Fug the Makeover: Jada Pinkett Smith

The haircut bug is going around:

The thing is, Jada has done the full pixie before and it actually looks great, from what I remember. The shaved underbelly with the ponytail she’s working here — or whatever the heck it is — just looks weird for the sake of weird, like she’s the villain in a grungy post-apocalyptic movie that mixes elements of Fast and the Furious, Max Max, and Bring It On. I would watch that movie, but I don’t know if I think anyone should live it.

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Comments (35):

  1. Leelee

    I don’t know if it’s the backcombed front of the ponytail or the little bouncy roll at the end of it, but I am getting the overwhelming feeling that her style icon here was Seabiscuit. At least her face is gorgeous as usual.

    I’m quite over the sporadically shaved head look. I feel like Cassie did it about a million years ago (and it’s literally the only thing I remember Cassie for), and Jada Pinkett Smith should never look like she’s behind a trend.

    • meggiemoo

      And she has seriously monkeyed with her face…

    • ohsohappy

      I LOVE SEABISCUIT! When my 17yo q-horse, Holly, lets loose and we finally come to a stop, I reach around her neck and tell her “That’s my lil Seabiscuit”. :D

  2. Alicia

    It’s awful in and of itself, but on her it looks good. I’m cracking up at Leelee’s Seabiscuit comment though!

  3. Lizzy

    Dang, why couldn’t she have just gotten bangs like every other actress?
    Wes Studi circa ‘Last of the Mohicans’ should not be your style inspiration.

  4.  Orange Clouds

    I think it looks kind of badass and I certainly approve of that.

  5. VanceMan

    I can’t be the only person who saw that hairstyle and thought of Annabella Lwin and Bow Wow Wow (as in “I Want Candy”): http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Archive/Search/2012/4/19/1334836569143/Annabella-Lwin-of-Bow-Wow-008.jpg

    • LoriK

      No, you are not. That song got stuck in my head the minute I saw this.

      • michelle

        I had a BFF that did this exact haircut in 1985. The only difference was the amount of eyeliner she wore at the same time! That and she would turn it into a complete Mohawk about 3 feet high for parties.

        • LB

          Yes to both of these things. Now I want candy and I’m reminiscing about a purple mohawk from the mid ’80s. Not mine, but my friend.

  6. Mimi
    •  legally blonde

      In those pictures, it looks like Jaden needs to take a page from big brother and put a smile on his face!

    • Lizzy

      OK, in those photos she looks like the male lead singer of Living Color. Braids are not an improvement.

  7. kickassmomnyc

    She looks awful, she looks older, she looks harder. Not good at all.

  8.  Miss Louise

    This is deeply unflattering and extremely try-hard.

  9. deee

    So what is the just hanging round the house version of this? Is it like a reverse Bozo cut? A bunch of hair coming out the top and no hair around the edges? wtf?

    • Jilly

      When Bucky Covington had this haircut on American Idol someone told me it’s a River Rat. I understand the point is to keep your long hair from getting too bulky/hot in the summer and taking too long to dry.

      It looked better on him.

      •  Jen S. 2.0

        Oh. My. Lord. I was trying to find a way not to hate this (well, her face is lovely; it’s different; she’s having fun with it), but now that you have turned it into refried BUCKY COVINGTON, it’s over. **gagging**

  10. Greena

    Her face look different…. Did she do something? Cheek implants?
    And no to the hair

  11. HelenBackAgain

    Well, Jada IS in a band, which is kind of… punk jazz? That sounds cracked, I know, but I don’t know what else to call it. So I think this hair is for the stage. Here’s a video:


    But she doesn’t appear to have the wardrobe to go with it. Here she is with the rocked out hair, wearing a sexy but completely conventional dress. If you’re going to do this to your head, I think you need to commit and go there with the clothes as well.

  12. Soapstef

    Anybody remember this scary piece of work:


    If they plan to remake it in live action…Jada is perfect.

  13. nobody much

    definitely falls under the ‘what was she thinking?’ category. Maybe her hairstylist thought we’d all forgotten about all those other ppl with those styles +20 yrs ago and is trying to set a ‘new’ trend?

  14. Melinda

    Is it possible this is for a movie?? That would be the only reason this is acceptable.

  15. BrownEyedBetty

    Bad ‘Doo or Good ‘Doo: she is a beautiful woman.

  16. Donna N

    I’m feeling it. She has a great head shape and this shows off her gorgeous face, too. It’s refreshing to see someone looking different in Hollywood.

  17. Gretchen

    If the side bits weren’t bleached to a wierd flesh tone I think it would look better.
    I’m hating her dress though – her poor boobies are all smooshed into a semi monoboob pancake thing.
    It looks like someone jury-rigged a body cast out of upholstry fabric off an old couch.. Ick.

  18. Lux

    “Awful” merely begins to describe what I think this hairstyle is.

  19. Maria L.

    Fug rhymes with UGH which is how I feel about this hair.

  20. Katkat

    What really freaks me out is that the hairdresser bleached the sides. I mean, this happened ON PURPOSE. Someone actually thought this could look good.

  21. TonyG

    Is she using Willow’s hair stylist now? One should never take their styling cues from their kids.

  22. Sandra

    Jada, you’re a grown-@ss woman and you look ridiculous. Leave the hair shenanigans to the kids.

  23. Janie

    All the skaters and stoner-dudes I knew in 1993 called and they want their haircut back.

  24. Heather S.

    It’s just trying a bit too hard to be “edgy” and comes off as just tough. I know Jada is little and that may make her try harder to look like a tough chick, but there’s nothing wrong with being pretty too.

  25.  M

    How does she get the squirrel to cling to her head?

  26. tigers4us

    I’m thinking ’90s. Also, it ages her.