Fug or Fine: Taylor Swift


That bodice is bothering me here — something about it is making her chest look fake, which I don’t believe it is. Eau d’Implants is not really the flavor a lady wants. Butmostly, I really want a look inside her closet to see what the breakdown is: I’m guessing 50 percent white or nude, 30 percent red, and 20 percent metallic sparkles, 100 percent rut.

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  1. Adriana

    Quilted butterflies
    Can’t pad a skinny sternum
    (Please eat a sandwich)

    • Ghanimatrix

      Cups like ice cream scoops
      Sternum stretched to the limit
      Makes your boobs look fake.

  2. Sandra

    She looks like Scarlett O’Hara waiting for the conversion of the green velvet portierres to ballgown to be complete. Waiting impatiently.

  3. Beth

    The only thing I can see in this photo is how freakishly skeletal she looks! Has Swiftie always been this crazy thin?

  4. Alma

    I thought her boobs were fake? Or so the internet told me. Either way, this is a big ol’ yawn.

  5. Caroline

    She is shrinking!

  6. Alana

    Yeah, I believe she did recently purchase some new boobs. Which does not go well with her apparent new skeletal physique.

    • Annie E

      I just can’t believe that someone who is so devoted to and insistent about her devotion being a role model to her young fans would get implants.

      This look must be the most boring of all her looks.

  7. Evalyn

    Zzzzz is pretty much my reaction to all things Taylor Swift.

  8. Eli

    Since Taylor Swift is “country” does that mean I can take 2 seconds in this thread to complain that they are a. remaking the Sound of Music and b. Carrie Underwood is playing a nun? Seriously…is TayTay here going to play Liesl and Blake Shelton will be Captain v.T.? Whuuuut.

  9. Millie

    I think it is the lighting that makes her look more bony. My figure is similar and can assure you that I do happily eat sandwiches and a lot of other things, it just does not pad my ribcage. I’d also like to point out that being thin and having bigger boobs is entirely possible.

  10. regina

    she looks like my sick friend who’s being treated in the hospital. that dress kinda looks like a pre op-robe as well.

  11. karen

    I know we’re not supposed to comment on people’s bodies – but holy cow, someone give that girl a sandwich!

    I’m sure she’s just been busy making her millions & all, but CHILD – you need to eat!!!

    That said her hair & makeup look lovely! And the dress in a vibrant color would be fantastic on her. :)

    • Jessica

      Okay, let’s can it with the sandwiches and focus on the clothes — she’s always been thin.

  12. Kristen

    She looks like a doll on a stand. Like one of those collector edition Bob Mackie Barbie Dolls.

  13. Carol

    This would have worked with some jewelry. She’s got earrings on, but her neck/wrists/fingers are bare. A piece or two of jewelry, or better yet, a jeweled belt, would have turned this to fab.

  14. pidget

    Swifty looks like some model in some fashion show – a bit generic and wan. There’s nothing wrong with this, it does fit her, and she has great makeup, but nothing is bringing the zip.

    Perhaps she’s just getting bored of it all. Maybe some time off is required?

  15. sarah

    This dress is super boring. But I don’t think she looks too thin/needs to eat a sandwich. Some girls – TayTay, Kierra Knightly etc – are just naturally super thin.

  16. Kris M

    I don’t think she got implants. People underestimate the power of padding.

  17. pantsonfire

    I think I actually like the dress–would perhaps like to see it in a different fabric and color. I do not really like dress on her, though. It is indeed doing weird things to her particular bosom area.

  18. Kit

    100% rut is right. *yawn*

  19. Kathryn F.

    I’ve decided I only haaaate her bangs when her hair is down and stick-straight. Yuck. When it’s pulled back, like here, the bangs are acceptable. And whoever is doing her makeup deserves a holiday bonus, because it looks fab! Classy and it makes her look grown-up without veering overly mature. The dress is, sadly, could be much better. The bodice is indeed weird and stiff-looking. I like the drape of the skirt, though.

  20. Helen

    “100% rut” says it all really. And I don’t think this particular dress flatters her at all, in cut or in color, either. Most of Swift’s same-old, same-old things at least do suit her.

    I think the chest weirdness might be taping, rather than bodice. Because one breast looks a lot higher and rounder to me than the other. If the bodice itself is overly push-up, I’d expect to see both of ‘em way up there. As is, I suspect that taping both was over-aggressive, and failed on one side en route to the event. (That’s gotta be uncomfortable.)

    Hair and makeup are nice, though. I like whatever she did to get the bangs out of her eyes.

  21. Alana

    I can’t even deal with the Carrie Underwood SOM deal. She is about as Austrian as a Taco Bell. Are they going to countryify all the music? The Hills are Alive Y’all! Climb Every Mountain, Partner!

  22. Katharine

    In her rather blah wheelhouse, this works for me, and better than some of her other choices, which tend to be a bit fussy for my taste. I wish she’d go back to her curly hair. The straight hair always looks very severe on her, and the coarse thick texture is not that attractive, particularly for someone who seems very determined to play Pretty Girl.
    As for her chest, whatever. There are a zillion bras being sold to achieve that look, and whether it’s implants, taping, or a bra “guaranteed to boost you three cup sizes!”, who cares at this point. This is what we’re all being told we should want, and I very much doubt Taylor Swift is a woman to examine those sorts of choices in any kind of critical light.

  23. jro

    Remember when Taylor had the most amazing, curliest hair in Hollywood? Ya, me neither.

    • witjunkie

      Honey, I remember when Nicole Kidman had the most amazing, curliest hair in Hollywood.

  24. Rayna

    From the neck up, and waist down, I’m all over it, but in between, not so much.

  25. Vi

    She likes sparkles, right? Then, why is this so bland when it could be jazzed up so easily with some bling? A nice necklace, a bracelet or three and a bingy belt….oh, and a totally different color of dress. This one makes her look very, very wan.
    The sternum issue is not that much of a bother. (No comments about body type from me). Lots of fit girls have skinny sternums, me included, that makes us look far thinner than we actually are, when wearing certain styles. That doesn’t mean I don’t love me a good flat bread sandwich…:) And, padding works wonders for us A-B cups. I’m sure that’s what the upgrade resulted from.

  26. Tracey

    Only description that comes to mind when seeing this is: Aggressively boring.
    But I do worry about her health, and this dress (and colour) emphasize that.

  27. Sarah

    She looks like a wax figure of herself.

  28. Sierra

    I think it’s time for her to break up with her stylist – and never, ever, ever, get back together. Like, ever.

  29. Erin

    brutally thin….

  30. Jo

    The boobs must be Vicky Beckham’s cast-offs. The dress is blah and aging -I just don’t see the fascination in Ms Swift.

  31. Vandalfan

    She would fit right in with late 1970′s Gunne Sax outfits. Especially with the straps and quilted bodice.

  32. chickadee

    Ok, Fuggirls, really? I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about bodies here. I am very tall (like Taylor) and very slim. It’s natural. She’s also what, 22, 23? She may eat 10 cheeseburgers and it doesn’t matter. I do think her skin looks a shade darker here, maybe it’s the lighting or a tan, and that can have a big effect on highlighting bones. Just as it hurts someone’s feelings to call them fat, no girl feels pretty when told her frame is “skeletal.”

    With that out of the way, I like the dress a lot except for the bodice. And a color other than white would have been lovely.

    • Maretha2

      I think some of the concern is not just that she looks thin, but that she looks (in this outfit, at least) much thinner than before. I don’t know her and am not a medical professional so I can’t judge whether or not she is healthy. But in trying to keep it strictly about the clothes, I conclude that this outfit is not flattering if it makes people worry about your health.

  33. kess

    Did the tiara fall off?
    I’m a princess get me out of here???

    She is at our crazy Aussie, colourful ARIAs……..what’s she doing wearing beige, princess beige would have looked almost invisible in the hot sun.
    Blimey nobody weasr beige until they are 40 do they?
    Not in our bright sun, disappear, and kid’s have never heard of beige, white yeah, beige, nuh.
    But no white shoes, ever – forget you labour day rules, never wear white shoes.

  34. Sajorina

    The dress is nice, but it would be great in a color other than “Blah”! I wish it was red or metallic! And, OMG, do something else with that boring hair! I wish she woulzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

  35. 7Kellx

    I take it TSwift is the girl type that ears nothing when going through a break-up…which happens a lot for her I guess. Seriously though….she does not look healthy in this.

    As for the dress, I kinda like it. It’s super dull on her though since she’s worn this 100000 times with only slight adjustments and glitter thrown on it. I mostly love how this falls around her on the carpet.

  36. Helen

    I remember when Amy Irving had the most amazing, curliest hair in Hollywood.

  37. Laura

    Is there anything ever about her that isn’t “meh’? She’s the personification of beige.

  38. gryt

    For some reason she’s standing on a coaster.

  39. VanDee

    Boring. I can’t warm to the T-swizzle. I don’t really know why. I think she just seems like one of those girls who never has female friends. Probably because she’s always on the hunt for a new boyfriend.

  40. sam


  41. Ladyblahblah

    I’m an overweight, older lady, but I get really sick of it being OK to shame thin women while anyone who’s a size 12 or over is celebrated for being “real” and is completely off limits to size shaming. I’m not a Taylor Swift fan but I think she’s almost 6′ tall and naturally very thin which doesn’t mean she has an eating disorder. Even if she did, telling her to eat a sandwich in the comments section of a blog isn’t any more helpful than telling a larger girl to put down that same sandwich.

    • Jessica

      I agree. Let’s move on from the weight discussion, please. What I really want to talk about is how she’s now dating a One Directioner. I PRAY THIS LEADS TO A DANCE OFF!

  42. Sarah O

    She looks amazing!!!

  43. sadie-ann

    1. She definitely needs to wear a color. Learn to love blues and greens. I know they are not red, but they also aren’t scary.
    2. Her top looks crooked to me. An optical illusion of asymmetrical-ness.
    3. I think there is a little too much weaving in the top. It’s starting to look a little like potholders.

    • Helen

      I don’t think 2. is an optical illusion. I really do think tape failed under one boob, but continued to hold up the other.

  44. Sarah

    Girlfriend needs to mix in a sandwich every now and then.

  45. Jax

    My first reaction: eat a sandwich, dear.

  46. shanna

    She looks like one of my Barbies I used to put on a stand.

  47. Gill

    1. Speaking for myself (as an overweight person): as Maretha pointed out above, it’s not that she looks thin–Keira Knightley is very slim, and healthy and doing just fine–it’s that she looks much thinner than she usually does, for no apparent reason (we haven’t heard about dieting for a role or anything). Seriously, compare photos on a Google search. It’s less “ugh, this is unacceptable, eat a sandwich” and “are you feeling okay?”

    2. There is literally nothing to say about the dress. It’s a bunch of fabric. It’s there.

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