Fugs and Fabs: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is always so good for a discussion — there’s something great about her where people can be completely divided about her clothes, but it never gets personal or angry or disgusted, because, much like SWINTON, people just think she’s so damn cool. Cate Blanchett is a civil debate.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]

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  1. KatB

    Overall a total fab!! the black and whie, elegant and a little edgy; love the green even though it looks a little bulky or stiff? LBD is cool…..and THE SHOES!!!! wish I could wear shoes like that :)

  2. Karen G

    I must have those shoes!

  3. Schmat

    I am so in love with the shoes, sorta John Hardy-esque?
    Never have been able to walk in any of the now
    ubiquitous super high heels, but would have to try these on anyhoo…
    if I had a store near me with $2kish shoes. Not much in Jax FLA.

    Oh, the dress is also fab, but CB is the FAB

    • Maria L.

      I would just get the shoes to look at as I would immediately break a hip if I tried to walk in them.

      Also, I would sic my dog on her for the purse in slide 2. (Which would be a waste since said dog would only try to lick Cate to death and I still wouldn’t get the handbag.)

  4.  TaraMisu

    Not a fan of any of the outfits, but THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!

  5.  joan

    First, her hair is incredible in the black and white number (which I love). And the black dress is tremendous. The green color is gorgeous but that is all I will say.

    •  Marilee

      Hair and make-up from black & white outfit with black dress and shoes (oh, the shoes) = fabulous

  6. Orange Clouds

    Dress number 1 is AMAAAZING!

    See, I’ve made the decision for you. ;)

    Also these shoes are seriously groovy, something that a warlordess wears on her night out.

  7. Claire1

    I think the first dress works because Blanchett…..
    the black dress, however, needs to expand considerably and find it’s way into my closet.

  8. llism

    Red lip, mani, and pedi on that last one, and boom — perfection!

  9. Cat

    Love the first dress– she looks incredibly tall and lean (which I think she is anyway) and it just looks lovely. The second dress is an awesome color, but the torso is too long and the skirt is too full or needs a shorter hemline (or both, perhaps).

  10. Rachael

    I like the black dress a lot. But I loathe the shoes she’s wearing with it (loathe!), and she needs the more dramatic makeup she was wearing with the first dress to really complete the look. The first dress is fine, and the second dress is also fine but not approaching fab territory. I’d call the first two “meh.” They neither offend nor delight me.

  11. Mrs. Ditter

    I think you can be not wild about what someone is wearing AND admit that they look superb in it. It’s not necessarily a contradiction.

  12. HelenBackAgain

    Saw the black-and-white on Jezebel (they have a rather better shot, IMO) and so hoped it would be featured here! Flawless. On her! Some few others could pull it off, but not many.

    The others, I think, are surprising fails. The green thing doesn’t fit, and the color doesn’t work for her, very unusual given her neutral, true ivory complexion. The black dress is gorgeous, but, while a better fit than the green, still not quite right. Love the shoes with the black, but they’re a little small.

    What’s UP with that? Normally, if you can count on Blanchett for anything, it’s wearing things that fit like they were tailored by God! Or at least, by cherubim.

  13. Angel L

    CB has such amazing posture. I love it. I think many times that is what helps her elevate an otherwise iffy outfit – she just looks so regal in them. Other’s just slouch around the red carpet making expensive clothes look like something we could get at Forever 21. And she looks like a Queen in whatever she wears. I absolutely love the black dress and those shoes. She is never boring.

    • Vandalfan

      Well said. She could be installed on the prow of a ship. Confident and statuesque.

  14. Lux

    I love the dress in slide 3. Agreed that a red lip would be good, but it’s still awesome as is. It really is nice to see someone wearing all black but still managing to make it interesting.

  15. Bella

    All good. We could quibble about a few things, but why bother.

  16. Sajorina

    LOVE HER!!! She can’t do no wrong for me! FAB all around! Love the sunglasses, the purse, the clutch, the shoes! WANT! Love the 1st dress’ simplicity and her hair & makeup with it! Earrings would’ve been great, though! The 2nd dress is great, but maybe better in a smaller size! The 3rd outfit is AWESOME! COVET the SHOES!!! I would’ve loved red lips & silver nailpolish, but it ROCKS either way!

  17. Erin Elizabeth Long

    She has such regal posture. I mean, besides her obvious beauty, the way she holds herself with such confidence and poise often sells outfits that might otherwise be fails.

    • Sajorina

      She IS regal! I can’t wait for the day she becomes Dame Cate Blanchett!

    • googler

      Yes! It certainly helps that she’s beautiful, but she’s got an elegance about her that elevates her to more than just beautiful.

      • Joemama

        Well, she WAS Galadriel after all. If anyone can pull off these looks (and she CAN), it would be an elfin queen…
        In all seriousness though, I love her. She is the bee’s knees.

  18. jellybean


  19.  ErinG

    I adore the last dress – it is just so neat looking! I wish I could make it mine (by which I mean own it AND look good in it, at least one of which is likely impossible).

    Also, I completely agree that she is just cool. I was watching Hot Fuzz the other night (because it is brilliant) and never knew before that she had a cameo in it! (She’s Jeanine, the crime tech/ex). If I was famous I would make funny anonymous cameos in anything/everything where the director would have me.

  20. Breda

    The photo of her in that black dress makes me want to see Cate Blanchett play Katee Sackhoff’s icy, distant, sophisticated older sister, preferably in a movie where they team up in a way that allows Katee to see Cate’s hidden depths of badassness, and then they are badass together in different – yet complementary – ways.

  21. RachelB

    Does anybody know who designed the black dress? Not that it’d be in my budget in a million years, but for curiosity’s sake.

    • Cristina

      It’s a McQueen.

      • Cristina

        Sorry, that’s the black/white one. The black dress is Altuzarra.

      • Cristina

        Sorry, that’s the black/white. The black one is Altuzarra. (Sorry if this posts a million times…I’m apparently having issues.)

  22. mandiann

    Holy cow do I want those shoes. I’d have to be buried in them because I’d kill myself trying to walk in them, but at least my feet would be styling for eternity.

    That handbag is also fairly spectacular.

  23. muskokamom

    The green dress has absolutely no visible hem. Could it be leather?

    •  Lil

      Yes, the stiffness suggests leather too. I love the idea of a bright green leather dress, especially with her colouring, but I don’t think the cut is right at all.

      I usually hate sky-high shoes but in profile those a niiiiiice. And her hair looks amazing in the first slide: pale blonde but warm but not brassy – so hard to achieve.

  24. Girl in Sydney

    Scrolling through go fug today and then seeing Cate – esp in the the b and w dress- I just feel like lush women need to make a comeback.

    The women look lovely one and all but the eye grows tired of perfectly groomed gym toned ladies no matter how fab they are……

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  26. Laura

    I love dresses 1 & 3, though part of it is the confidence of her presentation. In the third she looks like she’s thinking “DAMN it feels good to be a gangsta.”

  27. Annie E

    I think the first one looks cheap, like it came from Charlotte Russe or something. Can’t believe it’s McQueen.

  28. MaryAnne

    I love the B&W dress, but probably only on HER, or at least her body type. The green is a fabulous color, but anything that can make Cate Blanchette look like she has a baby bump is not working. And OMG, I would commit serious criminal acts to have those shoes for my very own!

  29. gryt

    The shoes are wicked good. And her figure??!! In that black dress? Wow.

  30. Bonnie Klein

    I love all the dresses (and the shoes are glorious) but the green and the black both need tailoring. It would take so little to make everything here sing.

  31. Janice

    The green dress is INFURIATING because it’s so easy to see how to fix it: shorten the torso a couple inches (which would also improve the hemline) and put in a couple darts. Done.

    Those shoes are monstrous wonderful, but dare I say they would be even better if the heels were one inch shorter. Even Cate’s legs and feet look awkward in them.

  32. baloney

    She’s phony, fake, ugly and over-rated actress. Bullocks to the Aussie Queen of supposed Green. Bleh.

    • fritanga

      Except for the “Aussie” bit, I think you may be confusing her with AnnE Hathaway.

      • balogna

        No confusion. Cate is fake, phony, over-rated glamourpuss. End of story.

        •  Elizabeth

          So much for Heather’s comment about Cate inspiring civil debate…

  33. fritanga

    Please. She can pull off anything, and she does so here with aplomb. And that’s it, isn’t it – the aplomb. Blanchett is so gorgeous, self-possessed, self-confident and as you said, cool, that she can wear practically anything and look incredible. And she always has a little twinkle beneath the self-possessed serenity.

    That said, I love the black and white best, then the green, then the black.

    • balogna

      You’re under the spell of a glamourpuss. Talentd be damned………