There is also something very predictable about this. If I had a psychic turban that told me somebody would wear blue princess tulle to the Emmys, I would have guessed Zooey Deschanel. That doesn't mean it's not NICE, but... Here's the thing: I'm sure this, our first time actually on the carpet, will also be our last (we are TIRED, y'all, and we missed 30 percent of the outfits, AND we had no snacks), but the most interesting thing about it was the dresses that really don't read in photos despite being nice in person. This was one of them. When we glanced up through sweat rivulets to see her Seacresting it up on the E! dais, the skirt was very intricate and pretty, and it moved well. But here it looks like someone gave it a bad haircut with a razor blade.
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