Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap

In which Zoe deals with the aftermath of her breakup the way everyone has dealt with the aftermath of a breakup: waking up with candy stuck to her face, singing angry songs, eating pie, and taking to her bed. Poor Zoe. Wade deals with the aftermath of being Wade by looking sad and feeling bad about himself, and having some of his belongings set on fire. Poor Wade.

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  1. Carrie

    I can’t get my mind around the fact that Meredith Monroe was Joshua Jackson’s love interest on Dawson’s Creek, and Jaime King was Joshua Jackson’s love interest in Lone Star State of Mind, and yet those two are distant enough in age to play a convincing mother/daughter. (In real life they’re only like 10 years apart I think.)

    Poor Zoe. Poor Wade. I want Wade’s hot cousin Justin Hartley to come back and woo Zoe/make Wade jealous.

  2. Cucina49

    Lemon’s sweater in that second to last shot IS really cute. I should have bought it at J. Crew last fall when it was on sale. Sigh.

    I didn’t know BlueBell had four people to lose!

  3. Brenna

    I eventually started watching this show because of the awesome fugcaps, and I’m so glad I did. George’s “So, tell me about…the bird situation” legitimately had me laughing.

    • LT1

      My favorite George moment was him asking the real estate guy if there was “a guest bedroom they could look at” after being caught with Lemon in the closet. The raised eyebrow and smirk really sold it.

  4. gin_in_teacups

    Zoe is a speed reading GENIUS! A lot of time is lost when our eyes wander over the page, and using your finger or a pen helps focus your eyes.

    Why aren’t Zoe and Lemon friends yet? I want them to interact more.

    I am SO ANGRY about this breakup. It was obviously going to happen eventually, but watching Zoe and Wade together was interesting. Unlike with a lot of TV couples where things stagnante once they get together, Zoe and Wade together actually allowed for more character growth. THIS WAS A GOOD TV RELATIONSHIP! WHY DID YOU RUIN IT, SHOW? Also I’m angry because she shouldn’t forgive him cheating but I want this couple to be end game. WHYYYYYYYYYYY? Feelings!

  5. Jess

    Seeing McKayla Maroney next to Zoe makes me realize how tiny Rachel Bilson is. The fact that I don’t see how small she is next to the other actresses on the show makes me realize how small ALL actresses are!

  6. A.J.

    My fiance’s aunt’s car is in this show, apparently, so I’m constantly checking your recaps for background photos of cars. LOL.

    And wherefore art thou Tim Matheson? Or did I miss him looking at vehicles?

  7. Imogen

    Was I the only one who found ‘Run From Wade’ oddly catchy? An impressive number of words rhyme with Wade…

    • Louise

      It won’t leave my head. I’ve been singing it for days.

      • Heather

        I also liked her song about why Wade never wears a shirt.

        • Imogen

          Also catchy! Although I hope that newly-contrite Wade won’t take that particular ditty too much to heart…or Hart! (oh dear. apologies.).

        • Bucky

          I have a pretty good idea as to why Wade never wears a shirt, but that song was great.

          Is it me or is Hot Cousin Breeland a bad actor?

  8. Linda

    I love this show thanks to these recaps. I’m glad I’m not the only one who kind of liked Lemon’s boob paint dress.

  9. Steph

    The “love of my life” (when I was 16) dumped me at the height of Jagged Little Pill. Go on with your bad self, Zoe. Go on. Angry dancing for the win!

  10. Al

    Add me to the list of people who wants Justin Hartley back! I assume, given how that went the first time, that if Zoe ended up dating him, Wade would go into a complete tailspin. But I’m in the minority that doesn’t get Wade’s appeal. Every man on this show looks good shirtless. Why should Zoe have to end up with the one with manchild issues?

  11. Kate

    I would be happy for Zoe to detour to Hot Cousin Breeland or to Wade’s brother now that Justin Hartley doesn’t have a show anymore, but I love Zoe and Wade together and I hope they meander back to one another eventually.

    Also, Lavon Hayes is as charming a man as ever lived. Fictionally.

  12. Sajorina

    My brother and sister, who are actual psychologists, might not agree with me, but I think that HATE is part of the breakup grieving process! I’ve hated all my excess for some time until I got over it! I loved this episode… TEAM ZOE all the way! Also, PIES!

  13. Kendra

    I really appreciate & enjoy how realistically and pathetically they played her breakup. I’m not aloooooooone!

  14. 1000Oysters

    Okay, in real life the pins in Voodoo Doll Wade would be concentrated in his nether regions.

  15. Leora

    Did y’all realize that Zoe assumes that Wade cheated but he never actually said what he did? Am I crazy to think that what he did was smash the bar sign she gave him as a present or something and this is all a big misunderstanding?

  16. ok

    Unfortunately, Wade looked hotter than hell in this episode. That red sweater from the kitchen scene? Yum.

  17. Rebecca

    Also loved McKayla’s dress and couldn’t help but notice that she looked approximately 3819% better with strep throat then I ever have when I’ve had that.

    I realized during the wedding last week – what happened to the waitress from the Rammer Jammer that wore all the kicky little hat and hair accessories? Has she not been on at all this season and I haven’t noticed until now?

    I’m loving George this season. I wasn’t on ‘Team George’ last season because he was pretty boring while he was with Lemon, but I’m so glad that Tansy seems to have brought out more personality in him.

  18. Caroleena Stantonova

    I gained at least 11 lbs. just by glancing at the breakup food drama.