This photo is a bit old — I believe Jay-Z and Beyonce were popping out to do some Christmas shopping, for reference — but I couldn’t resist sharing it, especially since I suspect nearly all of us were off napping when it happened and ergo not monitoring our Beyonce Google Alerts with as much clarity as usual.

And also because, SERIOUSLY. In a week where most of our material is people snapped going from one place to another (don’t worry, the red carpets will be back with a vengeance as of next week, thanks to the People’s Choice, and the Critic’s Choice and then the Globes on the 13th), has anyone looked cuter going from one place to the other than Beyonce here? The answer is no. No more cuter.

ALSO: Can we just talk about how eye-rolly she and Jay-Z must be over Kim and Kanye? I mean, they didn’t confirm their actual marriage for ages, and they did not sell wedding pictures or photos of Blue Ivy to People, or anyone else. This seriously is like the celebrity version of when your boyfriend’s best friend (who you like in general, but occasionally find overly histrionic and too prone to caps-lock in his Facebook status updates) starts dating a girl he’s been in love with for ages, whom you personally know to be a total crackpot. Where you are kinda happy for him, because he’s really into her, and you also want to kill yourself because now your entire social life has become CRACKPOT CENTRAL because all they do is encourage one another’s crackpottery..  And all you can do is turn to your own spouse and sort of sigh and roll your eyes and then talk shit about her when you get home from the Grammys.

[Photo: Splash]


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