Thanks to all who entered for being patient while we covered the Met Gala. And congrats to our winners!

A reminder:

THE TASK:  Please name (by which I mean, invent creatively!) the 70s soft-rock band which Aubrey clearly believes herself to be fronting, judging from this ensemble.


Sarah B
Dr. Aubrey O’Day’s 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution

The Farrah Fawcett Memorial Tabernacle Choir.

Polly, Esther and Skye.
Several years later, she’d shorten the skirt, add some pleated drainpipes, tease up the hair, and become the lead keytarist of new wave sensation, The Permanent Press!

Tab Cola and the Summer’s Eve Band

C Eller
Skeevy Knits, member of Pleatwood Smack