Fug or Fab: Analeigh Tipton, with an assist from Adam Brody


It totally cracks me up that Analeigh Tipton of Top Model finished third in her season and then was all, “eh, modeling. I’m going to be an actress,” and then landed a ton of movie parts and managed to pull off my least favorite part of Crazy Stupid Love with aplomb. Also, did you know that her Wikipedia page explains that she once was sold to a Saudi Arabian prince, but “managed to get out of it”? This girl is RESOURCEFUL. She also is incapable of hitting the red carpet WITHOUT going all H-to-T, as Tyra would put it. (Head to Toe. As in, “she’s modeling Head to Toe.) It’s cute. BUT IS HER DRESS? Pop into the slideshow and find out — with bonus Seth Cohen.

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  1. Lynne

    Damn! Brody’s looking all James Bond in that tux. This dress looks like old dish rags. She is working it, though.

  2. LoriK

    @Lynne: I know. Brody’s looking very suave.

    Definitely more impressive than that dress, which I think really is too “Celine Dion searches dramatically for Meatloaf”.

  3. Anne B

    Dress is meh. That Tipton kid’s got some broad shoulders, though: good for her. A kid can hang a lot of dress from shoulders like those.

    On another note, COHEN. How I’ve missed you! <3

  4. Madeline

    GOSH I’ve missed Cohen.

  5. Dazie

    Like the back, the front looks like it got hit with a laundry basket.

  6. Kit

    I was enjoying her modelling of the dress so much that I forgot to objectively look at it until the last shot of her – when I was all – damn – I don’t even LIKE that dress.

    It’s a dumb dress…


  7. Chelsea

    Wait… there’s a dress? All I see is Seth Cohen… :)

  8. Ash

    It’s got a flavor of little girl playing dress up, but in a good way, if that’s possible.

  9. SJC

    Adam Brody has some fairly great SMIZE going on himself!

  10. Cat

    The eye make-up, oh lordy. Way too heavy for the dress, at least IMO. The dress is just kind of meh– I liked it from the back, but not so much from the front. She is working it, though.

  11. Edith

    I can’t even see the dress for the eyeliner. Why do people think this looks good? It’s always too much, but with something white and floaty, it’s RIDICULOUS.

  12. Stefanie

    WAIT..she was sold to a prince? WHAT? HOW? WHY? HOW DID SHE GET OUT OF IT??!? SO many questions…

    Although there is no question that Brody fellow is smokin’ hot.

  13. Minutiae

    I think she has on way too much makeup. I like the dress, though.

  14. Sarah

    All I want to do for the rest of the day now is listen to “It’s all coming back to me” and look at pictures of Seth Cohen

  15. TaraMisu

    Ok you guyssssssssssss I don’t watch Top Model or whatever…. what is SMIZE?

    And I like the dress, etheral-ish, floaty…. not something I could pull off but really, what mere mortal could?

  16. Stefanie

    TaraMisu – Tyra’s word she made up for “smile with your eyes.” Basically you squint a little bit.

  17. Carolina Girl

    Heather and Jessica, I am really loving the way you sometimes toss in a palate cleanser at the end of the slide shows. Prince Harry, Neville Longbottom, and now this Adam Brody. I have no idea who he is, but he sure is pretty.

  18. M

    My only problem with Cohen is he is wearing what appears to be a pre-tied bow tie. I’d expect that nonsense from Ryan, but never Seth.

  19. jenelope

    I think I would hate this dress on anyone except her. But it suits both her height/figure and her personality. I can’t think of another person who could wear this without me thinking, “What the hell is up with the ruffles and little daisies? Bleah!” But having watched Analeigh throughout that whole season of ANTM, it fits in with her whole tall, willowy, flowerchild thing. I can’t sign off on her eye makeup, though. It makes her look tired, not ethereal or even edgy.

    The Saudi prince story can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTL_f9pzZk0

  20. Annie E

    So, er, are they together?

  21. vandalfan

    Maybe the Saudi price gave her back when he got a gander of her wearing a shapeless assortment of rags. Don’t know her, but with that makeup she looks like Brody’s tough, skinny, alcoholic mother.

  22. Steph

    I loved her on ANTM. And I love Cohen. This is good, GFY. Very very good.
    The makeup is a bit heavy for the flowy dress, but she still works it hard core. And dang, check out the YouTube video- those are some LEGS.

  23. Carrie Ann

    I think the dress is super pretty, but her hair and especially makeup are distracting from it. It sort of looks like what toddlers do when they get into Mom’s eyeshadow palettes. Except a toddler would probably choose some other crazy rainbow color instead of sad charcoal.

    But then the Brody arrives and everything seems so much prettier.

  24. kdots

    Wait a second – that isn’t Meatloaf in the video? Now I have to spend all afternoon on You Tube.

  25. maxameliana

    there was a half second on the first picture of Cohen where I thought his TUX SHIRT WAS UNBUTTONED AND I WAS SEEING SKIN … and then I realized it was just a sliver of her arm and the whole thing became way less funny. Like her, like the dress, though. She seemed normal and funny on ANTM

  26. trojandoll

    You think that Meatloaf is in the video because he did an almost identical video. I think his was for “I Would Do Anything for Love”.

  27. Mare

    C’mon! No one else thinks that dress is made of Grandma’s bedroom curtains? Sheesh! Thanks for the Cohen, though.

  28. Az

    I am so glad that Analeigh chose to pursue an acting career. After all, Paulina Porizkova-Ocasek did say Analeigh would make a ‘fine little actress”. Or words to that effect. Little and actress were definitely used.

  29. Tricia

    She seriously needs to have her face scrubbed and lose half the makeup. How come she wasn’t called out on that!?!?!?!?

  30. yeahandalso

    her make-up is a bit out of control, but I remember REALLY liking her on her season and it is pretty damn hard to make it to the final 3 on Top Model and still come away being LIKABLE. Also, she asked out a friend of mine in a coffee shop a few months back LOL, he has a very serious girlfriend but was flattered and said she was very nice LOL

  31. Sandra

    The dress is fab-adjacent, but not quite all the way there. There’s just too much stuff hanging off of it. Trimming up all the random floaty bits would help a lot. I don’t even know who/what Cohen is/was in. But I approve!

  32. becs

    The dress is OK. And yeah, the babysitter part in “Crazy Stupid Love” was creepy.

  33. Erica

    Anyone else notice the super super red eyes? Frightening!

  34. Sarah

    I think the dress is fine, it is her makeup that is a mess. Way too heavy for the dress.

  35. dina*

    Can we put the Cohen and Pacey together for a tux-off?

  36. Andrew S.

    My problem is not the dress. my problem is that she looks Emaciated DX Eat something, boobie!!!

  37. Sarie

    I feel like Seth Cohen is this past decades Pacey, in that i love them both and am always happy to see them anywhere. Also in that they both clean up very nicely and can wear a suit well.
    That dress is fug.

  38. Alan Ball

    Who is this dainty fairy?!? i wish to sign her to my new Faerie Offshot show, Blood Shot.

  39. Sophia Loren

    The dress is twee and large. A bad combination.

  40. Jennipher Lewis

    She was very sweet on ANTM, but now looks like a junkie. She looks way too emaciated. Is she in recovery? I can’t see her clothes cause her head is far too big for her frame. Can she even hold up her own body weight?

  41. Lina

    Oh, hi, Adam Brody has grown up WELL.

  42. Pouncer

    I miss Seth Cohen so, so much. *sniffle*

  43. glee

    Seriously, she looks like a racoon – I can’t even comment on the dress (though I just clicked on the Bored button).

  44. Hannah

    I strenuously object to her makeup.

    Her dress could be a different color but she’s working the HELL out of it so I’ll forgive her. I will not forgive her for the makeup, however.

  45. Gosia

    Damn, I miss Adam Brody. I think I need to re-watch The O.C.

  46. Gosia

    Also, @dina – that is literally the best idea EVER.

  47. shebrihart

    GOOD LORD! Cohen! I miss that sexy, sarcastic, smarty pants. I need to add The O.C. in it’s entirety to my Netflix queue and relive Cohen and Ryan (both so dreamy in totally different ways).

    That dress is terrible, btw.

  48. Anne B

    Fug Nation!

    We are not trying hard enough to make the Pacey-v.-Cohen Tux-Off *happen*. Thanks, @dina*!)

    TEAM TUX-OFF. Let’s get this party(wear) started.

  49. ccm800

    If it ain;t her dress then I dunno WHOSE IT IS! The top needs to come in a skooch. the dress is hers BUT that date is mine.

  50. NYCGirl

    Sophia Loren found the words I couldn’t: twee and large.

  51. Synne

    OMG what happened to her? She was so pretty on ANTM, but here she looks sooo skinny…

  52. crunchychew

    the reason you think meatloaf was in the clip is because meatloaf wrote the song! no, seriously. i think he recorded a version, too. and also he was all motorcycle-y in rocky horror.

  53. nyouge


  54. ChaChaHeels

    Brody looks right at home on a Lancia runway. Molto elegante! And yet, sporty too.

  55. jenelope

    It’s not Meat Loaf in the video. It’s some generic pretty boy. However, Celine’s video is very similar to Meat Loaf’s “I Would Do Anything for Love” video (which came out three years earlier) and he did record “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.” Actually, his feelings were apparently really hurt by the songwriter giving it to Celine and going so far as to obtaining a court order preventing Meat Loaf from recording it before Celine. I can understand his upset, since he’d been working with Jim Steinman since Celine was 5 years old.