Fug or Fab the Oscars Accessories

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  1. Sally

    I couldn’t agree more about the matchy-matchy shoes – what is this, the senior prom from the 90′s? Satin shoes dyed to match the satin dreses, and platform no less? Garner, use your status as prom queen, and get thee some good shoes!!!

  2. Helen

    Jennifer Hudson’s shoes here might be my favorites.

    I don’t feel a contrast was called for there, and I’m not going to object to matching solely because it matches. They’re gorgeous shoes, and perfect with the dress IMO.

    Nicki Minaj’s stripper shoes are fun, too! I wouldn’t take them home to meet my family, but they’d be fun for the occasional night out…

  3. lindsay

    i love seeing the detailing on all the dresses in the close-up shots. i love Halle’s and Stacey’s dresses even more now!

  4. Helen

    Great gold bracelets on Nicole Kidman and Catherine O’Hara!

  5. China

    Anna Paquin just keeps getting more awesome. Loved her dress, LOVE her bracelet and purse.

    • Helen

      It’s a great bracelet, and that purse is a pure delight. Gotta love couture with a sense of humor!

      • filmcricket

        It’s a McQueen, to match the dress. Love the bracelet, but she was one of the ones that made me think “Wow, HQ digital photography is really hard on people’s manicures.” Wendi Murdoch and Marcia Gay Harden also contributed to that thought.

        • Helen

          It looks to me like Paquin didn’t have time for a manicure, or can’t maintain one right now. This is how my nails look when I just file them and slap on some clear polish to protect them until I can get to a manicurist again. She has twins that are, what, 3 1/2 months old now? Her hands must be occupied all the time!

          Murdoch’s two-tone is just ugly anyway IMO, but the photo does show a chip we wouldn’t have seen with less relentless photography.

          Harden’s sloppy edges are kind of reassuring to me. Like, Look, even a star sometimes has trouble getting the manicurist to clean up paint on the cuticles, it doesn’t only happen to me!!

  6. Lynne

    Okay, first of all… Samantha Barks necklace? LOVE!

    And actually, I’d be okay if those shoes of Naomi Watts were making a comeback. Not for style reasons but because they are great for us narrow-footed people.

  7. marie

    these posts make me hate my bank account..Samantha Barks’ necklace is awesome.. so much WANT!

  8. Corriner

    I loved the comments, “YES” on Nicole Kidman and then, “NO” immediately afterward for Stacy Kiebler.

    Made me laugh!

  9. Jay Kay

    I LOVE Zoe and Olga’s shoes. And sorry, I also love Stacey Keibler’s bracelet. I can’t remember a tassel I didn’t like though, so…

  10. Tiffany

    I am kind of surprised how many people skipped a pedicure before the freaking Oscars! Analeigh Tipton’s feet are rough!

  11. Sandra

    No puppy purse?!? I has a sad. :(

    Also, I am some kind of jeezly glad that nobody goes around taking pictures of myfeet. Some of the shoes are legitimately great, but it’s kinda weird.

    • KMG

      I know, right? I love shoes so so much, and I love these posts. But every once in awhile I catch myself and think that I am just looking at pics of feet!

  12. anabels

    If I’d been wearing Jennifer Lawerence’s dress I’d have been very tempted to wear sneakers on my feet. I figure no one would see and at least my feet would be comfy. It might also help with the not tripped upstairs thing but I doubt it having had a similar incident wearing ballet flats and a very floofy dress.

  13. Maisie

    Forget Suzanne DeLaurentiis’s bracelet (which IMO is way too costume-jewelry looking). Are we seeing her panties under that lace dress? GACK!

  14. mepe

    I adore that photo of Jennifer Lawrence’s dress being fluffed….she looks so glam and iconic. Even if it wasn’t my favorite dress ever she totally rocked it…and they together stole the show. Rachel Zoe totally earned for that one!

  15. Helen

    I fully realize this means I need to check my temperature, or at least eat some chocolate, but the more I look at those shoes on Paz Vega, the more I’m starting to really like them.

  16. Kristin

    Notice how Hannah Bagshawe’s last name is super close to Bags Hawt. Coincidence? I think not.
    And now there’s all this pressure on her to have an awesomely hawt bag from now until the end of ever.

  17. Honey

    Hi-def is the devil, y’all.

  18. CJG

    Re: Faye Dunaway. I thought I read in another post that she has a germ thing and wears kitchen gloves in public. Which I found really sad. But it’s clear in the closeup here that these are leather gloves so was the germ comment for real or a joke? Even if you have a phobia and want to wear gloves, why wear leather gloves that look like $3 kitchen gloves? (Then again, why would someone DESIGN leather gloves that look like $3 kitchen gloves?) Or does someone who doesn’t like germs and normally wears kitchen gloves upgrade to leather for the Oscars? Seriously.

    • Joy

      Can’t speak to the truth of any possible germaphobia but an old family friend who had it would wear fancy gloves like that to calm her but not look to out of the ordinary. Unlike one of my college TAs who would wear latex dental gloves everywhere and switch gloves if the environment changed. Sweet guy but he went through so many gloves and got really strange looks. Family friend? A lot of casual friends thought it was just her thing, like a strand of pearls.

  19. RunLelaRun

    The thing on Wendi Murdoch’s wrist is obviously the dehydrated corpse of Rupert.

  20. Claire1

    I kind of love Stacy’s bracelet. I wish the bracelet part had been a bit smaller, but the tassle hanging off of it makes me happy.

  21. luxsword

    All these shoes are fug and/or uncomfortable.

  22. Janine

    What designer is Hannah Bagshawe’s bag? I NEED IT.