Fug and Fug Fug Fug

I guess there’s a 93rd installment of Sister’s Name Drawn Out Of A Hat #1 and Sister’s Name Drawn Out Of A Hat #2 Do Something In A Fancy City. And Kim and Kourtney are shooting it.

Isn’t the idea to get BETTER at dressing yourself as you get older?

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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  1. TereLiz

    Kim, honey. There’s a reason that it’s hard to find plus-size jumpsuits. It’s because they’re horrendously unflattering on us larger hipped ladies. And if the bottom fits, the top never fits right and you can bet the waist will sit funny, too. Plus, where are your feet?

    Go back to the closet and start over, doll. The blame this one on Kanye.

    • Kat

      But, but, TereLiz, she’s a size 2! Look at her People Magazine cover! *snort*

      Nothing wrong with NOT being a size 2, but honey, with DAT ASS? A size 2 you are not.

      • glee

        Why are we still talking about her??? Shouldn’t she be in the Paris Hilton pile by now, size 2 or 22??? Oy.

      • Kate

        I am not a fan of her, but I will admit that, regardless of what number is on her dress label, she has a slammin’ bod. This is not only ugly, but horrifically unflattering.

        • Clarence Beeks

          She must dress in front of fun house mirrors, because she loves to wear clothes that would only look good on those with a body like her sister Kendall’s.

  2. qwertygirl

    The hotel dining room called. They want their dinner napkins back.

  3. McLisa

    Incredibly unflattering.

    • Carol

      The rise is too deep … exacerbates the misplaced hip emphasis … paging a tailor, STAT!

  4. Molly

    Wow. That is bad. Really bad. As a hippy girl, I can commiserate with finding things that fit the hips and the waist, but that is doing terrible things to her body. The blousey top and too long legs are insults to injury.

  5. Anna Svahn

    Outfit is beyond boring and does nothing for her. I want to see the shoes!

  6. Lynne

    I thought Kanye was supervising her wardrobe now. I realize he’s not exactly an arbiter of good taste but I find it hard to believe he’d approve this.

  7. deee

    It appears she is taking fashion advice from Kanye and Stella McCartney. Run.

  8. Carol

    Please … Kim’s girls are crying out for support. And if she doesn’t support them now, she will be so very sorry later.

  9. Bella

    That’s freakin’ hilarious and I truly needed the laugh. She is, more often than naught, a silly caricature of herself.

  10. lilywise

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this … but I prefer her too-short, too-tight look to this. I’m all for people being whatever (healthy) size they want, and I totally believe that bodies are beautiful in a range of shapes and sizes. But that doesn’t mean that every body can wear every garment. Kim, this is not your jumpsuit. It *might* work on Gwyneth (to the extent once can even describe a jumpsuit as “working”).

    I think I speak for women everywhere who have an hourglass shape that it would be so refreshing if just once one of our celebrity sisters would demonstrate that it is possible to dress ourselves.

    • anonymoose

      Spot on, lilywise. Spot on.

      I am thankful that the off-the-rack cut of the hip jib here is not begging for mercy. No camel toe! No stretch marks! Not see-through! No strained seams! However, the accompanying bust, waist, and hem proportions are so so SO far OFF that the wearer looks utterly foolish for frolicking in such an uncorraled bolt of fabric.

    • anonymoose

      Darts! Simple darts could have helped this look exponentially.

      Those brash hippo breasts are an unsightly unsupported eyesore.

    • Esme

      I really think she qualifies for “pear” at this point.

  11. anonymoose

    Such a saggy droopy untailored mess! Who doesn’t know that jumpsuits are not even good on paper? If this one fit, it would still be fug. But it doesn’t even come close to fitting. Or flattering. Hideously par for the Kardashian Kourse. Is Stella behind this joke? How much body dysmorphia does one have to have to not see this obvious superwreckage?

    Am alarmed that over at Celebitchy.com Kaiser is drooling over this ensemble, stating it’s one of KK’s “best looks ever.” Granted, the margin for improvement is pretty low considering the always-wrecked Kardashians. Their standards are lower than sea level.

  12. Elizabeth

    What is her normal size?

  13. Cat

    Wow, this is terrible. This does nothing for her and just looks awful. Kim, take this off and never look at it again!

  14. Jo

    Are those buffet pants?!

  15. Rowynn

    I can’t stand her or her family, but even I would not have wished this upon her.

  16. margot

    Good lord. Someone get that girl a belt, a bra, and some hem tape STAT!

  17. Jenny

    That jumpsuit reminds me of the Blair polyester pants my grandma wore back in the 70′s. Can we please, PLEASE, stop giving this woman attention? If we ignore her she’ll go away into obscurity, or more likely, back into making horrible porn! STOP THE ATTENTION!!

    • mary lou bethune

      I agree so much- please stop accepting their pictures ( that they take I think) for fug comment. They are tacky, greedy, and not that attractive.

  18. Vodka Gimlet

    One extreme to another…a few weeks ago a skirt so sheer and tight, you could see her thong underwear; now this baggy, shapeless mess. Fashion schizophrenia? Or just bad taste?

  19. AM

    I don’t like the lack of support, and really, I don’t love in general, but she could hem the pants! I mean, it wouldn’t be fantastic then, but at least it wouldn’t be a tripping hazard!

  20. AM

    And the top is like an 1980s jumper that I really liked, but I wore, you know, a shirt underneath.

  21. The other Kim

    Kim’s right boob looks like a cow udder and if her hips weren’t “not exactly obese” before they certainly look like that now.

    She has terrible taste. Including her fashion choices.

  22. Helen

    As a child in the ’70s, I had those polyester pants with the sewn-in crease in front. There may even have been a polyester jumpsuit with the same sewn-in crease. Okay, there was. Worse, it was yellow (SO not my color).

    But there’s a big difference, and not just the era – I wasn’t allowed to choose my own clothes yet at that time!

    Actually there’s another one too. My mom, misguided though she may have been about what looked cute on her daughter, did at least make sure that my clothes FIT.

  23. Claire1

    Just looking at that awful acetate material makes my skin crawl….
    I mean the jumpsuit is bad enough…but all I can think of is how itchy and awful that material is…and cheap…. like Big Lots cheap.

  24. kess

    It’s got that sackloth look, like something nuns wear to exercise……

    Would love to know what those hips measure, must be like a nightmare trying to dress them, lucky she’s loaded.

  25. Emma

    I guess she just woke up and thought “I want to wear something that’s going to make my DD cups look like droopy G cups, my famously shapely derriere look twice it’s normal size, and my thighs look like tree trunks.”

  26. amys

    I am 100% sure this is one of those outfits you pull on in a dressing room, and in that very first instance, even before you get it up to your knees, you know it’s going to be BAD. In your bones BAD. And, I do feel better at night, though $65 million dollars poorer than she is, that I can at least discern what clothing makes me look like crap. This whole family needs to go away.

  27. Ladyblahblah


  28. Sarah O

    I realize this has been said by just about every other person, but jumpsuits do not flatter hippy shapes. I’m sure it looks even worse from the back.

  29. PB

    That’s like a case study in unflattering. I don’t know what else to say.

  30. Emily MG

    Being half of Kimye is doing her NO sartorial favors. NONE.

  31. Esme

    OMG, the absolute WORST I’ve ever seen her look—and that’s sayin’ a lot. Crikey.

  32. mrbruno

    God that is U-G-LY!!! And with all her money, embarrassing!

  33. Susan

    Who keeps resetting the clock on her 15 minutes?

    And she does what, exactly?

  34. karanakau

    Please for the love of God, if we can’t get rid of her..would you people just stop paying attention to her?!!! I realize that in posting this, I have ironically unhindered my own plea..but I’m breaking my silence just this once and then I’m back to totally tuning her out of my frequency forever.

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