Fug or Fab: Julianne Moore


I swear, this woman loves a Sleeve. Capital letter fully intended.

And I expected to recoil at these mossy appendages, ┬ábut… I don’t know, I am digging the prim poof next to the plunging neckline, the complementary greens, and her makeup (although I can’t tell about the shoes — they look a little Dancing With The Stars to me). Is she onto something here, or is the whole redhead-in-green thing giving me beer goggles?

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  1. Jen

    I do like this, though I wish we could see it with a tad less plunge (the sternum reveals feels a little Malibu Ken With His Shirt Open, to me), and other shoes. The colors are great and the sleeves make it interesting, I think

  2. Sandra

    I am utterly distracted by her posture. Dropping her left shoulder gives an air of Quasimodo to this look. Seriously, it looks like her right shoulder is several inches higher. I truly think that I would rather it be that then poor construction on the shoulder-poofs. Plus, I just loathe the exposed-sternum look, so nothing else this dress does is going to please me.

    Barkeep, another round of suds, please!

    • LG

      Posture, AND the fact that her makeup makes her look like she’s a movie star dying of tuberculosis in the arms of Rudolph Valentino.

  3. Bella

    The color and sleeves are great, but that neckline is unflattering – it doesn’t fit and looks like a bunch of useless material. Redo that neckline. And better shoes would help.

  4. ellenderavenous

    I know we all love a redhead in green but something about this color, in combination with her makeup and the somewhat severe hair, is bringing forth visions of the Crypt Keeper to me.

  5. Jules

    Something about the visual combination of low neckline and high sleeves makes her appear hunched and geriatric, two things she decidedly is not.

    • Eliza Bennett

      Agreed. I think a belt would have helped too.

    • Fuh Ugh

      Yeah, there is a whole hunchback thing going on here. So close, so agonizingly close! Seems like maybe if the sleeves didn’t have that puff up at the shoulder, and maybe if the neckline were just about 2-3 inches higher… Definitely don’t like those particular color gold shoes with this particular green either.

  6. Natalie

    Eeesh, No. She looks like an homage to Elphaba (wicked witch of the west).

    Why can’t she always look as beautiful as she did on The Daily Show this week?

  7. Dani

    I like the color in general… but I think it’s washing her out really badly.

  8. steen

    It all looks harsh, making me wonder if they lit her with a Kleig light instead of a normal flash. Even the shoes are extra shiny. I bet she looked fantastic in normal light conditions.

  9. Kay

    I think it’s probably the camera angle but she looks stumpy. Which she is not.

    I love the colour, mind you.

  10. marie

    I love it in a Disney villainess kind of way. A big meh on the shoes though. That precise shade of gold in combination with the leafy/may green of the dress makes her look ill

  11. Fawn

    I am a redhead, and I LOVE this dress. I would wear it out to dinner with husband tonight!

  12. Kim

    I’d really like it if the sleeves weren’t poofy. Love the color and velvet sleeves. Plunging neckline doesn’t bother me cuz she looks great. Really impressive at her age! But I just don’t like that hairstyle on anyone.

  13. Stefanie

    This is not good. Not good at all.

  14. Anj

    I like the dress but think it would look better on someone with a loner torso since the front droop is shortening her. I also think the shoes are too clunky for the dress. I agree with those who said this washes her out. If her hair were brighter, I’d say okay.

  15. mochaleet

    Alas, my Julianne, you do me wrong,
    To wear that color frivolously.
    For I have loved your skin alabaster,
    But you are not in a disco dance company.

    Greensleeves was never all my joy
    Greensleeves was not my delight,
    Greensleeves worn with that shoe of gold,
    Hath become a blight upon my eyes.

  16. Mahastee

    She is like Chastain The Elder, beautiful lady who consistently wears things that just do her no justice. I’ll give her a pass for this one… just.

  17. chicago

    Really? I hate it!

  18. amys

    I think this particular shade of green is sickly terrible on her. And the poofy sleeves are too much. All this combined with the really awful gold shoes is definitely fug. She’s gorgeous, but this is not flattering in any sense of the word.

  19. Rhonda

    I think the pose (hunched shoulders, knock-kneed, and the way she’s holding her handbag) make the whole thing a bit grannyish, for me. If she was standing straight and tall and rocking it, I think the dress would look better. I also wish the bodice was a little more fitted on the sides. The whole thing seems a bit baggy, which makes the neckline seems sloppy instead of chic.

  20. TaraMisu

    I love the color on her, but that hairstyle makes her head look like an egg. It’s distracting me to no end. A little less chestal area would make the dress better for me. And I hate the shoes.

  21. Sonya

    The color is great, but maybe not on her. I too, love a redhead in green, but not really this green. She looks washed out and her severe hair and makeup are not helping her.

  22. lisas

    Give it a great belt and a better pair of shoes, mix with a slightly different, looser and sexier hairstyle, and it’s a Well Played.

  23. Susan

    Eesh! Did you see her on Morning Joe this week on MSNBC promoting her Palin movie? Such a beautiful woman, such a waste.

  24. dianalily

    One’s hairdo should never, ever echo one’s Sleeve! She’s all so rounded! Plus, there’s a Croydon facelift aspect to that beehive that does her no favors. Unless Tim Burton directed “Game Change”? If so, then everything is perfect.

  25. anny

    Last time out: chestal censorship. What is this, plexal revenge?

  26. :paula

    The poofy sleeves eat her neck. I don’t know how they’re doing it, but smooth out those shoulders in your mind, and voila she has a neck again! Also, those eyes are pits of merry evil. And close your jaws honey, you’ve got too much face to do the hollow cheek thing.

  27. Remi

    The shoulderpads. Or whatever it is that is causing her shoulders to look…like that.

    Also, if I she has to wear something that makes her shoulders look….like that, which I could imagine somewhere in The Future, is the hairdo here really the best option?

    Right now its like the coneheads got shoulders and its a shame cause if she went with an OR instead of an AND, this variable combination might work.

  28. maryse

    those shoulder pads are making me sad. they are like elf shoes for shoulders. whatever that means.

    also, the lighting is weird. she looks green. not good.

  29. Lynne

    Am I the only one who hates this colour on her? Green on a redhead is usually good but this color is more Toxic Avenger than rich emerald. I think it makes her skin look ghastly. Consumptive, really. Also, I don’t know who designed this dress but he or she should be ashamed. It’s really awful.

  30. Hannah

    I have to agree with Stefanie. This is not good at all. In fact, it’s pretty terrible. I feel like this is one of her kid’s science projects about mold growth on fabric that she decided to make public.

  31. Jennifer

    The dress needs to be a bit shorter too … falling just above the knee. The length looks frumpy.

  32. Dani

    Am I the only one who loves this on her? Sure, the dress (I’m talking to YOU, neckline) could use a few tweaks, buuut when I when I saw the picture, my first thought was, “daaaang, she looks beautiful!” I’m a redhead too, so maybe I’m biased, but I think she looks fantastic.

  33. Sixtine Baranski

    You must seriously fug Sarah Paulson who was at the same event looking DIRE.

  34. Dave

    1) Get rid of the shoulder poofs or go with just a little cap sleeve
    2) Soften the Bride of Frankenstein hair
    3) Less matchy-matchy on the shoes/bag
    4) Possibly tweak the green hue (hard to tell if it’s really that bad due to press lighting)

    …aaaaaand we’re done.

    PS: Normally I’d be down on the boobal/chestal display, but I’m ok with it here.

  35. vandalfan

    There is not a single redeeming feature in this huge stinking pile of fug. Not one. Bride of Frankenstein hair indeed, Taylor Momsen’s eyeliner, those frog- adjacent shoulder pads, the prepped for surgery sternum reveal, and Mei-maw’s shoes. Even the slight gauzy Vaseline smeared photo effect is not persuading me.

    • pidget

      Ha! Now that you mention it, she does look like Momsen-mother-of-the-bride here. “Frog-adjacent” is brilliant, as well. Why does she repeatedly do this to herself? There’s a germ of a good idea here, but that doesn’t mean she should be in costume as a germ.

  36. amys

    Mee-maw shoes indeed! Upon second look, I think the green is far too yellow-based to show off Julianne’s amazing skin. Too yellow is also the problem that I think we’re seeing with gold accessories. Gold+this particular green=Gross. I know she’ll keep trying to get it right so there’s comfort in that.

  37. WineRanger

    Awesome sleeves stuck onto a meh dress. That’s the problem. That, and the shoes.

  38. Susan

    Being a 61 yr old, I have learned when I turned 41 that as far as makeup goes less is so much better looking on a woman that age. I think women of that, and my age look ghastly whenever we apply too much eye shadow or blush. As far as the dress goes I would like to know where the h@!! did she find that thing. I wouldn’t buy something like that from a second hand store. She is very pretty and can do so much better than that.

  39. Lookingglass

    The outfit is a little crazy but also fun. It’s the makeup! She has been drained of life-sustaining elixir before learning any of “Hola Lovers” coping methods. Quick somebody give her an iron supplement and slip her the number for The Block.

  40. Moon Clementine

    I’m sorry, but she looks like a halved zucchini – all she needs is some butter, pepper and parmesan, then toss her in the broiler.

  41. neiges

    I think I am with you Heather, I like this but also feel that perhaps there is something slightly wrong. The make-up is strange because we don’t immediately recognize her, but she looks good. The dress is clunky but also beautiful. Her beauty confuses me? She is such a fine woman and excellent actress.

  42. avidbeader

    The sleeves themselves aren’t too bad. I like the contrast between the two textures and two shades of green. But between her posture and that terrible excuse for a neckline, she looks like an aged woman with the hunchback and droopy breasts. Keep the sleeves and redo the rest of the dress into something flattering to her body and it would be terrific.

  43. Maureen

    I am thinking Anne Shirley, green dress with puffy sleeves. What good be better

  44. Caz

    Serious beer goggles.
    God, the colours !! The avocado is just ripe, but the dress is just bad.

  45. Molly

    I feel like she just stumbled out of the Emerald City … something about that green with the gold just screams “OZ” to me.

  46. Shiitake


  47. Nee

    I’m not keen on the particular shades of green, although I also love green on a redhead. This is more like something you’d see at a Leprechaun formal.

  48. Emma

    Her makeup is AWFUL. I’m actually FRIGHTENED.

  49. Cranky Old Batt

    Holy crap this is bad on a whole new level of bad. Her personal coloring and the pallet of this outfit should never be in the same room let alone on her body.

    She looks beyond washed out – to downright pasty and deathly ill or something.

  50. Bambi Anne Dear

    I love the colours but despite the plunge it smacks of frumpy in shape. A pity about where her head is in front of the backdrop. It looks like she has a ring in her hair.

  51. Alle Hall

    There is entirely too much going on, here. Let’s simplify.

    Keeping what is good: I love the contrast/textures/ colors of sleeves/body of dress. The cut of the bodice is terrible, however. Re-cut it (on the bias?) – maybe flapper-like but more fitted through the middle. Yet also loose and floaty, to take advantage of that great green fabric. I think the fitted bodice would make the neckline work.

    Continuing to de-frumpify: Do away with the shoulders all together in favor of sleeves like long gloves (no hands, though; stopping at the wrists) that attach to the body of the dress, all strappy-like, leaving her shoulders revealed.

    With loose, sexy hair. J-Mo knows from loose, sexy hair.

    The shoes and matching purse must be shot at dawn. A navy shoe would bring a cooling dot of color that might help tie together the two greens.

    And one last request: a big ol’ cocktail ring.

  52. Craig Turner

    It reminds me too much of the bridesmaids’ dresses at Xander and Anya’s wedding: “LOOK AT ITS ARMS!”

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