Fug the Show: Ringer, episode 14

Lots more waist-up shots this week, and a continued downturn in vexing couture, but that’s okay: Great outerwear, makeup envy, a continuity error, ANOTHER BUFFY PUNCH, and the morphing emotions of Henry’s sack are keeping me in long-winded business.

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  1. Adriele

    Hahaha when they showed the picture of the little boy I (outloud), said “HOW CUTE IS THAT LITTLE MAN???” To which my husband gave me a “woman, it’s a JUST A PICTURE” look. :) The little guy is super precious though.

  2. Rebecca

    Mischa Barton Collins???!!! HAHAHHAHAHA! OK, I’m going to call him that from now on, too.

  3. swellcat

    All I know is, when Juliet was screaming at Logan I was thinking, look at his hands? Do they look like he got in a fight? But I guess that’s too logical. I hope that her mom is sleeping with Logan and how it all came about!?

  4. Julie

    Every time I watch the show, I think “Can’t wait to see what Heather has to say.”

    If you don’t already, you need to watch Body of Proof on ABC on Tuesday nights. The lead character is ALWAYS showing up to crime scenes and to her job in the Medical Examiner’s Office in the best clothes and most WONDERFUL shoes. I covet her entire wardrobe, especially her shoes.

  5. Jill

    I love that pink coat.
    It took me a minute to get the “88 miles per hour” reference. I love it!
    There is so much lying and deception going on. It’s very juicy.
    Does a person in NYC really need to wear a baseball cap to be incognito?

  6. Jo

    Love the show-so OTT and great to hear Ioan using his Welsh accent as a fellow Welshie. Also loving the recap! Keep em coming please!

  7. Maisie

    I just wish your screen capture of picture #4 gave that truly heinous shirt its full due. When SMG first entered the scene wearing that monstrosity, my first reaction was, “Dear god, her neck just barfed bejeweled chunks all over her chest!” (I’ve decided that the costume designer for this show got the job through the “merit” of nepotism. It’s really the only explanation. . . .)

  8. Sajorina

    This show keeps getting juicier & I’m loving it! I love & want every one of those coats and Juliet’s cute boots! Thank you for the recaps, Heather!

  9. Dru

    PLEASE DON’T LET THIS BE CANCELLED. I love its cracktastic fun, both story-wise and wardrobe-wise (though Siobhan/Bridget need different sunglasses, maybe ones that don’t look like they came from 2005).

    • Struds

      Haha – I read all these recaps and NEVER KNEW Rich Twin/Poor Twin’s real names! Thankyou, although they’ll always be Artee and Peetee to me ;-).

  10. Squirrel!

    OMG I LOVE THIS COMMENTARY. Ioan’s prognosticating pocket square! Tribbiani as a verb! Thank you for the guffaws, Heather. So glad I read this at home and wasn’t trying to suppress myself in my cubicle at work. I might have strained something that way.

  11. Rachel

    My face matched Misha’s when he died on Supernatural. COME BACK CASTIEL!!! Sob.

  12. yeahandalso

    Malcom knew Poor Twin was at Mischa Barton Collins’ house because in the first few minutes of the episode they had some super awkward exposition where he downloaded a GPS tracking ap onto her phone so they could always find one another.

  13. Blair

    Isnt the coat that poor twin is wearing in the office the same coat that rich twin wears when she breaks into andrew’s office and tries to hack into his office. if it isnt its distractingly similar