Well, this is an unusual combination, at least for regular viewers of The Good Wife:

We’re so used to seeing Archie Panjabi here all decked out in her Kalinda-wear — short skirts, leather jackets, and kick-ass boots — that to see her done up in something this supremely girly is almost a shock to the system. In fact, it was, at first glance, such a strange combo to me — because I always think of Panjabi in terms of her take-no-prisoners character, despite the fact that in her dow time she could easily be someone who, I don’t know, collects kitten figurines and lives in a cottage covered with Anne Geddes prints — that I almost put this up to a vote. And then I actually looked at the dress. Yes, it’s the girliest thing that ever happened, possibly, and it wouldn’t be out of place in an HBO remake of The Age of Innocence, while her hair hails from dress rehearsal with the Andrews Sisters, AND YET…I mean, come on. That dress is aces, and she sure is gorgeous. So thumbs up it is — this time.