Fug or Fab: Erika Christensen

First of all, this is a totally cute picture of Erika Christensen:

And I was all ready to give her a Well Played, until it occurred to me that the pattern on this dress makes it look like her sternum can be zipped and unzipped at will — which is perfect for Halloween, and, in fact, she is attending The Scream Awards, so it’s kind of thematic — and that kind of grossed me out. A REAL zipper is enjoyably functional! A faux-sternum zipper is on the highway to Creepsville (which is sort of like the Highway to the Dangerzone, with less beach volleyball).

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  1. Hermione

    If you look at this dress right, there’s a penis on it.

  2. Sajorina

    I love the dress, but the shoes are to Minnie Mouse-y for me! It would be perfect with different shoes… Black shoes! She really looks cute!

    @Hermione: Ew!

  3. Adriana

    One of the spotlights in the floor looks like a kicky purse. I had to look twice to make sure she wasn’t wearing it.

  4. The Other Molly

    If you are going to match your shoes to the color of your dress,
    match them to the correct shade of red.

  5. Whitney

    Robin wore a purple version on GMA that I liked better—I think because the contrast between the purple and black wasn’t as strong.

  6. Bevvie Hedstrom

    Adriana — Ha! I thought it was a kicky purse until I read your comment and took a closer look.

  7. yeahandalso

    I saw this today on yahoo on an article titled “Actress’s Surprising Make-over” and looked at it and was so confused, hasn’t she always looked like this?

  8. Kara

    I like it! I just wish it were knee-length. @Whitney: I think it would look good in purple too.

  9. KatieL

    For me the problem is that the pattern is odd on her boobs. It’s like it’s supposed to be an optical illusion, except instead of making her boobs magically turn into cupcakes or even into great-looking boobs, they turned them into… something odd and wall-eyed.

  10. Elibu

    I think it makes her boobs look like they’re trying to flee in opposite directions before the sternum gets unzipped. I also agree with Hermione about the penis at the bottom. (But Erika does look pretty cute from the neck up.)

  11. Tara Misu

    I thought this was fine until I read the comment :D Penises, wall-eyed boobs :D

  12. anonymoose

    pattern makes boobins look droopy. now, who would want that?

  13. Geemee

    I wanted to vote twice — it needs to be shorter, and she needs different shoes. But really, she just needs to start over.

  14. Emma

    Why do people always want these dresses to be shorter? That retro Roland Mouret silhouette looks so much more elegant below the knee. Knee length or above makes it look like a dime-a-dozen “Mad Men inspired” shift from Express.

    • cpro

      Right…and if it were shorter, the pattern would be chopped off in an unpleasing manner. I like the length.

  15. vandalfan

    I wish the fabric was not symmetrical. If the pattern was random, I’d love it.

  16. Veronica

    The length is fine, but the shoes I would change. I’m really pedantic about shade matching when it comes to color. In this case, the red of the dress seems darker than the shoe, which makes it stand out awkwardly. I’d have gone with a basic black.

  17. Spirale Rouge

    What a strange dress indeed. Maybe its purpose is only to make people talk about it (If it’s the case then mission accomplished !)

  18. marie

    ew!! now i cant unsee it

  19. Katharine

    The pattern! So unflattering to every part of her body, particularly her chest! The cap sleeves and ugly neck, making her arms and torso look dumpy! The way it makes her waist and hips look droopy and shapeless, which I am certain they are not!

    This is awful on her, and it’s not groundbreaking or avant-garde enough otherwise to compensate on its own merits. Yuk.

  20. Kellilee

    Is it sad that the only thing I remember this girl from is That 70′s Show?
    And now I’m bummed because I can’t see the dress penis.

    • vandalfan

      I also had to go back and look and look, not wanting to miss a good penis. It’s right …down …there, where one might expect to find the lil’ guy.

  21. CJ

    SHE looks fab and my first thought was that I wished it were shorter and that I didn’t like the shoes. I think a little hemming and a black strappy shoe that isn’t too clunky would have made this fab.

    But then I read Hermione’s post and now I can’t unsee the penis. Marie is right: ew!

  22. Mongerel

    Autopsy dress. Gruesome.

  23. Lori

    Wall-eyed boobs, kicky purse, sternum zipper, penis–you guys are hilarious! Funniest comments I’ve ever read.

    I’m still choking (with laughter! shame on you) on that penis. Hah!

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