Fug the Show: Sunday Night Football’s Main Titles

It took me ALL SEASON to catch the opening credits to Sunday Night Football, but finally, I got a peek at what Faith Hill brought to the party this year. And apparently what she brought was 98 percent of her thighs.

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  1. PinkieBling

    “Faith’s hill!!” OMG I am dying.

  2. Helen

    On seeing all the blown-out extensions and the super-short skirt, I assumed initially that this was Carrie Underwood.

    Which is pretty funny, all things considered!

  3. sharjem

    I am so glad you fugged this. It’s driven me nuts all season. I thought her dress was a little like Figure Skating’s Darkside, though.

    • zaf

      Agreed. I think I’ve tweeted something like “Faith – Hide your popo!” every single week….

  4. Jill

    I don’t like the overall set-up…..singing with a band, using a microphone, an audience. As if we are to believe this is one of her signature songs at a concert. I think it was better in previous seasons with her just singing casually.

    And that dress is way too short and just an odd choice for a football game intro song. But I am going to miss SNF. And MNF.

    • Kristan

      “But I am going to miss SNF. And MNF.”


      I was just happy she wasn’t all CGI-ed this year. We’re seeing a lot of Faith Hill, yes, but at least what we’re seeing is the real deal. Well, you know, as real as celebrities get. (And geez, what need is there to CGI her anyway? She looks fabulous.)

  5. Lesley

    That’s not Carrie Underwood?? I thought it was a bit much for her, but even more so for Faith Hill.

  6. Miranda

    When you are a mother of 3 and of a certain age, show a little decorum, yeah? 3 more inches on that skirt wouldn’t kill you, Faith. We do not need you to pull a Britney (or is it an Anne now?)!

  7. Holly Hamilton

    I did indeed notice it was … short , but she looks great (and I love that song/performance- reminds me of Shania Twain at the Grammys ) . Is short worse than pleather?

    • Nikki

      I was also thinking this was the best of the last three seasons, so I was okay with the short.

      And thank you, Heather. I’ve been waiting all season for this!

  8. kathotdog

    I watch a lot of football, but I always try to miss the SNF opening.
    So freakin’ annoying. I just can’t figure out who they make that opening for.
    Also, I love Chris Collinsworth.

    • Holly Hamilton

      People like me. This is a football household and seriously dedicated. As I don’t watch the games, at least the opening and half time might amuse while I’m making snacks. She’s better than all those college marching bands!

  9. Allie

    If I looked that hot at 45, I’d probably just walk around naked all the time.

  10. aunttora

    Too short, certainly, but I like the general shape and color, and I really like the way this style makes her…ah….unenhanced (apparently) top-front quadrant look. It’s alarmingly short, but overall I think she looks bangin’.

  11. blah

    You guys need to relax, know why? Because you will never see her “ladyfriend” on one of these intros. As soon as a millimeter of panty shows up in the camera, the director yells “cut” and they take it over again.

    Honestly, the worst part of these intros is that she couldn’t even use one of her own songs, she had to steal a Joan Jett tune for it.

    • Heather

      I understand that; I have watched TV before and am pretty familiar with how it works. It’s all in fun.

      • Kristin

        I know it’s prerecorded, but every week I still end up yelling “FAITH! DON’T RAISE YOUR ARRRRRRMS!!!” at the TV.

  12. Ribeye

    It’s worth tuning in just for Faith and
    last year she looked just as dazzling in leather.
    Such a hit after listening to a bunch of suits babbling about the games.

  13. Brenda Romero

    when I see this all I can think about is that episode of 30 rock where Jenna makes a country song for off season tennis. She looks great, but this intro is ANNOYING.