Fugly Gaga

These two outfits really could not be more different, other than the umbilical cord of lunacy that yokes them.


This is perfect for the demure crackpot in your life, who loves Scarlett O’Hara and yearns for the day when it will be socially appropriate to host a Civil War Ouija Board party.

And this — which she seems to have worn the same night, but later, or possibly underneath the other — is for the nutball cat burglar in your circle of friends who wants nothing more than to be caught immediately and turned into a movie. If she robbed the above seance, maybe she’d have a shot.

[Photos: Splash and Flynet]

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  1. Sandra

    If this is what performance art look like, I’m heading right straight back to the Impressionist wing of the museum. Or landscapes. Or portraits. Or Kindergarten Refrigerator Art.

  2. OH

    Didn’t Britney Spears wear the second one a few years ago?

  3. Lina

    TLo showed the Chanel design sketch for the first dress in their post yesterday & the sketch looks so much better. It’s lush and ridiculous and kind of Alice in Wonderland Queen’s Court. Whereas this mostly seems to me like a waste of good fabric.

    Also, the idea of Gaga as a cat burglar who goes out in floor-length transparent lace dresses over granny-undies cracks me up. I bet Selina Kyle would PAY her to do it and get caught, and thus up Catwoman’s caché. Also, it would totally give Commissioner Gordon an ulcer. Batman might even smirk a little.

  4. Pebbles36

    Is that a dislocated unicorn horn?

    • AndersonicTK421

      No seriously, can someone PLEASE tell me what that is?

      • Jeff

        Those are giant novelty scissors used to cut the ribbon at this store opening, it’s not part of the outfit.

  5. Steph

    The first one is so over the top ridiculous, that upon first glance at the second I was like “meh, whatevs”.
    Maybe Gaga is gunning for a spot on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?

  6. vandalfan

    The first thing looks like the costumes in Cirque de Soleil, and a dozen little clowns are hiding under there. The second, tedious ol’ black lace overlay, leg curtains, exposed bra and granny panties? Boy, has that already been done to death.

    Honestly, I’d rather see a Kardashian.

    • Kris M

      Ugh no, at least these have interesting details to look at and wonder about. There is no intrigue involved in a Kardashian.

  7. FurryPurry

    The black look- been there, done that (well not personally- I never had the abs) but I love the white Chanel dress. I’ve seen it from more angles as well as T-LO’s sketch and it would make such a lovely winter wedding dress.
    Now I just need the hubby to go with it ;-)

  8. Sara

    I love the white dress. Sorry! I just think it’s so fun and I want to wear it to my thanksgiving party tomorrow.

  9. Fiona

    The white one – with the glasses, the hair and the Chanel, she looks like Rachel Zoe dressed up for a Winter Wonderland ball.

    (So obviously, I love it)

  10. maryam

    before going crazy again she was doing quite well in london

  11. Alison

    Fabulous! The black not so much, it’s been done too many times. But the white is just perfect.

    She’s brought a bit of humour and over the top glamour back into the music business that was lacking for a long time.

  12. CJ

    This is a costume, obviously, and not an outfit that anyone else would wear anywhere. It’s fun and over the top — kind of a cartoon of Chanel meets the the Queen of Hearts. But, I don’t like how the front hikes up. I wonder if it were designed to fall flat in the front with more of a bustle in the back and then someone decided to give it 360 degree fullness after it had already been cut and hemmed. But overall, it is a great costume for her.

    Toned down for us mere mortals (without the crystal platform shoes, without the Lady Godiva hair, without the post-cataract surgery glasses) just the simple dress laying flat against the body without the hoop skirt and crinolines, I would totally want to wear this. Second outfit… kind of a yawn, no?

    I sound dumb, but who or what is TLo?

    • Mongerel

      You don’t sound dumb at all, glad you asked because if you like this blog, I think you will like http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/ as well. Tom and Lorenzo are the gay uncles everyone needs, full of humor as they observe fashion, television, and culture. Their commenters are like ours here, a really fun group who keep it (mostly) kind, and post all kinds of surprising bits of knowledge.

    • FurryPurry

      T-LO: TomandLorenzo.com, the snarky gay version of GFY with high fashion and hilarious tv reviews on the side. GFY & TLo complement each other very nicely.

  13. Moi

    Is it just me or do these outfits no longer even look tongue-in-cheeky or costume-y or avant grade-y? They just look cheap. She looks cheap.

  14. Mahastee

    What is that in her hand? Does it mean something? Should I care?

    Often, with Gaga, I feel that I get the joke, but not today.

  15. Chris

    Okay, so Fugistas, I may not-so-secretly love Gaga.

    But seriously, didn’t Madonna wear BOTH of those? (Although, not to knock Madge, I’m a bit more of a fan of Stefani in the latter getup.)

    …wait, she wore that last one to Uncle Terry’s book signing? I’m just going to stop right now, because anything I’d say would either be in extremely poor taste or extremely ranty.)

    • Alyson

      The Chanel was designed specifically for Gaga. I love it – makes her look like one of Hallmark’s Holiday Barbie ornaments. (I would totally buy one).

  16. Caroleena Stantonova

    *Y A W N*

  17. Shannon Sutherland

    I love the Chanel purse and think the outfits are cute… for her! I went to Gaga’s workshop yesterday and loved all the products they are selling!

  18. Cranky Old Batt

    Am I the only one who is mourning the death of anything remotely cool about the house that Coco built?

  19. Lifestyle

    She is a born star…. Her style, her personality are just awesome…. whatever she wears looks beautiful on her…. For me she is the most fashionable person on this planet….

  20. Lyra

    I think the shoes to the second outfit scare me more than anything. And the dress reminds me of my mother’s curtains.
    But the first dress looks cute on her. Only on her, though.

  21. Sherida Spitse

    you are looking very wonderful in your pic. relay i love your all pics. Gaga you looking so hot in black dress. The black look- been there, done that (well not personally- I never had the abs) but I love the white Chanel dress. I’ve seen it from more angles as well as T-LO’s sketch and it would make such a lovely winter wedding dress.
    Now I just need the hubby to go with it .


  22. Hipster stores

    Too flashy and uninteresting… Hipster stores does not approve…

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