Fug the Costumes: Katy Perry

Katy Perry started a tour in the UK last night, and aside from this terrible, terrible wig (why not just go back to brown, Katy? This sits on your noggin like a follicular bird dropping), the entire affair looks like it was staged in candy-coated technicolor Wonkavision. It should be noted that I have zero idea in what order these costumes actually appeared, so let’s just roll with the unknown, beginning with pinwheels of Brachs peppermints. I assume they actually started turning at some point. I mean, isn’t that how Katy Perry got us all secretly hooked on her irritatingly catchy songs in the first place — hypnosis? How else to explain how she wore me down? Because I was fighting it and fighting it and then suddenly I woke up one day and was like, “You know what? I WILL shut up and put my money where my mouth is! That IS what I get for waking up in Vegas!” She is like a funhouse prophet. Willy Wonka would approve. So would his orange posse. Hmm, I feel a song coming on…

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. bambi_beth

    Are there blogger awards? Do they have red carpets? Do I need to vote?
    You girls are genius. I cannot escape your delightful singsong escapades. Never change.

    • Christopher D

      When a dimestore Blue halloween wig looks better than the black one you are wearing with REALLY BROWN EYEBROWS…
      (Is she gone yet?)

  2. vandalfan

    Love the peacock pose. But look at her eyes. She looks tired, or like she know she can get away with phoning it in. Kind of sad eyes.

  3. Caroline

    BRAVA! BRAVA! BRAVA! There is nothing more to say.

  4. Sandra

    Why can’t Katy have as much talent and creativity as you do? Or maybe even 10%? That would still be a huge improvement on her natural state.

  5. Sally

    She must have worn you down; I can’t believe you missed the opportunity to comment on the Hershey Kisses boobs.

    • LibraryChick

      Sally, I was thinking the same thing as well. What is Ms. Perry’s obsession with candy? Was there not enough in her life as a child, or was she just addicted to the game Candy Land? Good thing the nipple tassels didn’t say Hershey’s on them, or she could face litigation from Hershey’s corporation for use of their product imagery without permission.

  6. Laura

    I loved Starlight Express.

  7. Lina

    Totally apart from the costumes, she looks kind of terrible — exhausted and sickly. The costumes are her usual tasteless candyland crack, which is fine, I guess, except for how no one up there seems to be selling it or even having Minaj-esque fun with it. Also, the Bettie Page-style wigs are completely unflattering on her. I’m guessing this was just a terrible opening night all around and things’ll improve once they shake the bugs out.

  8. Jamie

    THIS. This is why I cannot fault Hayden Whatserface for dressing like a grown woman. EXACTLY, PRECISELY THIS.

  9. jen

    Slow cap, ladies. S-L-O-W clap. This was inspired!

  10. B.J.

    The costume where it looks like she is wearing pink knickers is from Hot n’ Cold, where she does sort of a magic trick in which she changes costumes eight times. I think the knickers are actually the next costume sticking out from under the current one.

  11. Michele

    You gals are FRICKING GENIUSES!!!!

  12. Libby

    Awesome!! You had me at “lady chute”.

  13. Annie

    This? Might be as good as KANYE’s fashion show. Well done, ladies. Well done.

  14. C-No

    You are awesome. Well done, Fug Girls.

    In other news, she looks like Patti Stanger in slide 4.

  15. Christian

    She’s atrocious on all levels and I can’t wait for her 15 minutes to be up (if that can even happen in today’s Internet age). Were these costumes provided by Party City, because they all look cheap as hell! I should just be thankful I can’t hear any of these photos. *shudder*

  16. LindaD

    Brilliant. Too, too brilliant.

  17. Jennifer

    If this were not a post of such great excellence, I would be roundly cursing you for that earworm, which is now nestling itself comfortably in my brain…

  18. Verodemort

    I’m sitting here dying of laughter in my cubicle!! “Four for you, Fug Girls! You go, Fug Girls!” Simply AH MAZE ZING!

  19. Ladyblahblah

    These costumes/wigs are doing nothing to change my mind about her looking like a young Ruth Buzzi.

  20. nicole

    She looks like a drunken impersonator of herself. And what the hell is going on with the lady-bits in the cat woman suit?!?!

  21. melanie

    It’s amazing how so many colorful costumes and exaggerated facial expressions can still end up being so incredibly boring to look at.

  22. Alyssa

    Unfortunately, these costumes have made it partly around the US already on tour, are now overseas, and then will be returning to us. I went to this live (in Tulsa) and they make (slightly) more sense in the concert (peacock – during I Want To See Your Peacock, etc). But it’s typical Katy Perry. I love ya’lls song!

  23. geeves

    I thinks someone is knocked up with a baby Brand. If so, I cannot wait for the maternity-wear-off between her and Beyonce!

    • nicole

      Other than looking like she’s about to throw up in every picture, I don’t see signs of a baby Brand. Although the maternity wear would be an awesome fugging opportunity.

  24. fritanga

    Okay, I’m tired of her. Or, she makes me tired. NEXT.

  25. Anne B

    K-Perr has finally done it. She has merged in my mind with the little things I load into slingshots and launch at towers of wood, glass, and piggies when I’m bored. She seems pointlessly loud, bright, and banal. As if there are hundreds of her, and none of them is anything special.

    Katy Perry is the Human Angry Bird.

  26. Leone

    You are freaking brilliant!!! But damn, that’s one bad earworm!

  27. Anastasia

    I’m callin’ it right now… She’s pregnant. I know, I know. BUT is that a tiny little bump in the catsuit photo? Why are so many outfits NOT skin tight?? Y’all are saying she looks tired… Preggie!

  28. Brian

    Is she not-so-secretly telling us that she’s Russell’s private candy store?

    (Peppermint twists, neopolitan ice cream, Hershey’s kisses, candy buttons, peppermint stick)

  29. Gabby

    So what was the use of media whoring herself about through that disgusting hair colour change if she’s just going to wear a WIG??!! If you’re going to commit to a colour COMMIT, LADY!!

    • Hel

      Agree! What’s the point of dying your hair lavender if you’re going to wear wigs?!

  30. Edith

    First of all, BRAVO! I sang along to all of it; so fun!

    Secondly, “Oompah-loompah doompity-damn” is my new favorite thing to say.

  31. ccm800

    now I remember why I hated KP in the first place. OH HELL NO

  32. LemonFresh

    Did nobody notice that HER STOCKINGS HAVE KNEEPADS in the peacock outfit?!?

    Of course they do. *sigh*

  33. Jillian

    She’s totally pregnant. She was photo’d (in… Brazil?) drinking orange juice. Sans champagne!!

  34. Zoe

    Re: Photo 10, the one where she wears the dress covered in rainbow bumps:

    She looks like a disco Dalek.

    And if anyone gets that reference, they have my love forever.

    • Sajorina

      I totally know the robotic toys you’re talking about and yes, she does look like one in that outfit! ♥

    • Penny

      I did think that too. But it needs a disco ball/bedazzled toilet plunger coming out the front.

  35. @HwoodHumilation

    I am all for people dressing like this on stage, it is on the red carpet and at fashion shows and other events that I find it annoying.

  36. Alma

    I just want to join in on the slow clap. This was truly impressive, congratulations to you, Fug Girls.

  37. Sajorina

    She’s RIDICULOUS! You’re AWESOME!!!


    No matter how cracked out all of these outfits are (and, y’know, it’s showbiz, an’ all that), I simply can’t get past the hideousness of the shiny, shiny hose. Her legs look like thin-skinned chipolatas, with knees. Bleuch.

  39. Karen

    Someone needs to cast her in a Wonder Woman movie, STAT.

  40. CJ

    I am going to defend Katy Perry once again, at least partially. I used to be in musical theater, and I know that sometimes there is no time to change between numbers, so one costume is meant to go over another. Katy Perry’s “under” costumes here are deliciously fab, clever and well-executed as usual (the kisses bra is awesome and the dots leotard is amazing. The cat costume is cheaper looking, but still not bad).

    But I don’t know WHAT is going on with her “over” costumes. They are incredibly disappointing: unflattering, cheap looking and so obviously “over” costumes. I can’t even figure out why she has “over” costumes in the first place. She has PLENTY of “under” outfits and really does not to create more looks. I almost wonder if they were an afterthought and designed by someone other than her usual designer. If she does want to do this layered thing, I would suggest her costume designer study Bob Mackie — or heck, maybe KP should hire Bob Mackie! On Sonny and Cher, he would wrap Cher in the most awesome cloak or wrap and then she would take it off and WOW, something fabulous would be underneath. Or in concerts, he would design outfits brilliantly in layers so items could be added or subtracted, but every version always looked fab.

  41. kat

    That was hysterical!! THANKS

  42. grimkat

    she looks like Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker

  43. Robin

    Notice her cartoonish mugging in Picture 3 makes her look just like Buzz Lightyear. That’s… talent?

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