Fug and Fab the Accessories

These slideshows are emotionally and financially unhealthy for me. So I keep doing them. I also eat peanut butter almost every day. I have problems, and chief among them is that I have no desire to solve either of these problems, because: shoes! Purses! Jif! HAPPINESS.

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  1. Aria

    I really want those purple shoes… and the sparkly sandals Leighton Meester wore [actually, I want her sparkly minidress that she wore with the shoes too!]

  2. Anne B

    The purple shoes (with the pedicure that matches the sole!!) will HAUNT MY DREAMS.

  3. that girl

    Jan Kramer’s shoes may be uncomfortable, but I would buy those in a heartbeat.

  4. AP

    The Olsen twins’ bags remind me of school bags that Japanese elementary school kids wear… here’s a google image search of them: http://www.google.co.jp/search?q=%E3%83%A9%E3%83%B3%E3%83%89%E3%82%BB%E3%83%AB&hl=ja&lr=&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi

    Michelle Williams’ shoes DO look like bat mobiles. And I usually hate peep-toe boots and I feel like these are kind of in the same vein, albeit not peep-toed… but… I still can’t help but think they’re kind of awesome.

  5. Lynnie

    Tiny Batmobiles! Hahahahahaha!

  6. vandalfan

    Little rhinestone buckles… Squwee!… must have…. MUST HAVE!

  7. TaraMisu

    Tiny Batmobiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA! Omg.

  8. A

    Minka Kelly’s sunset suede pumps are the exact same fabric as my couch, no lie. Lust gasket indeed… they probably cost more than my couch and yet I’m going to do everything in my power to own them.

  9. Kris

    Leighton Meester’s shoes look like they have tiny pairs of thongs on them.

  10. Jessica

    I LONG FOR LUCY’S SHOES. Holy crow.

  11. www.bravoerunway.com

    Just got an email from NM this week about taking things to the edge! If this doesn’t show edgy fashion then I don’t what does! Love all the featured items!

  12. Karen

    Bieber’s sneakers look like QR Codes:

    I find his whole sneaker “thing” really tiresome and precious.

  13. Karen

    “Where do we stand on matching your toenail polish to your booties?”

    Nearly as ferocious a stand as I am on the idea of open-toe boots in the first place. Ew, and EW.

  14. Sajorina

    I ♥ these slideshows!!! For me it’s… Shoes! Purses! Ice Cream! HAPPINESS! I also have a problem!

  15. Geemee

    The Olsen twins and Kanye and Timberlake all have to go out together, JUST TO GO. That would be amazing, and the wait staff who served them would never be the same.

  16. Geemee

    And I want Leighton’s shoes — and a podiatrist recommendation, for after.

  17. CJ

    Emotionally and financially unhealthy? I would add unhealthy podiatrically (is that a word?) as well. Wow, those are some high heels! Maybe seeing the pulsing veins, odd arches and scrunched toes is turning me off, but I don’t covet one pair of shoes here. And this is from someone who used to subscribe to SHUZ magazine, even as I was shopping for a doctor to do my bunion surgery. My feet are screaming just looking at all of these.

    I think I would like the gray perforated booties in a beige — they look like the bootie version of a set of pumps that Princess Letizia has worn a few times that I ADORE. But the gray nailpolish kind of wants to make me vomit.

    Laughed out loud when I read about MW’s shoes looking like batmobiles!

    And I can’t say anything bad about Mila Kunis. She is one of the best dressed actresses these days. Always gorgeous.

  18. vandalfan

    Paging Salma Hyack from Zombie-land!

  19. Kelly O.

    I love the slide shows too, but…. I HATE how the stupid ads pop down when you are trying to click on the next button. I know they want you to accidentally click on their ads, but it annoys the hell out of me :-(. Any chance of getting this changed???

  20. K.

    Agree about the first three pairs. GORGEOUS. WANT. Those purple ones are the fierceness for real.

  21. ortenzia

    i’m not a stilettos girl but i would become a stilettos girl for lucy liu’s shoes.

  22. Laura

    I was loving the shoes, but that stupid banner ad at the top kept expanding just as I was trying to click through the slide show, making me click on it instead, and I’m feeling all stabby that Virgin Mobile is tricking people into clicking on their adds more by disabling the close button and then expanding exactly mid-click. I know you guys had problems with those banner ads before, and I love your website and am so happy to support you through whatever advertising you choose, but the expanding banner ads are giving me a tic, especially when you can’t disable them.

  23. Em

    OMG. That Sparah ad. will. not. go. away.

    Also–serious lust for Lucy Liu’s shoes.

  24. Amber

    The Sparah ad-just click close. It should stay closed.

    The shoes, OMG, the shoes. I LOVE shoes with a passion, but I am so not nimble on my feet in heels. However, once I come in to a ton of money (however that comes about), I will own several pairs, just to look at. Like art.

  25. Bambi Anne Dear

    I know we couldn’t see the whole pic, but were the Olsens NOT wearing cracked out grandma hippy overcoats for once?

  26. NYCGirl

    I liked both The Killing and Mireille Enos’ purse.

  27. Anne B

    @NYCgirl: … But I’ll bet Mireille’s bag wouldn’t be a crushing letdown if I opened it. :)

  28. Faye

    Does anyone know who the designer is for Lucy Liu’s shows? I want ‘em. Badly.

  29. Janice Marie

    I hate feet, which is why I just can’t get into open-toed shoes. For that reason alone, Martina McBride’s shoes win my vote for my favorite pair.

  30. Sugar

    The Lucy Liu shoes are Casadei. However, I know Lucy often works with designers to make customised shoes… so maybe they are one of a kind!