Fugga Ora

In all honesty, this picture makes me laugh:

I feel like this would be the result if E! launched a show called Celebrity Stylists: Where The Stars Are The Stylists and they paired up odd couple celebs and made them style OTHER celebrities, and the premiere featured Joan Collins working with Axl Rose on Rita Ora. And now that I have thought about the concept of Joan Collins being forced to work with Axl Rose, and vice versa, and the talking head interview bites that would result — Joan complaining that Axl is always LATE and is terribly non-collaborative, and Axl mumbling that Joan is really rude to his BFF Buckethead and won’t stop making fun of the bucket on his head — this is really all that I want to happen in my life.

[Photo: Splash]

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  1. Ghanimatrix

    What a collection of baffling Hollywood trends: the head-scarf, the muppet coat, the bag you could easily fit two gallons of milk in, the leather pants paired with the mismatched shiny black wellies. From the waist up she’s going to a Bon Jovi concert and from the waist down she’s headed to the stables for her dressage lessons.

    • Scouse Helen

      Who is responsible for the shiny wellies, featuring diamanté toe caps, do you suppose? Joanie or Axl? I think they collaborated on them.

  2. Sandra

    Any self-respecting horse would refuse to have anything to do with that.

  3. Stefanie

    She looks like an especially dirty pirate.

  4. TaraMisu

    Who is this person? I see her in the Brit papers but I have no idea what she does, other than dress terribly. Although I’d like to take a closer look at those boots…..

  5. Dazie

    I keep wanting to call her Kia Ora, and I know that’s not right.

    As is this outfit not right.

  6. Pamb

    I’m too busy freaking out about this C list celeb having a Birkin. A friend of a friend (I know how that sounds) has been on the waiting list for a year. My friend went into Hermes with her to find out what the holdup was and couldn’t get a straight answer.The store manager told her she still had to wait because she wasn’t a known customer of the store. My friend raised her voice, made the store manager squirm and a week later her friend had a bag.

    My friend was not aware of the Hermes ‘waiting list’ deal. I told her to read “Bringing home the Birkin’.

    I guess Hermes is too busy making sure Rita Ora has the bag she wants, rather than your average rich lady.

    • Cassia

      Ew. Everything about your story – told to let us know you have rich friends, I guess? – makes me think ‘ew’.

      • yeahandalso

        I agree, and it also proves once and again that money doesn’t buy taste or class. It’s average looking bag that people only want because it is a status symbol.

      • Aphy

        Applause. I’m not sure about the point of that story either, but no one came out of it sounding like a decent human being. Ew is right! From the horrible snobby customer to the horrible nobby manager.. Just ew.

  7. Laucie

    If KimK’s coat mated with Rita Ora’s coat, I fear the the number of Yeti sightings would go through the roof.

  8. Laucie

    If KimK’s coat mated with Rita Ora’s coat, I fear the the number of Yeti sightings.

  9. Leigh

    At first glance I thought she was wearing a red,black and brown jester hat.

  10. kickassmomnyc

    Looking at her makes me itch.

  11. LakeLucilleLoon

    I had to google Rita Ora and apparently she is a musician that dated the male Kardashian and possibly cuckolded him.. I learn more here than I do from that “Learning Channel”


  12. yeahandalso

    I think the fugliest thing about this look is her hair and make-up. Her hair looks like straw and is not flattering to her skin tone, though that is sort of irrelevant considering whoever did her make-up apparently doesn’t know what her skin tone or shade even is.

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  14. katie

    I really want that show to happen. I would watch it like crazy.

  15. Brooke

    Rita Ora whatever. This post made me chuckle harder with every word; until the end of the post when I was full-on snorting/trying to stifle very loud laughter. I ended up inhaling a sunflower seed and nearly choking to death. Had this been the last thing I read before going into the great beyond, I would have died a happy woman.

  16. Arabella Flynn

    …wow. Noel Fielding IS contagious. And I’m fairly certain he’s the only person on Earth who actually ought to be wearing that coat.

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