Fugpire Diaries

Haikus to Kat Graham:

Your roots are crazy.

Your shoulder pads? Lunacy.

Still, I cherish you.


of Lisa Bonet: that’s you.

Say hi to Theo.

[Photo: Pac Coast News]


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Comments (17):

  1. Scouse Helen

    She is wearing a loose cover from a sofa. Circa 1991. Your stylist hates you, Kat!

  2. Rayna

    Yikes, this girl is gorgeous, great legs, seemingly great figure, so why is it so IMPOSSIBLE to dress her and make her look good? Why?

  3. ceecee

    The dress is kinda interesting but why is it so voluminous? It’s swallowing her whole. Go down a size or three. The hair is in desperate need of professional help, or maybe just a stocking cap.

  4. Sylvia

    She stole this from Cee-Lo’s closet then belted it to try and get away with her crime (wait, is it belted?). No ma’am. Your crime is now of the fashion variety.

    Also, the hair. Girl, no.

  5. pidget

    That’s IT! Lisa Bonet! Unbelievable beauty + madcap fashion to try and detract from sheer prettiness. I hope she has a better career path than LB, though, as she seems to be able to act.

  6. Leah

    And this is the shirt Denise made Theo when he couldn’t afford the one he wanted.

  7. Helen

    Lisa Bonet always kinda turned my stomach. She looked like you’d get greasy and stained if you touched her. I object to the comparison.

    Graham here, in stark contrast to Bonet, is very clean, cared for, and well-groomed, except for the hair, so she somehow manages to look expensively terrible. Well, it beats looking cheaply terrible. I guess. A little.

    And Sylvia’s nailed it, this does look like a Cee-Lo shirt! But on him it would fit and he would make it fabulous with leather pants, feathered sunglasses, and some exotic rented animal that clearly adores him.

    • Lauren Fritsch

      Helen, you made me laugh out loud and spit out my lukewarm chili. Specifically the part about Cee-Lo and the exotic living accessory. Dear God, I’m so glad that observant wit is made available round the world via the shining thing that is the internets.

      have a merry day!

  8. Peony

    It looks as if she’s doing the ‘walk of shame’ after a one-nighter w/a waiter from Benihana.

  9. margaret

    Peony–you are too funny!

  10. hdew

    can you be the reincarnation of someone who is still alive? I think your haiku might be deeper than you intended it to be!

  11. Dani

    Who IS this girl?! Why is she a thing? I agree she probably is beautiful, but I never see it because she always either has too much going on, or she has her hair slicked back and is just blah-looking. But, seriously, who is she? Because I honestly have no idea why she is Someone.

  12. Mahogany A.

    Everything she wears makes me want to projectile vomit. Seriously, everything.

  13. Donna

    I like what she’s got on, actually. I’d like to try it on and see how it’s structured. It would probably be all wrong for me, but it’s really interesting and I’d like to see what kind of fabric it’s made of. In my book, interesting gets as many points as gorgeous!

    I can’t really comment on her hair, since I’m not entirely sure who this is or what she’s looked like on other occasions.

  14. MB

    The outfit – hideous. But I can’t get over how wonky her eyes look in this picture. Am I going crazy?

    • Amy

      No, MB! Definitely wonky. I actually checked the comments to see if it was just me. I can’t figure out what’s going on…