Fine/Feh/Fug/Fab: Jennifer Aniston


In the interest of using some positive reinforcements, I’d like to start this post by noting that I think Aniston’s shorter hair is really cute.  She looks so much younger with the shorter hair. In the interest of getting to the heart of the matter, I’d like to invite you all to join me in the slideshow to take a looksee at what she’s sported recently, to a variety of Horrible Bosses hoo-ha (a technical term).

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  1. Kathleen Trail

    Overall, I think she looks pretty great – but Jesus-Mary-and-Joseph… After this many years in the spotlight and on camera, how has this woman not managed to wrangle her nipples so they don’t show through every outfit?? It’s got to be a drinking game for old Friends episodes, right?

    And maybe that’s just another errant nipple in the shoe shot, because if not, her feet are doing toe yoga that is both disturbing and painful looking.

  2. neiges

    She is embracing her age and personality, she is less “yoga ultra fit” but more attractive, with cute risky dresses.

  3. Another Molly

    WHAT is going on with her TOES in the ceramic shoe taco pictures. I can’t tell what’s happening and it has me deeply concerned. (Sexy black leather dress though, yes!)

  4. TaraMisu

    Ceramic tacos LMAO!

    I love the black leather… I think it suits her very well.

    The grey…. well, nipples aside, it’s pretty and feminine. I think maybe a few inches off the length though…

  5. qwertygirl

    Are the toes on her right foot actually CROSSING? OUCH. There’s doing anything for a look, and then there’s going too far.

  6. Kristen from MA

    When she doesn’t wear black, she picks…beige. YAWN.

  7. Fran

    Yikes! Poor Jen, is that a hoo-ha on her toe? At first I thought those tacos shoes were mashing her toes so that toe number three was in number twos spot. Then I zoomed in…poor little piggie.

  8. LoriK

    I too wish she would look into color, but I could still like the beige dress if the top wasn’t so naked. I can hear Chandler in my head saying that he can see her nippular area. That’s not good. And neither are those shoes. It’s like she has a vendetta against her own toes.

  9. CH

    Both of those dresses show the–er–”contours” of her breasts. I like the black one, but she should’ve worn a bra or a liner under it. Same goes with the beige one. I love the scalloped hem on the latter, though.

  10. Sara Jane

    She’s looking the best she’s looked in AGES lately. So what if she doesn’t wear colour enough? She has amazing taste (aside from those taco shoes – they look great from a distance, terribly stupid close up). The scalloped dress is so gorgeous though.
    And does she seem to be doing less doctor work to her face these days? Hurrah!

  11. AP

    Jennifer Aniston’s boobs are glorious, but she is a bit of an exhibitionist about them, isn’t she?

  12. that girl

    It’s pretty amazing that she can go out in public braless in her 40′s. Not many people could get away with that.

    Although they are safe colours for her, she looks good in black and silver, and the dresses themselves are nice.

  13. Jenna

    1. I LOVE the leather dress. I need that in my size.
    2. Her hair looks amazing.
    3. Now, that I’ve been nice, did you look at her toes in the shoe pic? Seriously, what is going on with the second toe on her right foot? That’s seriously creeping me out right now.

  14. Emily

    That scalloped skirt is soooo pretty.

  15. anonymoose

    anyone notice how that aqua carpet she is standing on makes it appear that she is standing atop a swimming pool, ie, walking on water?

  16. lee

    I’m going to have nightmares about the picture of her toes doing whatever it is they are doing.

  17. Willow

    He boobs in the black leather dress look like Han Solo after he was encased in carbonite.

  18. Janiekettles

    Surely she’s sporting The Rachel cut? And here we go again…..

  19. vandalfan

    Black dress, too tight in the neck area. Lurve those shoes. Grey has as unfortunate pattern on the chest, but the detailing is divine. I think it’s a toe-knuckle in the ceramic tacos, which are fine from the back but not so good elsewhere.

  20. Amberoni

    Oooh, ooh, I know what’s going on with her toes! I have done this, and it is indeed painful. What she’s doing there is a sort of clinging/clenching motion, as if she’s holding onto the soles of her shoes with the power of her toe muscles, resulting is a weird almost folding situation with the middle popping up in protest. Again, not a thing you’d want to do for more than a second or giant muscle cramps ensue.

    Anybody else really think her silver/grey dress totally looks like it was designed by Leanne of Project Runway days? It has the architectural look with gentle waves and super understated color palate and details that she was so fond of employing. Her models usually looked like they would be extremely at home going to tea with some very old and rich.

  21. Susie Q

    Oh lord Willow! We’ve gone from Sauron Boobs to Han Solo Carbonite Breasts.

    Her boobs are like pop culture fanatics!

  22. Linda

    She looks really good, the side parted hair is much better than down the middle when it just hangs in her face. Also, I saw a few minutes of The Bounty Hunter last night, and she looked miserable in that film. She looks 10 years younger and 1000 times happier now. If Justin is the cause of this, than good for her.

    She rocks black leather much better than Angie, who always looks like some type of goth witch in her black leather ensembles. (not taking sides in the angie/jen feud, jmho.)

    I think Jen has a huge blister on that one toe. That’s what it looked like to me. I’ve had blisters on my feet like that, usually on the ankles, and they can actually be that swollen.

  23. Sally

    Maybe because it’s 97 degrees here already, but as much as I love the shape of the first dress, the thought of it in leather just makes me sweat. I really like the silvery/beige number but wish she had worn a bra with it- it cups the girls in a weird and uncomfortable way. And I agree with everyone about the feet: a corn? a knob? an extra toe? Why am I obsessing about Jennifer Aniston’s feet?

  24. A.J.

    OK, even though the shoes are trying to kill her feet, they are still awesome! I love, but will love from afar since apparently you have to cut off toes to wear them. But the shoes in the first pic are great too, and apparently less painful.

  25. Tracy L

    I am so happy Jessica put the foot picture up! I saw a smaller version on a different sight yesterday and i could not zoom in to see wtf was going on with her toes. Still not sure, but it looks painful! I really like the beige/silver dress. And i agree that a bra would have been a good accessory.

  26. Rayna

    Mixed bag. On the plus side, deffo better hair, black leather mini is good in general, grey dress is gorgeous from the waist down……….

    OTOH, the black leather doesn’t look too comfortable (or am I just writhing in envy that *I* can’t wear it???), we have TMI in the boobular department, and the ceramic taco shoes are just NO.

    Color/no color, whatevs. I think a person can look outstanding in the right palette, but Aniston could do worse, so, OK.

  27. Rebecca

    I absolutely ADORE Jen and I love her hair like this. Every time I see a pic of her, it makes me want to chop mine off…which I know I’d regret because it would never look as good as hers.

    What I don’t understand is why someone as famous as she is, cannot get a decent shoe wardrobe?! Her shoes are almost always terrible, especially those little strappy things she always wears, like with the black dress. With so many amazing shoes out there, why does she pick those? It hurts my heart.

    Besides that, I do really like both dresses.

  28. Lynnie

    Jen is definitely not ashamed of showcasing her nipular area, as evidenced by these shots. And just take a look at her in some of the episodes of Friends, particularly the early ones. I can picture her wearing a white baby T, and there are some distracting… prominences. As someone who is self-conscious about that same area, I know there are solutions. Unless, of course, she likes looking that way!

    Both dresses are lovely, and she’s really rockin’ the leather look, although for me it’s way too hot to think about leather. Am I alone in thinking her hair looks like overprocessed straw?

  29. Peggy

    Note to Cameron Diaz – aside from the fact that she needs some color, you could take lessons from Jennifer on how a fit, attractive woman of your age should wear. Sexy, flattering, but not gynecological.

  30. ChaChaHeels

    Is that a corn? Looks incredibly painful. Same with the nipple display: it’s like they’re being compressed against a grille. The dress idea is executed well, (except for the fact that a bra underneath would have helped immensely) but the shoes aren’t flattering in the least and hurt from here.

  31. Sherri

    TOE ALERT! Someone needs to stage a shoe intervention. What IS that, an overinflated toe-knuckle? the mosquito bite from hell? I just can’t unsee it.

    All that said, love the leather, like the grey/silver/beige/nondescript color because it has incredible detail. A wee bit too see through, but eh, I’m never going to be that close to her to notice.

  32. GigiNYC

    Those ceramic taco shoes (brilliant description, btw) are HIDEOUS. A true eye sore. However, she looks amazing in the leather dress–lethally sexy. As for the white dress: it’s a bit busy, no? I appreciate the detailing, as it’s clearly painstakingly made, but it just looks a bit…off. I feel like Kruger could pull it off though, as she’s expert at wearing avant garde-ish clothing very well.

  33. jenelope

    I like Jennifer Aniston, but I find her nipples annoying. Which is something you should never have to write. Her nipples shouldn’t come up in conversation so often that they’re, like, a *thing.* There’s even a “Jennifer Aniston’s Nipples” community on Facebook. I wish someone would take her aside and say, “Yes, dear, we’ve all seen them. Very nice. Now put them away, please.” And then refer her to the scene in “Flirting With Disaster” when Mary Tyler Moore speaks up for bras.

  34. Ann

    Yeah sure, it’s fine (except for the toe issue). She’s wearing strappy sandals. She’s never done that before. Her hair is blonde, never seen that before. BUT while we’re on the hair issue–she brings out my grandmother–in almost every picture–GET YOUR HAIR OUT OF YOUR FACE. Headbands, rubber bands, barrettes, ribbons, bangs and a little layering around the face are just a few things I want her to try.

  35. Gin

    There is such a thing as too tan.

  36. Ladyblahblah

    She is becoming the lady George Hamilton.

  37. Anna

    I can hear my mother shrieking, “Take your hands out of your pockets!”

  38. Cathy

    Now, a normal person would put her feet into those shoes, take a step or two, and take them right off again. They don’t fit!! They’re uncomfortable!! If I have to walk anywhere, or even stand and pose for a while, they’ll kill me!

    Surely she has something more fitting in her closet. I know I do.

  39. CJ

    As someone who has gone through bunion surgery and can attest that foot surgery is more painful than giving birth, my first thought is that those super-skinny, sky-high stilettos are absolute lunacy. That was my thought BEFORE I saw the closeup of her foot. What the heck is going on there? Are her shoes so tight, they are crossing? Is that a mega-corn? Either way, honey, you can work out like a fiend and eat the perfect balance of carbs and proteins to have that awesome body, but torture your feet and they WILL reciprocate. And I don’t even think the shoes are pretty enough to “make it worth it.”

    Okay, onto things higher up. Love the leather dress, but man, she’s looking too tan. I do like her hair here. Very pretty.

    As for the beaded dress, though I like some of the details, overall I don’t actually like the dress. The color washes her out and is her usual boring beige, and I think the patterning of the beading makes her look thick in the waist. And this girl is NOT thick int he waist. I also don’t like what I call the “Lido” quality. You know the Lido in Paris where the women have these outrageously over-the top incredible costumes, but the boobs are not covered? That’s what this looks like — like there’s a lot going on AROUND the boobs but not ON the boobs, thereby showcasing aforementioned boobs. Fine at the Lido, but tacky everywhere else….or just bad planning on the designer’s part when laying out where the beadwork will be.

  40. Katie Kat


  41. Evalyn

    1. Yow. Yoga is good.
    2. If you have ever watched “Friends” you have seen Jen’s nipples before.
    3. Angelina who?

  42. The Other Molly

    Seconding Katie’s yawn.

  43. taylor

    I desperately want to like the white beaded dress because I’m sure it took a lot of work to make, but there’s something about the overall outline/shape that makes it look old to me. As in, my 93 year old grandmother might like that silhouette. So for JA it seems off.

  44. InfamousQBert

    her toes! her TOES!! they hurt me!!

  45. bry

    HER TOES! It looks like her third toe is squished right on top of her second! I think it might actually be a boil? Ewww.

  46. Matilda

    Jennifer has always had hard nipples. Maybe it’s chronic … She totally rocks the leather dress.

  47. Sneza

    I love the taco shoes and I really wish we would all encourage Jen to wear some shoes that are not just two micro-straps. She’s trying, guys! Give her a break!

  48. Cecily

    She looks FANTASTIC in the leather dress, love the shoes and usually I would say, eek, so tan, but it looks good on her, and her hair looks terrific, too. The nipples and the shoes killed it for me in the second dress. NO.

  49. dvj

    She doesn’t seem to have a bunion or other such protuberance in the first photo. I think in the taco shoes, her poor toe is scrunched up in a valiant to keep her foot from from sliding any further down and out than it already has. We’ve all done it with ill-advised open-toed shoes, we just don’t have such flexible and strong piggies.

    Or maybe she’s double jointed?

  50. annie

    I’m with the yawners. And, I know I’m in the minority but I really don’t like her hair. I don’t think it does anything to flatter her and it looks like straw to me, unhealthy.

  51. Lina

    The outfits are both quite nice; I’m just imagining someone else wearing them.

  52. heather

    I think she looks fantastic. Wish she’d wear some nipple covers, and the white shoes do look cruel, but overall, gorgeous lady.

  53. Sue

    I’m so glad she cut off that nasty hair I’d approve of just about any outfit at this point. I’d support her fully if she decided to lop off just a few more inches, infact. Her adorable face shape has returned! All that stringy hair made her look depressed. Her cheeks look fuller and that’s a GOOD thing.

    I actually like the beige dress quite a bit. I think a color might have made it look too JCPenny Bridesmaid Collection.

  54. Minerva Orduno

    I now know what my mother meant when she yelled at me to get my hair our of my face. *sigh*

  55. Mô Gribel

    Isn’t she Martha Stewart sister????

  56. yeahandalso

    I guess Feh is going to win by default cause I honestly don’t care enough to click through the slideshow. At least I am past disliking her, but now just really could not care any less about her.

  57. jenny

    Love, love, LOVE both dresses. Maybe I am boring too. Actually I’m sure I am. But that’s some kind of nice, stylish, well made, extremely flattering boring. And sometimes nipples can be seen. Through bras, unless you want to wear some thick padded monstrosity. It happens, people.

  58. kayla

    Am I the only one on the planet (or at least, with access to internet/print/television) completely bored with her? She’s never done anything outstanding – she was even the token boring, albeit pretty, face on Friends – and this is basically reflected in her outfits/hair. Bored, bored, bored. Gaga might be annoying, but at least you’ll never hear the words “Really? Another meat dress? That’s all she’s worn this decade.”

  59. Louisa

    I’m over Jennifer Anniston. She’s done very well making a lucrative career out of bad rom coms and exploiting how Brad and Angelina did her wrong. The haircut could have been better. It seems kind of weak and fly-away in front, but at least it’s a lot less “Housewives.” She looks fine in her short, strapless expensive towel dresses, but they are always pretty much the same. Isn’t she rich enough now to retire?

  60. Veronica

    I didn’t see what you were talking about with the shoes until I saw THE TOE. And then I think I actually cringed at my monitor.

  61. ddukes

    I love the way she keeps surprising us these days. I love that she’s the new forty. And I love that she elicits so much commentary.

  62. Sajorina

    I love both dresses and I’m also enjoying the hair, but the shoes… Pair #1 needs to go back to Snoozeville and Pair #2 needs to go back Excruciatingtown!

  63. NYCGirl

    I’m not a leather fan, so I’m not crazy about the first dress. The second one is (mostly) pretty, but the shoes are making my ankles throb. (I do not love a high heel…)

  64. The Other Molly

    My Dearest Kayla,
    You are not alone.
    I have no clue why Aniston is still popular.
    Or why she was ever popular.
    She can’t act, her movies are mediocre and not big box office draws.
    And I find it sad that a woman her age is so emotionally immature that she gets romantically involved with all her leading men.

  65. Melissa

    I too am deeply concerned about what’s happening to her toes in those taco shoes. I’m not sure if it’s an optical illusion or her toes are actually folding in on one another. Ow!

    She looks hot in the black minidress. Yes, she’s boring and she’s often in mediocre films, but she’s kinda lovable so I’ll keep rooting for her to wear a color and some less painful shoes.

    @Louisa do you really think she’s the one still trotting out the Brad-and-Angelina did me wrong horse? It seems to me the tabloids are still exploiting that, not her.

  66. Emma

    I like her hair better long. Shorter hair draws attention to her wide jaw and pointy chin, and I think it makes her look middle-aged.

    I love the white dress actually – soft and pretty but still characteristically monochromatic.

  67. alisha

    LOVE the leather dress. Not the nipples, though.

  68. maryse

    with her beautiful eye color, this is a woman who should wear blues and greens. but i like her dresses. hate her shoes (those taco shoes don’t even go with that dress). and her hair looks cute.

  69. ali baba

    Think she , as always, looks amazing

  70. kim

    Let’s talk about the close up of the feet in those crazy shoes: Her toenails look like a smokey tar yellow and the second toe looks like it has a piece of gum or perhaps a spit-wad stuck to it…yikes

  71. Marvelous A

    @Amberoni: I experimented and you’re totally right. Off to the podiatrist now.

  72. Makinka

    Know what? I’m kinda used to Noncolor Jen. I like her that way. She also looks like she has to beat herself up just to look that gorgeous.

  73. Molly

    I don’t think pockets on a dress that tight ever work. It makes a person look “hippy” and not in a peace, love, and kindness kinda way.