reality?

  6. Karen

    None of these women appear to be dressed for the same event. What the hell DID the invitation say about dress, anyway? “Business luncheon formal”?

  7. tigers4us

    Are we supposed to see Kate Walsh’s bra? And, Drew, NO! Naomi Watts & Julianne Moore looked great. And how much is that necklace worth?!?

  8. foo

    I love K.D.’s clutch. (and the emeralds)

  9. Ruth

    I’m pretty sure Drew’s shirt is courtesy of Motherhood Maternity’s boutique collection.

  10. Jennifer Wangler

    I think Julianne Moore looks great! finally a dress that shows off her hot bod!

  11. PinkieBling

    Something looks really off to me about Kate Walsh from the neck up. Like there’s an invisible string attached to each of her features and is pulling them skyward. Just me?

  12. PinkieBling

    OMG I realized what it is. SHE LOOKS LIKE CHER.

  13. Moi

    Louise Roe is my pick for best dressed. Love the pony tail.

  14. julyol1972

    Drew is wearing a jumpsuit – but as jumpsuits go, I love Drew so I’m giving her a pass. Plus she looks happy as heck. Pictures do not do her jewelry (neck and ring) justice – they were gorgeous. But the stand out was the snarling BULLDOG (Rottweiler) on her clutch. Twas Awesome!!!

  15. LJcoolJ

    Naomi has been killing it lately. Even here in something so simple, she looks dynamite. I just want her to be my cool, stylish aunt who I can share secrets with.

  16. Sajorina

    I love everything Kirsten is wearing! WANT! She looks beautiful! And Drew, Julianne & Naomi are gorgeous! I covet Drew’s necklace!

  17. Tamburlaine

    Julianne looks fantastic – why can’t she look like that at awards ceremonies? I actually think the necklace works really well with a plain dress, it’s so bling. And I like Naomi’s and Kirsten’s outfits, too.

  18. Esme

    OMG! The lighting MUST have been terrible–Kate Walsh, the Lowndes person, and Louise Roe all look like trannies.

  19. Jeris

    Marisa’s face looks fab.

  20. TheCityDweller

    Julianne Moore FOR THE WIN. I am in awe over how positively sensational she looks. The dress is serviceable, though I love the coral color… but I am *swooning* over how she looks from the neck up. What virgin blood is SHE drinking?? I’m only 30 and I want some!


  21. Elle

    Kirsten Dunst looks really beautiful. Its the first photo of her, and the first outfit, that does her justice.

  22. Alle C

    This is not really about the dresses, but I’m going to share anyway…

    My mum took care of Liz Taylor AND Richard Burton during a couple of their rehab stays. She said that Liz was horrible to everyone, all the time, from the time she walked in until the time she walked out. Most of the nurses didn’t want to take care of her because she would scream and throw things at them. But she left nice chocolates when she checked out.

    Richard Burton, on the other hand, would dry out a little and then ask if he could visit the sickest patients so that he could “recite” for them. And he’d go and recite Shakespeare to these people who were near death or actually dying, even though he could hardly stand up, which is pretty much the nicest thing ever.

    Basically, I’m glad that Liz Taylor did so much good later in her life, especially with her AIDS foundation, and I’m glad that people continue her charity work even now that she’s dead. It just shows that people really can turn their stuff around and go from a terrifyingly spoiled individual with substance abuse problems (PAGING LINDSAY LOHAN) to a generous, responsible human being who works to make the world a better place.

  23. garbo

    You can see all the jewels close-up on the Bulgari website