Fug Trek

Sure, we’ve had a little heatwave in L.A., but she couldn’t get dressed for a measly twenty freaking minutes outdoors?

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  1. Maria L.

    No, a thousand times NO! It is the color of my mother’s old underwear and her shoes are too big.

  2.  theotherjennifer

    Doesn’t look like she’s really buying what she’s selling either…she looks totally peeved. maybe she’s just clenching her jaw to keep her teeth from chattering.

  3. goldfish

    There is such a thing as a bandage dress. That is a bandage shawl?

    Except this kind of bandage is of the “apply pressure until the EMTs arrive” variety.

    I don’t know — really, she’d have to be an animated character to pull this ensemble off.

  4. Pegmn

    I’m going to be the lone dissenter here. I like it. It looks like a futuristic dress, like someone in Star Trek era might wear. I like the gold and the bracelet and the shoes and I don’t even mind the see-through part. She’s so pretty, she carries it off.

    • One of the Leahs

      It’s embarrassing how much I like this, considering how close to named she is. Just for, ya know, propriety I’d like to see a lining, but damn she looks good.

      On a related note, at which point will celebrities start skipping clothes altogether?

    • L

      My thoughts exactly. If you’re going to wear a dress like this, the Star Trek premiere is the place for it.

  5. Kat

    Small consolation – on the runway version the skirt was sheer as well, so that’s an improvement. Other than that little to love (being polite here). The worst part for me are the assymetrical ruffles, they look like limp lettuce (even the color fits).

  6. Willow

    And yet… I still want to be her.

  7. qwertygirl

    I will grudgingly give her the shoes, but was her pedicurist on vacation? How about a little nail polish? Is that asking too much?

  8. Christine

    My brain just says, SHE IS ZOE-frickin-SALDANA and she is a goddess. She can get away with this. Do absolutely wish she was smiling in these pics though, that would have made a world of difference I think!

  9. lefty

    A COBWEB!!! I died.

  10. Squirrel!

    This certainly looks like an indoor setting, so where is that breeze coming from?

  11. Jenny

    All I know is if I had that face and that body, I’d be mostly naked most of the time. She is one seriously gorgeous person. I can’t be mad at the outfit.

  12. Jenny

    She is so gorgeous, but she looks utterly exhausted in these pictures. Or totally pissed off that she got tricked/bribed/guilted into wearing this outfit.

  13. goldfish

    An outfit that only a drop dead person can get away with is not good fashion.

    Think how much better that gorgeous person would look if they wore something that was not cracked out. Even more gorgeous. Because, come on, whatever else, that is one cracked out outfit. And the shoes don’t match, and they are too big.

  14. tigers4us

    I was thinking, “Why does she always look angry?”. This outfit is the answer (for now)!

  15. Carrie

    You had me at “boobstache.”

  16. Erin S

    To me, this just feels like something I would have rocked in 2004 from Charlotte Russe. Ruffles? Check. Random sheerness? Check. Sequins? Check. Assymetrical hemline? Check. For Zoe at a movie premiere in 2013? Not so much.

  17. Lori

    Girl. The fact that you won the genetic lottery does not mean it’s OK to wear foolishness like this. GET IT TOGETHER.

  18. jenelope

    Prime example of “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

  19. Sweetsinger

    Have we crossed the line from Tasteful Daring Sexy to Trying Too Hard?

  20. Helen

    The pretty shoes are ruined for me because her toes are gripping them so hard to keep them on. They must have been killing her. No wonder she looks miserable. That’ll do it! When your feet hurt, everything hurts.

    In addition to that, WHAT HAPPENED. SHE STARTED SO WELL. The early looks for this publicity tour were great!

    It’s like someone really helpful got fired. Or just gave up.

  21. buttercup

    File this under “Dresses That Look Cheap But Aren’t, Not By A Long Shot.”

    Also, “boobstache” had me chortling. Yes, chortling.

  22. Courtney

    I would totally love this dress if the midsection weren’t sheer.

  23. Arlene

    I don’t get it. She is not attractive and that dress is ridiculous.

  24. Guerra

    Im not mad at it! She still looks good :)