Rihanna is really into this clothing brand right now.

But if you’re Rihanna, and you’re doing something a version of which A Lesser Kardashijenner already did, you may be losing your edge. On the plus side, if she walks down the street and a campground spontaneously breaks out, she’s all set for a sleepover.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Laura

    I thought it was her stuff for River Island… which is weird, because who is going to wear that!? But then I suppose her name sells, and River Island is a pretty good collab because they’ve always been a bit… loud for me at least.

  2. julyol1972

    I love RiRi, but comfort beats nekkid any day of the week. So this gets a BIG thumbs up from me.

  3. Maria L.

    She looked so gorgeous at the VMAs; unfortunately, now it’s back to her usual shenanigans.

  4. Tiffany

    I think without the ugly generic logos this could have looked comfy/cute. But the logo on the beanie and especially the neckline ruin it for me. The neckline looks like those “necklaces” that hold student IDs that are made out of leash-like material. Not fashionable and not cute.

  5.  HelenBackAgain

    Rihanna looks ridiculous, but check out the glowing, pretty face on that fan (to her right, and our left). That girl looks like a dream just came true!

    I can live with the silly outfit if we get that in the picture, too.

  6.  Stephanie

    It looks like urban pajamas.

    Like the best pajamas if you want to hide from bears when you are camping, or win at hide and seek in the woods or something.

    •  Stephanie

      I mean that as two separate thoughts… on one side like she dressing urban and hip , but they look like pajamas. Then on the other hand, they also could be perfect in the woods! (I wish I could edit my comments :) )

  7. Ef

    This is horrible. I mean, camo clothes appeal to two types of people, 14 yo girls who want to look punk and douchebags. The only way to pull off camo is to be, you know, a real soldier who actually is in the middle of deployment. In addition, the whole thing looks cheap, from the materials to the style. It’s not even funny-terrible, it’s just plain mediocre.

    And yet, somehow, I think she’s pulling this off.

    •  Elbyem

      You forgot one population to whom camo clothing appeals…boys. My tween son has a pair of long johns that look exactly like this.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        But he isn’t wearing those long johns as an outfit, I hope? They ARE worn under the clothes, like the underwear that they are?

        I mean, by the same token, this onesie would be fine if Rihanna were wearing it in bed, as pajamas. Not that we’d know about that, but it’d be fine. Cute, even.

        Unfortunately, it’s being worn outdoors as if it’s real clothes instead.

  8. Chris P

    Rihanna. Honey.

    If Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Ed Westwick can’t wear this, you certainly can’t wear this. (And Kylie had better shoes with it to boot!)

    Also, is this a fad? Please tell me it’s not a fad.

  9. Sarah Oehmler

    Well, it’s ugly but sure looks comfy!

  10. Vandalfan

    The link to the Jenners show the ladies in bright red lipstick and fancy little lady shoes with this outfit, not heavy army boots. I think that’s the juxtaposition that would make a cammo onsie work out in public.

  11. HKS

    A cammo onsie will NEVER work. In public or anywhere else. Wellll, maybe in the army? Or flight school or something? Okay fine. I will accept this if Rihanna has joined the Air Force.

  12. amac

    I happen to think she dresses like an idiot who can’t commit to a look for more than five minutes. Fashion ADD! And she probably thinks she’s rocking this ridiculous, juvenile getup.

  13. Alli

    I think she is inhumanly pretty but I have only once or twice liked what she was wearing. I even enjoy the edgy quality, but it usually veers into indecent or straight-up ugly with RiRi.