Emmy Awards Unfug It Up: Anna Torv

I just don’t know:

I like the bodice, but the rest of it is just confusing to me. It’s like a mini-mullet, and it weirdly makes her look like her feet are emerging from a place where they couldn’t possibly be connected to the rest of her body. Is this the sort of thing that happens on Fringe? (I know: I couldn’t watch it because it conflicted with some other stuff and now I feel like I’ll never be able to follow it, even though Pacey.) Personally, I think I’d fix this by making the opening in the front more of a demure slit, and less of a theatrical curtain — I think that would fix the wonky proportionality we’ve got going on there (Wonky Proportionality is also the name of my band. We do a lot of experimental jazz.). What would you to do Unfug this? If you even think it needs unfugging, of course. I don’t know your life.

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  1. Andrea Karim

    You know, I don’t mind the dress, but the shoes make make me weep. Also, although I LOVE a bold lip on this gal, it’s either the red lip or the earrings, but both cannot inhabit the same head space.

  2. Jamie

    This cannot be saved. Also, you get one accent color, not four. The red lip, metallic clutch, pink earrings and blue shoes are kind of overkill. I used to watch Fringe, but stopped because I just CANNOT force myself to care what happens to her character. Like, she was imprisoned in a parallel universe and I was like “meh, they’ll probably get her out eventually, or not, whatever”.

  3. Sajorina

    I HONESTLY LOVE THIS DRESS!!! It’s a mix between architectural corset & contemporary flamenco style, which only exists in my head! I don’t consider it a mullet dress, though, and although I like the shoes, I think the blue in them compete with the purple/pink/red going on everywhere else! So, either change the shoes or the accessories and we have a WINNER! She looks GORGEOUS!

    @Jessica: Why the hell do you not watch “Fringe”? It is one of the best shows on TV, plus it has Pacey!!! You’re missing out, my friend!

  4. Zed

    I like the dress, shoes don’t go – I wonder if they looked black when she put them on and didn’t realise they were blue. A necklace would break the expanse of flesh. The lipstick doesn’t tone with the earrings. Just a touch more care would have transformed this.

  5. melissa

    her makeup is weird to me. she is a GORGEOUS woman and you can’t see that here. she also needs to pick an accent color, as stated above. the earrings and lipstick clash and the shoes are random.

  6. Jennifer

    I don’t mind the dress so much, but the blue shoes? No. And no. Also, no. Did I mention no?

  7. Christopher D

    This comes really close to fitting perfectly up top (side angle is a little misleading) so it’s funny that the bottom is such a mess – of course the shoes do NOT help…

    So… what if we just turn it into a hot strapless mini- and she can go work as a hostess in another parallel universe, cause then the wackadoodle accessories wont matter, no?

  8. sarahhh

    Slightly softer make-up, earrings in a metallic instead of pink, and if you absolutely must have a ruffle, it should go to the floor and not mullet at mid shin. Love the neckline, though.

    Also – YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH FRINGE! New season starts tomorrow night, and I’ve heard it is meant to be a jumping-on point for new viewers! Please! More people need to watch so Fox will keep making it and keep Pacey employed!

  9. Aria

    I am kinda intrigued by the shoes, but not with this. And I think the dress may be too flamenco to be saved. Plus, the headsuit and makeup are not good. Maybe it is just that I keep comparing this to her outfit at a previous Emmy ceremony where her hair and makeup were simple and she rocked a coral sparkly dress:

    Compared to her previous look , this one is a gigantic fail for me.

  10. Fuh Ugh

    I’m with Andrea, sarahhh and others … dress? Fine. Shoes, earrings and makeup NOT.

  11. Mo

    Who cares about the dress? I can’t get my head around you not watching Pacey!

  12. val.

    The dress isn’t too bad but the blue shoes seem to belong to an entirely different outfit.

  13. Melanie

    Add a necklace and change the shoes and it could have worked. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shoes, just not with this dress. They’re too heavy. Maybe a thinner strapped one?

  14. amys

    Dorky accessories and too dark of lip. I don’t know who this person is, but I’m definitely showing up for the next Wonky Proportionality gig.

  15. Cat

    I just caught a glimpse on this E!’s red carpet coverage, and loved it– until I saw a full length picture and then… oh dear, Anna. I love you and feel like we hardly ever see you at any events and… this is it? From the waist up, I love this dress. Love the bodice, the hair, the make-up. I don’t mind the earrings, but now that I’ve seen more pictures, they definitely clash with the lip, so maybe if they were red or a contrasting color (like green) it might be better.

    I’m not so sold with the bottom of the dress. It might be fine if she had a different shoe. The blue… I’m not sure if she thought they were black or purposely picked them. Either way, they don’t work. Ditching the shoe for something different would improve the overall look tremendously.

  16. Amberoni

    I could do with much less volume on the skirt – if it’s going to be a mini mullet with theatricallity, let’s make it less… frothy. Then I could move past the overabundance of mermaid gowns and just enjoy it. Also, bad shoe. Go back to the nineties, and take the jarring red lips with you. A more berry lip would have tied in the earrings, if a person wanted to tie in the earrings, and the fingernails. Slimmer shoe, possibly also in a metallic berry shade, would then have finished the look, although she should talk to her make up gal about toning down the use of highlights. Seriously, they go in a tiny dot inside the eye crease, then MAYBE under the brow. Here, she looks like she either wants to look undead in a glamorous way or as if she’s been in a cave eating things that make her face puffy for a few weeks.

  17. SunnyK

    When she came to present, I didn’t really notice what she was wearing because I couldn’t take my eyes off of her earrings. My GOD they’re incredible! I’ve been searching for a cheap knock-off version ever since I saw them!

  18. Beth

    I have no comment on the dress, but must comment on the lack of Fringe watching. DVDs are for catching up. Start DVRing the new season tomorrow. Rent, borrow, Netflix (ha!), buy the DVDs. Mainline them over the weekend (or a few – I don’t know your life either). Dive into the current season. I did that last season. Best decision ever. (Well, OK, maybe not EVER. But still.) Oh. And I don’t like the makeup.

  19. KimB

    I love the bodice on this dress too, but I would have had the front hem come to the floor and picked a color. Deep amethyst would be nice.

  20. Tara

    Come on over – I’ve got the first 2 seasons on DVD. Trust me, it’s a veritable Pacey-fest! So many peacoats and charming smiles!

    Also – I would prefer this with a dramatic slit, not the mullet-front. I personally love the lip color, but maybe not with those shoes.

  21. vandalfan

    She should go home and change. Not yet ANOTHER strapless (again?) tulle (again?) mermaid (again?). Her lips and earrings deserve a much nicer outfit.

  22. Infoqueen

    Speaking of Pacey, you HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS, Fug Girls!


  23. Lina

    Oh, I’ve been conflicted about this since I first saw it. I LOVE HER, full stop. But I have issues with the whole look. The dark lip looks so strange on her — it totally changes the look of her face, as well as fights with the giant dark earrings. As for the dress, I do like the bodice. It’s interestingly dramatic, especially with the makeup, but the skirt has all the problems you describe. The shoes, er, belong with another outfit entirely. Strappy black heels would make me happier…even though I usually love a contrasting pop of color down below. Fuchsia, maybe? But maybe nothing would work with the cut of this skirt.

  24. Cat

    I love her and Fringe far too much to ever fug her. But I can tell you that she purposely wore the shoes — in fact, she sneakily changed into them in the car (apparently her stylist had put her in a different pair) because, she said, they are comfortable and fun. Also, she chose the dress because she wouldn’t have to wear Spanx under a structured dress. I do wish she had gone with a softer lip color, but as far as I am concerned, Agent Dunham can wear whatever she damn well pleases.

    PS – Please. Watch. Fringe.

  25. Annabeth

    I think no one element of this is beyond saving, or even bad — they just don’t quite combine right. I’d prefer the dress as a straight slinky sheath, I think; I also would like to see her try a dark lip with a different outfit sometime, one not quite as stark as black. The shoes and earrings are each fun, but not ideal for this and not together. That said, I’m glad she apparently had fun with it. And yes, WATCH FRINGE. Olivia Dunham is nothing but awesome.

  26. Veronica

    I like the bodice, though I think it would have been better overall as a simple sheath. It would have been boring, possibly, but elegant. I am a personal fan of the bold red lip – wise to have toned down the rest of her makeup and let that stand out – though I do think it clashes with the earrings. Studs or something less noticeable would have worked better. The shoes are…hmm. I think a black pump or sandal would have been better, though I like the shoes enough that I think they’d work with a different oufit. I give it a C. Not absolutely awful, but she could do better.

  27. Heather P.

    My favorite part of this post is, “even though Pacey.” ha.

  28. Kara

    The dress would be fine with a softer makeup/hair/earrings. And maybe also in a way lighter colour. Why is she wearing a blue shoe with a black dress? Girl, no.

    Jessica, do catch up on Fringe. Just start about midway through season two and marathon it over a few weekends. (And keep a pillow nearby, so that you can a) hide behind it when gross things happen, b) hug it like it’s Pacey when Pacey (or: “Peter”) needs hugs, or you need something to weep into.) That’s how I spent my May/June, because the payoff is huge. It is seriously one of the best, most heartbreaking shows around, and it beats even The Vampire Diaries‘s Nina Dobrev in how many different characters Anna Torv has to play. And she’s so, so, so good – and just like Nina – she will never be nominated or win an Emmy/Golden Globe for her performance, because it’s not a “proper” show but one of those dirty scifi/action dealios.

  29. Simone

    lose the frumpy hair and the big earrings

  30. The Other Molly

    I love Anna.
    I love the fact that she’s married to Mark Valley.
    I will forgive her anything.
    What with DVRs and web streamed full episodes “conflicting shows” is no longer a valid reason not to watch.
    I agree with the others, Fringe is one of the best shows on TV.

  31. Jenna

    I think it’s fine. It just needs to be longer.

  32. Lizzie

    Look, we all love Pacey, and he was the main reason I was watching the show. But then I read that Ms. Torv (if that is her real name) sued her ex-husband (the charming Mark Valley) for TEN MILLION DOLLARS. And that she’s Rupert Murdoch’s niece. Which makes her related to Lucifer. Which isn’t really her fault, but Mark Valley didn’t deserve THAT. Plus his show, Hard Target, is now canceled. Unfair.
    But about the ensemble Ms. Torv is wearing? Nope, I couldn’t care less. It’s her rotten soul that we should really be examining. K. I’m done. Thanx for listening.

  33. Claire

    @Lizzie – where did you read she sued him? I know pretty much everything about Fringe and Anna (I’m totally obsessed so your judgement will have zero effect) but I’ve never heard that. And she’s related to Rupert. His first wife is her mother’s (I believe) sister. Her soul is beautiful and made of unicorns and rainbows and puppies loving kittens. Thank you.

    Hate the lipstick. Love the earrings. I’m not crazy about the dress. The shoes are good. Passable but not a homerun (which we all know she’s capable of).

  34. Sajorina

    @Infoqueen: Ha! I have that book… Someone gave it to me as a present in 1999 and I treasure it!

  35. kany

    Here’s where the problem lay. Anna Torv admitted to changing the shoes on the way to the Emmys. She then changed back into the original shoes for the FOX party. The dress would have worked perfectly with the original shoes. If I were Vera Wang and saw that Anna had changed the shoes and fuged up the entire ‘look’ Id be livid. What the heck was she thinking? Strappy shoes do not go with this dress. Anna, next time the stylist gives you shoes specifically for that dress- wear them!!! She ruined it. The shoes look comical and do not go with that dress. Did she even look at the accessories. They’re deep red and she put on electric blue shoes- wtf??? Her make up is far too severe. Compare this look to her golden goddess look for the CCA awards. Her make up was golden, soft and went perfectly with her Veronica Lake hairstyle. Why anyone would put that kind of harsh make-up on that complexion Il never know. Its like they had already decided on the makeup regardless of who was going to be wearing that dress. She’s beautiful when everything is soft and relaxed and theres volume in her hair (like the Nylon shoot which took years off her). She has a killer body though.

  36. Lizzie

    @Claire– My info is from Entertainment Weekly. I don’t know how Ms. Torv sleeps at night.