Fug or Fab or Feh: Brangelina



PITT: Yep.

JOLIE: Right.

PITT: Totes.

JOLIE: Coif?

PITT: Black?

JOLIE: Touche.

PITT: Zing.

JOLIE: Drink?

PITT: Immediately.

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  1. Jacquilynne

    Which of the poll options corresponds to “Is her clutch golden handcuffed to her wrist?!”

  2. TTBelle

    Seeing this made me remember I had a dream about Jolie last night. I don’t know what happened but she was talking a lot and CREEPY AS HELL.

  3. Lindy

    Fug Girls, I’m extremely disappointed that you guys removed my comment expressing my dismay at you continuing to use Jesus’ name in vain. I suppose this one will be removed as well. Gee, I’m beginning to feel quite unwelcome and may have to quit visiting your site. That’s very sad.

  4. Jenn

    I so wish someone would get Brad Pitt some deep conditioner, some skin moisturizer and some clothes that weren’t borrowed from his taller and more portly friend Biff.

    The handcuff, however, made me chuckle.

  5. The Other Molly

    We’re supposed to be all WOW because her bag is handcuffed to her wrist.
    I’m too busy laughing because it looks like the guy behind them is about to hurl.

  6. Anne B

    Three things about this:

    1) Love the dialogue (brevity is the soul of wit; some guy said that once);
    2) My mom made a Jolie joke yesterday, and this reminds me of it;
    3) I love Yelling Man in the background.

  7. coobird

    the dress look Exactly Like a bridesmaid dress I wore 10 years ago.
    yawn city

  8. heather

    YAWN. So over these two.

  9. Victoria

    I love that clutch, it’s crazy and fun. But I think you misspelled ‘Douche’ before that zing part :)

  10. Chasmosaur


    I still think Brad Pitt likes to !@#$%^&* with the press with oddities in clothes and hair, and I have several friends who had natural twins (let alone the adopted kids and third child) that would be hard-pressed to get out of the house looking decent, even with full-time nanny help. Do they have to be fashion-forward?

  11. Esmerelda

    He needs a haircut. And his suit looks baggy. She looks…fine. They don’t have to be fashion forward, but there’s a lot of real estate between completely dull and avant garde.

  12. TaraMisu

    *yawn* totally over these two….. moving on….

  13. annabeth

    This is fine, no less, but certainly no more. I think Angie should have gone with a little less on the eye, a little more on the lip. Otherwise this is kind of phoned-in. But there’s no real problems save Brad’s hair, and honestly I just don’t think he cares. I do like her purse.

  14. liz

    can we please just call bullshit on her scrawniness? please? it’s not as evident in this picture (she still looks like she hasn’t had a proper meal since girl interrupted), but check out this angle: /Users/lizxoneill/Desktop/angelina-jolie-moneyball-premiere-toronto03.jpg. I mean those arms, that clavicle, the lollipop head? this woman needs help.

  15. liz
  16. Jessica

    Lindy: I didn’t remove it. It went into our spam filter and was only just now approved.

    That being said, frankly, while you are certainly entitled to be dismayed by my using Jesus’ name in vain, in that instance, we were directly quoting Rose McGowan, so you should take that up with her. In others: I defend my right to swear as I see fit. It’s a common colloquial curse that I happen to use on occasion — along with “oh my God,” and a variety of God-related comments — and I don’t plan to stop doing so, as I am personally not offended by it for a variety of reasons. If this truly offends you, you may in fact wish to stop reading — in which case we understand and wish you well.

    This is extremely off-topic, so I’d appreciate it if we could return to Brad and Angie. Thank you!

  17. Lynne

    Brang seem to have sent in their robot doubles again. If I were Angie — and had handcuffed my purse to my wrist — I wouldn’t be able to resist acting like a spy all night.

  18. Kit

    @ Jessica – we love you, just the way you are. (to quote an old Dan Hill song).


  19. pyewacket

    Lindy: You might also note that the “Gee” you use in your comment is what is called a “minced curse.” Gee is derived from Jesus and was a way of saying it without offending, just as someone today might call someone a “b” instead of using the full term.

    And Angelina’s dress is very well cut. It would be gorgeous in a color. Can’t you see it in emerald green?

  20. JB

    I kind of like that they seem like they have more important things to worry about than being fashion forward at a movie premiere. You’re over them? They’re over you. She grabs a black dress, he throws on a suit and doesn’t bother with the hair, you get the sense they’ll either be naked in the limo, or dealing with six young children within a few hours and don’t care.

  21. meme

    she looked so much different in gia, especially her profile. great plastic surgery. she also has saggy arms and she’s always SHINY. brangelina are boring.

  22. Michael Wampler

    So Brangelina’s looking to headline the next Addams Family remake, then?

  23. Kim

    Is it just me, or is Brad getting more and more smug? Take off your damn sunglasses!

  24. anonymoose

    they are a snooze. brad looks pretty good here for a change, though the cut of the jacket makes him look full in the hips and/or oddly proportioned. why the boring black in broad daylight? why??? ang looks very stepford, and the hair is super-boring, isn’t good style or texture, and even the color looks dull. she has done so much better, though brad has done so much worse. what was i talking about again? oh yeah, snooze….

  25. vandalfan

    My sister wore that dress to her Senior Ball in 1974 AND SEWED IT HERSELF. I’d like to see Angie give that a try. I’m sure the gentleman behind them is yelling what I’m thinking: “Go Away already!”

  26. LG


  27. teeus

    Yelling man!!

  28. jbeans

    There’s nothing wrong it per se- her clutch is gorgeous despite being impractical, and I understand Brad is looking like that for a role- but it’s all so… meh. If that dress were an emerald or aubergine color and if Brad could bother himself to hire a tailor, it could really transform the whole thing to MOVIE STAR HOT COUPLE.

  29. Aria

    I voted “Ehhh” because it seemed kinda boring and he looks awful. After reading the first comment about the handcuffed handbag, I might bump her up a notch because it is kinda cool. Plus, I always wondered how many actresses lost their clutch purses at these parties — who the heck wants to keep up that when cocktails and appetizers are present? — and Angie here is making sure that doesn’t happen to her.

  30. Carolina Girl

    There was a moment, in the late 80′s-very early 90′s where I realized that almost everything article of clothing that I owned was black. I wasn’t trying to be hip or on trend, but I just ended up choosing black all the time. I had to make a conscious effort to incorporate color into my wardrobe.
    I wonder if this is the problem with Angelina Jolie. She’s always in either a variation on beige or black. Perhaps some well meaning fan of her work could send her an anonymous collection of photos from her red carpet appearances to show her what she’s doing. I know she’s got a lot of kids, but it’s just as easy to choose pink or yellow as it is to choose black.

  31. GigiNYC

    I know everyone has already said this but I really, really wish Angelina would start wearing colors. She’s a stunning woman and I find it absolutely criminal that such a beauty insists on swathing herself in funereal black at all times. She looked amazing in green that one time at an awards show last year–why did she stop? In addition to green, I also think she’d look fantastic in dark pink and yellow. Do it for the children, Angie!

  32. Mare

    are they contractually obligated to show up? Because I’m a little bored with the “they are so over us” thing they have going. I’m good with them staying home with the kids.

  33. Molly

    I do wish she’d do SOMETHING with her hair – that would have elevated the look a little. The dress is cut beautifully, but a color – I like the idea of aubergine – would have made it just perfect. The clutch, though inventive, seems like an afterthought. Brad has clearly given up, which is unfortunate, but at least Clooney still knows how to buy a suit that fits!

  34. Kary

    Jessica, I love you.

    I wonder if these two are as tired of themselves as I am of them.

  35. yeahandalso

    I think the only reason I like it is because it is sooooo not giving a shit. These two have to go to these things all the time, probably once in a while they feel like being “Eh, lets just wear the boring black ones and forget about it already”

  36. Sandra

    @Mare: Yes, exactly.

  37. Andrew S.

    his face tho…. I’m falling out of love DX

  38. Jill

    In my reader, this post showed Brad + Angelina, but also a picture of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris (a couple I love!) at the ‘Moneyball’ premiere.
    Was that an accident, or were you planning to dialogue them, too? Or better yet, dialouging with Brangelina?
    (Side note: dialogue is a darn tricky word to spell.)

  39. Blanche

    Why no snoring option? Is “Ehhhhhhhh” like snoring?

    Our massive eyed-massive jawed-massive lipped-microscopic nosed celebrity queen has been firmly upstaged by the wardrobe of fair Kate Middleton, but our celebrity king still rules the empire, on account of his superior genetic endowment. I like Brad’s hairdo.

  40. Matilda

    I was distracted by her dry looking hair. Her dress? Meh. Don’t like black on her it washes her out. The cut? Ok. The fabric? God, no! She can pretty much wear whatever she wants with her figure and I don’t care if they have more important things to worry about, they are going to a red carpet event they should dress accordingly.

  41. The Other Molly

    Liz…I’m happy to call bullshit on her scrawniness.
    And the scrawniness of many celebrity women.
    Who CHOOSE to eat five almonds and a wedge of lettuce per day,
    because they think emaciated = fashionable.

  42. Mary

    I, for one, think they look great. Her clutch! His tie! Sooooo Brangie.

    I love them because they are very true to self.

  43. Mary

    Also, is Angelina wearing the black version of HBC’s dark green dress from the Potter premiere?

  44. Penny

    I think she looks gorgeous and that the bag is cute – BUT that gold colour of that bag looks hideously tacky against the black dress and his grey suit. Funny because I saw it in another photo somewhere else and it didn’t look so bad. but silver really does look better against black, even though everyone would still be predictably critical of how safe it was all etc etc. PS: The Other Molly – there’s articles all the time from scrawny celebrity women who hate loathe and detest that they get more work and attention when they are scrawny than normal sized.

  45. lucy


    P.S I think this is the funniest dialogue you’ve ever written for anyone. True story.

  46. Lisa in Oz

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY WON’T SHE DO SOMETHING ELSE WITH HER HAIR? WHYYY? Ugh. It bothers me more than the “all black dresses all the time” thing. It’s always down, side parted, and full of flyaways. Blah.

  47. valeria

    What I really have to say is, “Z Z Z z z z z zzzz……

  48. Synne

    Haha, he looks like Jason Trawick…!

  49. nyouge

    The chain-clutch remindes me of Animal from Muppets. That or My Pet Monster.

  50. heather

    @nyouge: Great, now I have the theme song from the “My Pet Monster” cartoon going through my head. I hadn’t thought of that in years…my pet monster, a monster of a friend…

  51. nyouge

    “Great” is right! Funny thing is, I am working on talking my brother out of his good ol’ fashioned stuffed My Pet Monster himself. Remember how the bright neon orange handcuffs “break” when he pulls his arms apart?

  52. nyouge

    (Above obviously @Heather. Meant to say that).

  53. lolo

    But Brad’s hair looks HOT!!