Fug the Show: Gossip Girl, end of the season

“I’m super insecure about whether you love me,” Dan said, as twelve birds laid eggs on his scalp. “You have nothing to worry about,” Blair lied, while secretly going limp at the prospect of dating a stubbly Rizzo from an all-boys prep-school production of Grease.

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Comments (13):

  1. Jill

    I’m cracking up at the Rizzo hair comparison before I’ve even started on the slideshow. Seriously, what is going on there?

  2. Eliza Bennett
  3. Danni

    On slide 12, did you mean to write that Chuck was the “the theme DONG of [Blair's] life”? Or was it a keyboard-based Freudian slip? Or am I being very immature?

  4. laura

    When I watched this episode and saw Dan’s hair the first thing I thought of was “please let the Fug Girls mock this!” so thank you for that.

    As for next season, I think it was in one of your previous recaps can the writers PLEASE just give Serena a purpose in life, make Dan successful and let Chuck and Blair get married so we can all stop watching?

  5. gin_in_teacups

    A friend and I once had the (IMHO) brilliant idea of doing video recaps of Gossip Girl. Each recap would go “This week on Gossip Girl Serena made bad choices. Then Chuck and Blair, Chuck and Blair, Chuck and Blair.” The recaps would be identical, but we’d retape it every week so I was in different outfits and stuff.

    I can’t bring myself to stop watching, but I’m so glad this is coming to an end. If for no other reason besides Dan’s hair causing me extreme trauma.

  6. Emly

    LOL, so glad you made this! The finale made me happy because I, too, am like a toddler going “AGAIN! AGAIN CHUCK BLAIR!”

    But Dhump’s hair? NEVER again, please.

  7. vandalfan

    Magic Vaginal Shenanigans is another great band name.

  8. rb

    love penn and his wild curly locks. which i also, nonetheless, love to mock. GG is not a show. it’s a drinking game, and we will all thank the writers for that, for years of syndication to come.

  9. Eli

    I love love love a man with curly hair but bwah…hell to the no on Dan Humphries curl helmet.

    • Chess

      “curl helmet” is hilarious. I used to have the biggest crush on Penn/Dan but now… sigh.

  10. Pouncer

    I recoiled away from the screen when Dan appeared with that hair (both watching the episode (oh! the shame) and here). SO. BAD.

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