Girls is about as much the antithesis of Anne of Green Gables as a series about young friends could be.

So it entertains me that Allison Williams here is apparently channeling Diana Barry, albeit with a lace sunburn on her arms. I hope this portends an arc on Girls in which Lena Dunham cracks slates over people’s heads, sells her stories to baking-soda companies that turn them into ads, and floats down the river while reciting the Lady of Shalott. That actually doesn’t sound too far-fetched, now that I’ve written it down. If anyone would skip out on her life for a day to reimagine herself as a tragic heroine in a canoe, it’d be one of those people.

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  1. Carol

    I think this is an interesting dress … the lack of see-through panels is so refreshing. It might be bunching in the bodice a bit, or just a function of the way she is standing, but there’s a lot that’s okay here … although I would have chosen a different nail polish color.

  2. Heather

    I think it’s just a little musty for me. And the attempts to mod it up with the salmon and black lace are… meh.

  3. jean

    She’s pulling off the beige color somehow. I get the feeling she’s this generation’s “Charlotte” from Sex and the City. She’s pretty in exactly the way men like and very non-threatening.

  4. Leah

    YES, Allison is SUCH A Diana while Lena is obviously the Ann, with no E. It’s a totally similar friend dynamic! Message to Lena: PUFFY SLEEVES!!

  5. Amanda

    I will never not love an Anne of Green Gables reference! Thank you for brightening my day!

  6. qwertygirl

    Especially when said reference clearly includes both Anne of Green Gables AND Anne of the Island. Second the day-brightening motion!

  7. lily

    stop trying to make fetch happen. it’s not going to happen.

  8. Willa W

    “And the award for Best Amish Fancy Dress goes to…”

  9. Eli

    I freaking hate Girls. I think it and Lena Dunham are horribly overrated. But I would watch the hell out of it if it suddenly did an Anne homage.

    • Jes

      I second this emotion. One could argue that Ms. Anne was semi annoying too.

  10. Jo

    Agree with Eli- Anne of GG rocks- Girls is dire and unpleasant. This dress is bad!

    • Faye

      Eli and Jo, thank you for saying that! I was just about to confess sheepishly that I hate “Girls” and don’t get its appeal at all, and I was sure I was going to be alone in holding that opinion. The show gets such a tongue bath from every magazine, newspaper, online review etc. that I feel totally uncool and out of sync culturally because I can’t stand it. Maybe it’s because I’m an old 33-year-old, not the target audience . . .but I don’t think I would have liked it in my 20′s either.

  11. Helen

    Not just the dress, but the very fabric, even, has no excuse for existing.

    I can’t think of any use for it in which it would look appropriate or attractive. Tablecloth, curtain, throw pillow, upholstery, place mat… all no.

    And it wouldn’t function well as cleaning rags.

  12. CreLa

    UGHHHHHHHeeeewwwwwwwwww I cannot stand Allison Williams.

  13. Emma

    I’m kind of offended on behalf of Diana Barry.

  14. Nancy

    This is irredeemable. What a pity. And the Pepto Bismol (where does that come from anyway?) pink on the fleshy dress part is making me nauseous. Now I need some Pepto pronto.

  15. Vandalfan

    Never saw Girls or read Green Gables, so your caption for this unknown, tired, washed out sister-wife is incomprehensible.

  16. Sajorina

    I’d love this dress in another color scheme… Oatmeal, salmon & black isn’t doing it for me!

  17. Laura E.

    I’m really sad that this Anne of Green Gables/Girls mashup is never going to happen. Ah well, Adam would be a really creepy Gilbert., so perhaps it’s just as well.

  18. Trippy

    Any reference to Anny Shirley always wins it for me. Thank you!

  19. SJM

    The embroidery looks like a particularly virulent fungus!

  20. Heather White

    The A of GG comparison is perfect, but I have a respectful amendment to tack on: this is the dress, of white net, that Mrs. Lynde embroiders all over with rosebuds for Anne in (I think) Anne of Avonlea. It is discussed when Anne’s glam roommate (name?) notes that most of the time she (glam roommate) outshines Anne, but then every now and then Anne flames out into beauty. Anne dismisses it as “fine feathers” (referring to the embroidered dress Allison W has stolen, as I also very much wanted to when I read about it).

    • Hermione

      Actually, that was Phil, Anne’s college roommate in Anne of the Island, who did the embroidery. Mrs. Lynde did the cotton warp spreads.

  21. Esme

    Ewww. . . and a hairbrush would go down a treat as well.

  22. wendy

    I LOVE all of this Anne talk! I think the whole series needs a reread-my favorites growing up before I discovered Jane Austen-wonder if they come on Kindle?