Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episode 7

The scenes with Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere were totally the spark this show needed; too bad Scarlett still can’t breathe and speak at the same time.

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  1. steph527

    I’m so excited it’s finally getting a little more juicy. For awhile it was, YAWN- they need to bring in Amanda Woodward.

  2. Vodka Gimlet

    Hayden’s dress was way too short. It made her look dumpy and squat, which she is not, as well as flashing the entire world. I think it would have been more country a bit longer and with some really cute cowboy boots.

  3. hfree

    RE: Sonny from Treme. I have the same reaction every time he is on screen. I’m just like, run, he is a bad influence! But, on Treme, the character has gone through some redemption by hooking up with the daughter of a Vietnamese shrimp boat captain, although he did have a drug relapse.

    RE: The House. I think the “front door”, the pool, and all the windows are in the back and the part of the house that faces the street is more private. According to an NY Times article both this house and Tami’s house are for sale in real life, so you can try to find the listing if you want to know the layout.

    • Aria

      I did go look up the listing on Juliette’s house and I think, but won’t swear to it, the part that faces the road has fewer windows and a grassy yard. It looks like maybe you pull in the driveway on the left and then you end up at the back by the pool. Hard to tell from the photos. House is too stark for me. Rayna’s house, in reality, is huge, 20,000 sq. feet and is listed for around $19 million I think it said!

  4. MC

    like a diner on a hot day….
    pure poetry!!

  5. Sandra

    “..teddy bear’s picnic” certainly belongs in the GFY Hall of Fame. I snorted tea all over the monitor.

    I still can’t believe they’re trying to pretend that weedy kid could play QB in the NFL. Vince Wilfork’s afternoon snack is bigger than him.

  6. Erin

    Two things – I didn’t even notice that Avery got top billing. When Cougar Town approached him AND when he was prepping for gigs in previous eps, he was part of a poorly named band. Second, I thought I could see Hayden’s pantyliners with that dress. It was, to quote Charles Barkley because I secretly hope he’s watching the show, “turrible.”

  7. andnowyoutellme

    “The other difference between these two is that Tami knows what to do with a hemline.”

    Hah. So True. Tami/Rayna/Connie was rocking that dress, and making Juliette look like such a ho!starlet. For all of Rayna’s other questionable wardrobe choices, I find myself wanting to wear awesome cowboy boots with grey skinny jeans these days, and I’m pretty sure it’s her fault. Just like Tami Taylor made me want to give cowboy boots + office dress a go. Damn you, wardrobe department!

    • Aria

      Seriously. As soon as the two of them walked out on stage, I couldn’t wait to see what Fug Nation would say!

  8. The Other Molly

    Why are the gallery photos gigantic with no commentary attached?

  9. The Other Molly

    Ah, finally got it to work.
    I’m Team Tami all the way.
    Because Hayden…well, despite her damaged, I need a Real Momma childhood,
    a brat is a brat, that’s that, that’s that.

  10. Marcie

    Can I just say that the Nashville landmark that Teddy is at when he’s talking to Peggy is where I got engaged. Huzzah!

  11. Mouse

    I assumed “Country Cryptonite” was them trying to make a play on words/use alliteration. And that was a better option than “Kuntry Kryptonite”….which sounds a little…risque?

    • GFY Heather

      Yeah, but it’s not clever enough to work, which I meant to say on that slide but maybe I forgot. It reads dumb, not clever.

      • Mouse

        :) Ah. Didn’t mean to sound condescending!

        Yes. It reads very dumbly. And appears they cannot spell.

  12. amanda

    I’m sad to say, I really enjoyed the pilot and I had marginally high hopes, but the show itself has lost me. I do however, have great affection for the recaps. I doubt I’ll go back to being a viewer, but I will always be a reader.

  13. Becca

    I lol’d when I saw the title of Lucky’s show (or album? Whatever). Tequila Cowboy? Seriously?

    • Chelsea

      Tequila Cowboy was actually the venue – it’s a real place in Nashville.

  14. Maria

    I thought it was comical how much taller Tami is than Juliette! If I were Juliette, I wouldn’t want to appear on stage next to Tami, either! Who wants to stand next to a woman whose legs go as high as your neck? And that short dress just made it worse!

  15. Regina

    I’m so glad they featured they Rhyman Auditorium the way they did. It really is more beautiful then they made it seem, but it was a nice nod to county music. It a beautiful beautiful building, and it makes sense that Hayden’s character would be a bit scared to sing there.

    Sigh, I miss Nashville…..

    Also, I hated their dresses at the end…..

  16. mary lou bethune

    No body can overshadow Connie/Tami. They are aces, in fiction and reality.

  17. JCC

    Both Teddy and Coleman are at the same Nashville landmark, the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. They’re just shot from different angles. Teddy is in the middle of the bridge (at the apex) and the shot is looking to the west. Coleman is at the east end and LP Field is in the background. And now I know why the stadium was all lit up in the middle of the night recently!


    The threat about releasing an album of greatest hits against Tami’s wishes–that actually happened to Tim McGraw. He left his label and sued them over it.


    And now you know more about actual Nashville than you needed to.

    So, you’ve heard Johnny Depp bought a house south of town? I am expecting him in some of the club scenes pretty soon.

  18. Eli

    You know, I was drunkenly watching infomercials this weekend, as I am wont to do (it’s amazing that I have yet to purchase the Wen haircare system or Cindy Crawford’s skin products because I SO WANT TO) and an infomerical for country music CDs (who buys CDs now?) came on hosted by John Schneider, aka Bo Duke. He mentioned that he has apparently had some country hits…and maybe it was the vodka talking, but I was like, OMG BO DUKE SO NEEDS TO BE ON NASHVILLE. Thus ended my drunken stream of semi-consciousness.

    • Blair

      I had a hard time buying Coleman trying to blackmail his opponent with pictures, first off he is a recovering addict of some sort and he just got busted with pills during a traffic stop (shouldn’t this be a pr crisis? isn’t his credibility pretty low) sure he claims they are someone elses and that person claims them but does that really solve his image problems? and his smoking gun is a picture of them hugging? how many attractive (and unattractive )women do politicians hug as they go around fundraising and campaigning. I mean for chrissakes Joe Biden had a woman sitting on his lap

    • Jennifer

      You are a genius! Why are you not a casting director?

    • annabelle

      I sobered up and sent that Cindy Crawford crap back!

      But the WEN…OMG amazing. For seriously. I have baby fine, naturally curly, yet oddly day two oily hair. And I will happily shell out money for this product for life. It really does what those infomercials claim. So, get drunk and get out the credit card!

  19. ok

    Scarlett is the worst character ever. She is such a doormat! She APOLOGIZED to Gunnar, who totally slut-shamed her! Ugh.

    Girl needs to take a self-empowerment class, shave her head, and go militant feminist.