Fug the Show: Pretty Little Liars, the last eps of season two

Never change, Aria. NEVER CHANGE. You guys WILL NOT BELIEVE how hilarious her clothes are — this thing up here is the scrolldown to end all scrolldowns — but she makes up for it with a complete knockout of a masquerade dress at the end of the episode that I am totally in love with, and wish I could wear myself, except I am old and sandwich-prone and she is tiny and young and has great eyebrows.

Plotwise: I’m not spoiling the identity of A, so read safely. Suffice to say that SECRETS. ARE. REVEALED. And MASKS. ARE. WORN.

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  1. Hannah

    Aria clearly stole her masquerade dress from the Red Queen

  2. l0nepinemall

    I still love Ezria! This dance was ridiculous, but I want it to work for those darn kids.

    Loved Aria’s dress at the end, but yeah…the rest was like a train wreck.

    • Kat

      I know, me too. I’m fully aware that in real life I would most likely not approve of their relationship, but this is TV and she’s gorgeous and HE’S gorgeous and they so darn cute! I love them.

      • Molly

        I completely agree. As much as I would disapprove of this relationship and openly speak my disdain in real life, I love them together SO SO much! Damn you Sara Shepard and PLL writers..

  3. Erin

    I love that you pointed out Maya’s real age, because (dating myself) I remember her playing a teenager on the “new” saved by the bell. in the mid-90s.

  4. Jean Marie

    Oh my God. Maya was Kendra, the Vampire slayer. How did I not recognize her? Was I just figuring she was too busy being a witch on Vampire diaries?

    Also, did she get turned on one of her vampire shows? Because she hasn’t aged like at all.

    • yeahandalso

      forget playing a witch on Vampire Diaries she must BE A WITCH FOR REAL. How can you play a 16 year old in 3 different decades?!?!?!?

  5. LawyaGal

    I love that you recap this glorious show. The whacktitude is always dialed up to 11 and its so much fun. Why is it that Emily is the only one who dresses like a semi-normal (albeit gorgeous) teenager? Is the costumer trying to remind us that she’s a lesbian by putting her in a hoodie?

    Also super cute: Emily’s swimming friend in a lady tux. So adorable!

  6. ok

    I was very angry that Ezra was not killed in the end. I felt that would be a good way out of that heinous story line. Aria could grieve, here father could be a suspect, A would have been responsible…

  7. swellcat

    When I saw the “dreaded” shirt and jeggings and BRIGHT RED boots I almost died laughing. I couldn’t wait to see what you said. I think they dress Emily in pants and hoodies because she’s a lesbian. She has to be more butch! Also, she’s sporty so, no skirts and wacky outfits for her. Out of all of them, I love Spencer’s style. Maybe it’s the Connecticut in me but I adore her clothes. I wish that the Ezra and Aria thing would end. I kept thinking, who is not calling the cops on them while they KISS IN PUBLIC! Hello, statutory rape! And when she pointed out that they had made “magic” on his bed I was disgusted. This show has some many crazy things happening that I guess that’s why I love it. If it took itself seriously it would be a mess. It’s a guilty pleasure.

  8. vandalfan

    Thanks for the earworm! So for the rest of the day I’ll be singing in my head, “We’d like to thank you Herbert Hoover, for really showing us the waaaaay….”.

  9. Sara B.

    OMG! I didn’t realize Maya played Kendra the Vampire Slayer. That was one killer accent she did because I had NO idea it was fake, and I just watched those episodes like two months ago! And DAMN she looks good! **Standing Ovation** Well done, Bianca Lawson, well done.

    And the Ezra/Aria thing, I didn’t mind so much at the beginning (but then, I don’t have a teenage daughter wanting to watch this show and it’s just my guilty pleasure, I know I shouldn’t like it as much as I do at my age, but good God, I just can’t help myself). He’s supposed to be a younger teacher, he didn’t know she was so young when things between them started (granted he should have stopped it once he realized, but ya know, crap happens), but as things keep going south, at some point he needs to realize that he’s not going to be able to be with her while being locked behind bars if he continues on this path, so the man needs to sack up and do what’s best for both of them. Move away and come back in two years if you really can’t get over her within that amount of time.

    • Gwen Robinson

      I’m 42 and I watch PLL (and read the books) for the guilty pleasure of it. All I could think when Ezra came in and they took off their masks was “OMG! In front of everyone?! Where are her parents?!?!” But I still can’t help but love them.

  10. Lauren

    Hanna was dressed as Juliet, hence the overly dramatic, princess dress and floral garland in her hair.

  11. Sylvia

    I sort of love how you rag on Aria. I don’t dislike her, but she is my least favorite liar. It’s the clothes to an extent (I saw the dreadlock shirt and thought of you all). But mostly, it’s the storyline. I think Ezra is PRETTY (and my friends who went to school with him say he’s a really nice guy in real life). But, he’s 25 and she’s 16. AND he was her teacher. I just…how is this still a thing? How are adults not killing him or throwing him in jail? The fear of your child hating you for a while is not enough to justify his absence from a sex offender list or something. WHERE ARE THE ADULTS?

    Also, I would wear almost everything Spencer owns, even though I’m more of an Emily type fashion wise. And I totally remember Bianca Lawson from SBTB: The New Class. See also, Save The Last Dance fight scene. Bianca Lawson and Stacey Dash made the same deal with the devil, I’m convinced.

  12. Danielle

    Holy fug, Aria. The stylist on this show is not doing the Aria/Ezra ‘thing’ any favors by dressing Lucy Hale like a 12 year old who got an Urban Outfitters gift card from her grandma, ‘because that’s what kids wear these days’, and went BERSERK on the clearance rack.

    Also, Spencer’s red and baby blue dress is from Anthropologie and is KNIT. It’s like a non-sack shaped sweater dress. As it’s perpetually early fall in Rosewood, sure that makes sense. But still- no.

  13. Guliver

    That is pure beauty…

  14. Taanja

    Ha! I live for these Fugs!

    I love Aria and her wacky cloths! and I agree—Never change Aria–never change!

    Oh and it cracks me up that people disaprove of Ezra and Aria but 16 year old Spencer and the Doctor—Wren are OK. (Or any of Spencers many guys she has “stolen” from her older sister) You know? they were all older men! (But the actress who plays Spencer does look like an old lady so….)

    Or How ’bout 16 year old Jenna and the cop Garret. They made their reletionship public. But that is OK? He too is in a position of authority.

    I guess peeps just love to hate the Ezra/Aria thing.

    Anyway, this show rocks! I loved every crazy second.

    • Julie

      It’s because he was her TEACHER. And Jenna and Garret were super creepy too.

      But yeah, it’s crazy and I love it too. It does creepy so well.

      Emily looked gorgeous at the masquerade. Just beautiful.

  15. anny

    I don’t know who’s who here, but that yellow and black gown? That was a Laura Ashley pattern and I think there were four of us who made it for prom in … musta been ’80. (Yeah, I’m older than the damn planet.)

  16. Sajorina


  17. yeahandalso

    Can I just say that even though I was a Buffy DIE HARD to me Bianca Lawson will always be the girl from Save the Last Dance who said, “I ain’t walkin on egg shells just cause you brought little miss Brady Bunch to the negro club”. I treasure that line.