Fug the Show: Scandal recap, season 3, episode 10

In which we finally start to cook with gas, so to speak, just in time for the hiatus.

Today’s anagram: Daniel Douglas. Just in case this is our last opportunity to use anagrams related to him. (It seems likely.)

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  1. Kristan

    Yep, Fitz — and the Scandal writers — lost everything in my eyes when he uttered such demeaning and vulgar words about Olivia. I don’t care the circumstances. It was the straw that broke the camel’s (already very, very strained) back. I’m 99% sure I’m done with Scandal, though I’ll probably watch one or two eps in spring just to be sure.

    And of course, I’ll never give up your recaps!

  2. Holla

    Eli/Rowan and Mellie are killing it this season. This episode should definitely be the one Joe submits for Emmy nominations. Its a good thing they are so good, because they are the only things keeping me interested (and the occasionally shirtless Jake). I am so over the Fitz/Olivia, Huck/Quinn, and James/Cyrus strained relationships.

    Bring on whatever drama Harrison has coming for him!

  3. Jessica

    Bellamy Young and Joe Morton are KILLING IT. I laughed out loud when she, like, danced into Cyrus’s office, all, “DANIEL DOUGLAS IS DEAAAAAAAD!” She’s the best. And I wanted to high-five him when he gave Fitz his much deserved dressing-down.

    I fear we are entering the period of a Shonda Show where the alleged male lead acts like SUCH A DICK that it’s INSANE that we’re still supposed to view him favorably, AKA like the three middle years on GA where McDreamy was just the wooooooorst. Although I never really liked Fitz as much as I liked Derrick, which is also a problem for this show, IF we’re supposed to see Fitz as a real partner for Liv, which….hopefully we are not?

    • Jess

      I am still waiting for a McDreamy apology for calling Meredith a whore in season 2, for starters. While the show has greatly improved over the last couple of years, I seethe whenever Patrick Dempsey is on screen and NOT apologizing.

    • G

      I’ve never been a big fan of Fitz, which I originally attributed to my older sister’s ill-advised “babysitting” of taking her 7yo charge (me) to see “Ghost” in the theatre, but I was practically standing on the couch shouting “A-MEN!” to Joe Morton’s very preacher-delivered diatribe to Fitz. He was spot-on! Fitz doesn’t deserve Olivia OR Mellie, in my opinion.

      This is the first episode that Cyrus seemed Thatcher Grey-like, in his wheedling and whining to James. That made me chuckle. As did your medical comments re: Quinn’s disgusting mouth. GROSS. Doesn’t B[SD-6]-13 have a dentist on staff? Seems like an obvious position in a sketchy spy organization.

  4. mary lou bethune

    Remember how in All The King’s Men, the main charactersBill and Ann had to end to together because they were so damaged? That describes all the characters in Scandal.
    No one talks about Kate Burton who is very good as are all the actors.

    • Heather

      You’re right, Kate Burton is great in this show — she has to say some really hateful things and that must be hard, but she commits to it so fully AND somehow manages to make you feel for Sally.

      • G

        TVLine voted her actor of the week for her performance in this episode. She KILLED it.

    •  Aggie

      Kate Burton is amazing and she’s great in this role!

    • Trace

      She is *very* good. And sometimes looks so much like her father Richard that it’s distracting.

  5. Jenz

    Bravo! To the Fug Girls. Not to the show’s writers because the whole Quinn thing is someone’s torture porn fantasy. I’m rooting for Mama Pope.

  6.  Louise

    I thoroughly enjoyed Eli’s take-down of President Creepy Control Freak Stalker Pants Supreme Court Justice-Murderer (TEAM JAKE). Also, I can’t quit thinking about Quinn’s poor gums. Is she going to go to a dentist?

  7. Victoria

    “The Sausage King of DC”


  8. Mair Mair

    I stopped watching Scandal when it turned down Ridiculous-and-Over-the-Top-But-Not-In-a Fun-Way Lane and just kept going. If and when it merges back onto Juicy-Foibles-of-the-Rich-and-Powerful Road, I’ll be back. In the meantime, Jessica’s recaps are as much as I can handle.

  9. Kate

    I read “throwing parties in people’s heads” and throwing PANTIES in people’s heads, which was an entertaining mental image I thought I should share.

  10. Alice

    These recaps (+ Jake’s face and Mellie) are the main reasons I’m still watching this show.

    You’re totally right that Jake is the Pacey of the show. He’s so darling, but I’m worried about him for two reasons: 1) Olivia’s back to maybe liking her dad, and the dad will be out for revenge, so I think Jake was saying goodbye because he foresaw that they will be enemies now 2) this show is all about how power corrupts. I’m stressed that Jake will turn into Fitz 2.0 (aka a hideously unlikable male lead).

  11. Daffodil

    “A Slain Dude-Log” is the best thing I have read all week! Followed closely by the rest of this recap.

  12. Trace

    Well we can see where Olivia gets her style from – Khandi Alexander (who somehow looks 10 years younger than she looked in ER 10 years ago!) looked amazing in that final scene.

    • Katty McNiley Ripley

      I don’t know what shenanigans she has in her mind, but in her head she has some glorious hair….

      • Daffodil

        I thought that Mama Pope running around in an Olivia-esque coat, with a Pedestal Purse and a seriously fresh and dewy young face, was not a coincidence. I fear the next page of Scandal is going to be plagiarized from that whole Sydney Bristow/Nadia mistaken identity nonsense.

  13. maryse

    however bad this show is it is never boring. so i’m in for the long haul even if everyone and everything is ridiculous. thanks for these great recaps.

  14. dref22

    This show needed more Dames. Booo writers for killing off Jack Coleman. Half of his gay characters died. That is a bad percentage.

  15. The Other Molly

    Cyrus and James are not lying on sheets that were once Laugh-In Pants. They are lying on sheets made from the same drapery material that Fraulien Maria made play clothes for the Von Trapp kids from.
    The only reason Fitz made the ugly comments about Olivia was to bait Eli/Rowan.
    I’m really surprised so many people were offended by that and didn’t see it as an obvious “rile him up” tactic.

    • Heather

      I mentioned IN THE RECAP that it was a bait tactic, but I also think it’s a disgusting bait tactic, and it still requires Fitz to say things about Olivia that I don’t believe a classy person would say about the person they love. Find another bait tactic.

  16. Mavis

    Also, the fact that Liv listened to “Ben” on that fateful day somehow feels like yet another late-game loss to his “Felicity” nemesis for poor old Noel.

    Oh, HEE. Alas, poor Knoll!

    AND DON’T FORGET: His ex-wife’s current husband! He and GFY J-Lo should join forces.

  17. JenLWB

    Kate Burton definitely deserved the performer of the week accolade from TVline.

    I think Paul Adelstein’s character is getting interesting, and it’s so nice to see him playing someone with an edge. Although i gave up on Private Practice halfway through so no idea how that ended for him.

  18. Alisa

    I read somewhere that Mellie was only supposed to be on screen for 3 episodes, and I thank whatever writers brainstorming session banished that idea, because she is the best.
    Her glee at Daniel Douglas’ demise made me laugh, and then she was Cyrus’ get a grip friend. Cyrus and Mellie are my favourite couple on the show.

    Also, Joe Morton’s scene was amazing. I am torn about Fitz’ comments; mostly I was disgusted, but then I was thinking that this was the man who ordered Fitz to (unknowingly) shoot down a plane filled with innocent people, so there’s no love lost there (and then he ends up having that man’s daughter as his mistress? Only on a Shonda Rhimes show.) But, basically, Joe Morton owned that scene.