Fug the Show: Dallas, episode 6

Well, this is it: The episode where Hagman had died (which means JR must expire next week…) and they had to insert him into it with random cutaways and deleted footage from other episodes. It is… ham-handed, but I have sympathy. He was glaringly absent during the big hostage standoff at the end, which … yes, there was a big hostage standoff at the end. Sort of. Sigh. I enjoy this show but I may not keep recapping it after Hagman is gone — I’m not sure there is enough interest, and maybe it’s apt to go out when JR does. We’ll see. First, let’s all hold each other and try to get through it next week.

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Comments (12):

  1. Carol C.

    Please keep recapping, Heather, at least for awhile. We are going to have to help each other through the upcoming tragedy. Sniff.

  2. em

    I love the new Dallas. And I enjoy your recaps. And shit is it gonna be a bummer next week.

  3. lali

    Don’t stop recapping! No, no, no!

  4. DeeG

    Do NOT stop recapping Dallas…That’s not what Larry Hagman would have wanted! (giving you the JR eybrows) >: O

  5. JessicaAZ

    Please do not stop the recap!! It is going to be awful next week but we need to see how they work it out!


  6. MaryAnne

    I love these recaps and am so sad that JR and the Hagbrows (band name?) won’t be part of them any more.

    I do have a question about something I must have missed … why do you call Elena’s brother Andres when the character’s name is actually Drew?

    • Heather

      THANK YOU. I thought his name was Drew! But I couldn’t remember, and Wikipedia calls him “Andres,” so that’s what I went with. I wonder if they call him Drew because that’s a nickname for Andrew/Andres?

  7. Sajorina

    If you stop recapping “Dallas”, can you PLEASE start recapping “Pretty Little Liars” again? I miss those recaps so much!

  8. Elizabeth

    Please keep recapping! I LOVE this show. It is such a treat. I loved the original as a kid and I just know I will cry over JR next week.

  9. Lucasta

    I agree, I love these recaps! I am not even going to watch the show next week (aughhh) until AFTER reading the recap because I want to go in prepared. Heather, I don’t envy you having to write it.

    I do enjoy this show very much but man, I think it would be better (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) if they took the level of CONSTANT STUFF HAPPENING down about 30%. I mean, Original Dallas had whole episodes about Lucy skipping classes.

  10. La Aterciopelada

    I am enjoying the new Dallas way more than I thought I would (or than I should,, perhaps). Even better is getting to read your recaps. The bad TV void Ringer left has finally been filled! Please don’t stop recapping it! I can’t watch my guilty pleasure alone with no rehash of the juicy scandal and double crossing.

  11. AJ

    Please keep re-capping! I love your re-caps, they are so entertaining. And snarky, which I love.