Fashion Week Fugs and Fabs: Jessica Chastain

We still haven’t seen Jessica Chastain in person — our Fashion Week ships passed in the night, or more accurately perhaps, our subway car passed underneath her feet — so I have no idea if she comes off in person as OOH, SO CLOSE (or OH, HONEY, WHY?) as she does in photos. But I think this outfit, at least, is genuinely better. Or ┬áis Matthew Crawley’s masculine power just distracting me from hard truths?

[Photos: Getty, Splash, WENN]

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  1. pidget

    Wow. It is in order of good to bad, isn’t it? I like the brighter, more cheery colours on her, and that beige is positively consumptive.

    At least she’s trying new things, and I like the variety, if not the execution. Seems like she has to be cautious around the waist.

  2. April

    Oh man, I’m in love with the Proenza Schouler outfit. Perfection. I’m kind of digging the Jason Wu too. The panels are slightly distracting, yet awesomely flattering. Also, I’m apparently a sucker for leather.

  3. lindsay

    totally agree with pidget… this slideshow is a downward spiral. also, i don’t like the stick straight hair in slide 3.

  4. Kit

    The nay’s have – the slideshow is downward spiral. Which is weird, that blush one *should* look good on her – it’s a colour that usually looks good on redheads. But not her. Whatever’s happening below should no be spoken of…

  5. Trace

    I like the shoes in the fourth picture but a) they appear too big for her and b) they don’t really go with the red dress.

  6. Ailatan

    The Proenza Schouler is the best look, she looks a bit like a younger Julie Delpy wearing that, don’t you think?

  7. JENNY

    More bonus Matthew Crawley please!

    • Heather

      Are they a couple?

      • mary lou bethune

        No, he’s married to a Lavinia look-alike, I have heard. HEH- sorta like Jessica here, too. What’s up, fug gals?
        JEssica is lovely in whatever she wears and she has the advantage over so many in that she is extremely talented, has beautiful hair, doesn’t dress like a trollop.

        • Corriner

          There can never be enough Cousin Matthew!

          I love the blue dress and am mentally photoshopping those funky shoes onto her feet in that photo.

          Her styling in the Proenza Schouler outfit is perfect. Nailed it!

  8. qwertygirl

    What Jenny said! And in that second to last slide, yes, please never wear that color again. In fact, can we just get that color struck from the color wheel altogether?

    • Jeanette

      Two votes for having that ‘non-color’ struck off the color wheel and while i’m at it, can we ban all flesh colored dresses by Royal decree?

  9. Sarah

    She seems to have a real problem with fit through the waist in a lot of what she wears (not just the belted dresses here, but historically). She is tiny, there is no need to cinch it in that hard.

  10. witjunkie

    Yeah, what is with her affection for a belt over too small of a ruffly peplum?

  11. Alicia

    I think she nailed it with the first and third slide. I think she looks bad a** in the leather and wool skirt, and I love the straight hair with it. I would totally rock that look if I had long hair.

  12. Vodka Gimlet

    Dan Stevens is hot. That is all.

    • Chasmosaur

      I beg to slightly differ. Dan Stevens is dreamy. Or maybe that’s just because Matthew Crawley is dreamy. Either way, he’s the best accessory in the whole damn slide show.

  13. Erin

    Wow, that started strong and got bad very quickly. The dress in slide 5 looks like robinhood. awful!!

  14. pantsonfire

    Mother of pearl. What is with the spate of unflattering, ill-fitting peplum + weird U-shaped or square necklines? Anyway, number 1 is just not good. It’s too small, for starters. And just say no to peplum. And the square neckline…it isn’t The Worst on her but I just think that a v or scoop is pretty much always better than a square neckline like that. I’m guessing the feel is supposed to be (ironically?) reminiscent of late 1980s or early 1990s womenswear, but it just feels dated and very Samantha Jones to me.

    The bright blue was pretty good on her, and I really liked the outfit with the leather top, though would have liked to see the skirt without a box pleat, just to see if it is a bit better that way.

  15. Al

    I adore Dan Stevens, but I feel that Downton Abbey puts him at a bit of a disadvantage. I mean, Matthew Crawley is never not fantastically dapper, so in normal clothes Dan looks kind of underdressed.

    • Genevieve

      That is true. The clothes on Downton Abbey are hard to beat. Nevertheless, I’m substantially distracted by his presence in this photo to think he’s doing okay for himself. ;)

      Oh, and yes, Jessica Chastain needs to say no to pale shades, and I say this as a fellow super pale person who can’t pull off monochromatic pale shades. However, I really like the first blue dress and the one on slide 3.

  16. Suzanna

    Pocahontas called– she wants her work dress back (aka that beige thing).

  17. Caitlin

    Can I just say, I really like that jacket DanDan is rocking?

    As for Jessica, it really is a mixed bag isn’t it? The first dress is pretty okay and I like the Proenza but the rest is blah and/or fug.

  18. madi

    Her face, though. Her face is amazing. And that hair!

  19. Joanne

    Found Wu dress weird, these hourglass dresses are supposed to make you slimmer….not emaciated – it reminded me of a weird Facebook picture of a frantically thin woman with a 14 inch waist (or summat). Not a good look in either case the proenza outfit? A big yay!

  20. SKGD

    Jessica who? All I can see is Dan Stevens! Thank you Heather!!

  21. anny

    She looks so good in the Proenza Schouler – maybe she ought to be trying simpler shapes. It really looks effortlessly elegant on her. (Though her hair and makeup in that shot are a little severe.)

    She has such delicate features and coloring that sometimes all the colors and peplums and decolletage and fussy waistlines get a bit overwhelming, I think.

  22. TonyG

    I like the first four dresses, the last two not so much. But her face and hair in that last pic really capture how beautiful a woman she is.

  23. fritanga

    It’s Matthew Crawley’s masculine power distracting you from the hard truths. She always looks unkempt, even in the rarest of dresses.

    And boy oh boyski , is Matthew Crawley masculine in DA3. His gonads are back in full force!

  24. Neil

    That beige dress with the laced-up parts just reminds me of the one the Ewoks put Princess Leia in in Return of the Jedi. A girl should never look like she’s been dressed by Ewoks.

  25. Jeanette

    Not a fan of the red ress – it’s the round neckline that is unflattering to her (very nice) figure. If that other blah dress were a paint colour it would be titled ‘bilious beige’ (or just plain ‘bilious)

  26. Miss Louise

    My, she’s a beautiful woman. Love her in the blue, belt-peplum combo notwithstanding. And the glamour of the leather/wool outfit is impeccable. Neil, since reading your comment, all I see is Ewok in pic 4, but there ain’t no cuteness there.

  27. maryse

    wow, she should never ever wear pale neutrals again.
    she is damn pretty though.

  28. Vandalfan

    I’d like to buy her some eyebrows. Not Freida Pinto ish, but some more distinct.