Fug or Fab: Rachel Weisz

She’s so pretty:

Fug Friend Marissa and I were just talking about how she and Daniel Craig make a very hot couple. You know their next door neighbors just feel terrible about themselves when they go out to get the paper wearing sweats and gym hair, and run into Rachel Weisz with that face dead-heading her chrysanthemums or what have you. BUT! — you knew that was coming — the dress. Do you wish you could dead-head IT? Personally, I kind of like outfits that make you look like a mean sexy headmistress, but perhaps I am alone in that.

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  1. Scouse Helen

    She looks like she’s trying to do ‘sexy Frau Farbissina’ (she’s the member of Dr Evil’s crew in Austin Powers who shrieks, “release ze fembots!”).

    She could surely do ‘restrained yet alluring for daytime’ more effectively than this. Designers must be queuing up to dress her.

  2. filmcricket

    It’s pretty dire. It’s too snug, for one thing, it’s a bad length, her shoes look too big, and her lipstick clashes.

  3. Ailatan

    I would like it a bit more if it weren’t so shiny. It looks a bit cheap and it doesn’t seem to fit JUST RIGHT.

    I would also like different coloured shoes, I love a nice red, but again, it makes it look cheap.

  4. Sandra

    It’s made of wrinkly satan-fabric, hits at a stumpifying level, and is generally not up to the standards of that face, Do not like.

  5. China

    I don’t mind the concept, but the execution isn’t working. For one thing, she needs to go up a size or hire a new tailor — she, of all people, should not have ill-fitting clothes. Also, I think the length is wrong, and the shoes are awful. To me, this falls into Unfug territory.

    • Jasmine

      Fully agreed. The length is what’s bothering me the most. It’s so awkward. Either be shorter or– well, just be shorter. Long it would be weird. But commit to it!

  6. Karen G

    It has unfulfilled promise. Like the color of the shoes.

  7. pidget

    Kinda like Jolie, the face wins. I can barely even see below her neck to notice what she’s got on, so she scores a pass.

    Now that I’m focusing, this is not my favourite, as it’s kinda shapeless (bad wrinkly satin!) and bare legs must be *chilly*. However, it’s not aggressively ugly, nothing is hanging out, and I don’t hate it.

  8. amys

    Anytime I read Rachel Weisz, I immediately start singing Edelweiss in my head. Back on topic, I detest the satin shoes and wonder what is happening to her midsection?

  9. Trace

    Bun in the oven??

  10. Dee

    I like the shoes. The dress could have been fine but the fitting looks so odd it falls into a definite no for me.

  11. Mrs. Julien

    I think she’s just not that into the red carpet and, perhaps, likes to dress a bit more, not modestly, but primly, or business-y. I don’t know the word, but she’s consistent in her choices.

  12. Cassie

    Unfugging it up!

    Snug the sleeves, or lose them completely. The way they fit now makes it look like the dress is poorly fitted to her. Drop the neckline a tad – just a touch, not enough to show cleave, even. It is not skanky to show your collarbone in the day.

    And, really. Just because the fabric CAN stretch doesn’t mean you have to MAKE it. Go up a size, darling. No one will know but you and your stylist.

  13. Wade

    She looks like a madam at a chinese S&M parlor, not that I’d know….

    • Carol

      Not even a madam. I don’t see anything sexy about this dress at all … maybe the hostess at Empire Szechuan, but not a madam.

  14. Katharine

    That really doesn’t fit her very well, and the fabric is clearly odd and stiff. The decorations look undecided about themselves, and those tight jewel necks flatter nobody.

    And her shoes are too big. I think Rachel could totally pull off a severe black dress that made her look like a sexy headmistress, but this is not that dress.

  15. TonyG

    The indecisive length of both the arms and the actual dress disturbs me. Also, it’s not fitting well from her boobs through her thighs. Cut the lengths and increase the dress size.

  16. Heather S.

    I can’t make an objective opinion with Rachel Weisz, I have HUGE girl crush in her and to me she’d look good in a sack.

  17. ceecee

    The dress may say “sexy headmistress” but the shoes say “dyed to match a bridesmaid’s dress then donated to Goodwill, where Rachel here bought them even thought they are the wrong size because they were such a deal”.

  18. Sajorina

    I love it! I want it! I’m talking about the outfit and her husband!

  19. Emma

    There are current pics of Rachel at an NY screening of her movie in a rust floral 40′s frock which I adore. I would definitely fab that if we get the option.

  20. Sara

    I would like to shorten it to proper knee-length. And maybe tighten the sleeves? Otherwise, I don’t mind it? Heavy satin is difficult. I think the details might look like badly infected bite-marks. But… I still don’t hate it. It is all very difficult.

    • Sara

      Correction: I would like this better if it WAS heavy satin. Unfortunately, it seems to be that terrible stretchy shiny fabric that doesn’t look good on anyone who’s not a stick.

  21. Evalyn

    Am I the only one who sees Bed-in-a-Bag, The Brothel Edition?

  22. Lily1214


  23. Donna

    This is an awfully dumpy dress for such a beautiful woman.