Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Best and Worst Blue

We’ve done red, we’ve done purple… turns out we had some blues in the mix, too. And you know how much I love a vote. It’s like judging, but it sounds nicer.

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Comments (44):

  1. Dyanna

    Aleksa’s dress looks awfully purple on my screen. Not that I’m complaining. I love purple, I love blue, she is pretty.


  2. Martha

    I cannot decide whose I loved most: Cobie Smulders, Emily Blunt, or Amy Poehler. I voted for Cobie, but I think my love for How I Met Your Mother may have biased me.

  3. Libby

    Cobie’s dress was lovely and a refreshing color. I also really liked Claire Danes’ dress.
    Christine Baranski’s gown is awesome (almost as awesome as she is) – it’s board room on the top & bridal on the bottom.

  4. Lynne

    Part of the reason Christine Baranski looks amazing is the fierce attitude with which she poses for the camera. Confidence sells the look sometimes.

    Aside from that, I would like to present Christine with the Helen Mirren Award for Age-Appropriate Dressing That Makes You Look Smoking Hot.

  5. lisas

    I struggled to choose between Cobie Smulders and Christine Baranski, but the unusual aqua turquoise colour won me over.

    Katie Holmes has too many resources at her disposal, and she’s playing at designer, so she is held to a higher standard. One that she has yet to meet, actually.

  6. M.Amanda

    Christine Baranski is one of those women who either always nails it or is just so awesome that the times she misses it is almost immediately wiped from my memory. And I’m not just talking about the red carpet. Love, love, love her.

  7. yeahandalso

    I went with Christine over Emily…cause I think it is probably easier for somebody of Emily’s age, shape and fame-level to get the best of the best dresses. Cobier for 3rd…and THANK YOU for the Robin Sparkles shout out, I giggled

  8. Elizabeth

    I loved Joelle Carter’s dress, but I wonder if this was really the party for it.

    Katie’s dress could have looked pretty darn cute if she’d done something more adult with her hair, makeup, posture, and accessories . . . with Katie, if I am to be blunt.

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  10. Kara

    None of these are wow-ing me. Aleksa Palladino’s would be better if it weren’t too small – it’s pulling all through the stomach and hips. I voted for Christine Baranski for best (and Lynne is right – a big part of it is how she exudes confidence) and didn’t vote for worst, because there are a few (Poehler, Holmes, Agron) that I don’t care for.

  11. Coleen

    It truly was between Christine Baranski and Colbie Smulders for best blue. I loved the sparkles of Amy Poehler’s dress, but I cannot get behind the too-tight fit and the awkward neckline.

  12. Starling

    It was surprisingly hard to pick here – so many of the blues were just gorgeous, and even the worst weren’t that bad. Christine Baranski, Minka Kelly, and Cobie Smulders all looked amazing, but I went with Minka FTW (yes, I was one of the folks who loved it).

  13. Beth

    I can’t vote for any of these for best blue, because it should have gone to Claire Danes! LOVE her dress.

  14. Danielle

    I had to go back and look at the dress. Maybe you were counting it as black? I think Claire Danes had the best blue!

  15. Breda

    Seconding the fact that I can’t believe you forgot Claire Danes. Her dress was GORGEOUS. But I voted for Cobie Smulders anyway, because the draping was lovely and the color was unusual, plus I like her, so I’m glad to see her in a great dress.

    Though I had a hard time with Amy Poehler: I’m SO EXCITED for the Return of Leslie Knope (and her Big Dilemma) tonight, plus it’s a pretty blue and it’s sparkly, but it’s just slightly too small and therefore unflattering.

  16. Rosemarie

    I voted for Christine before going through the pics (silly me) and had forgotten about Cobie stunner until I got to it. So, Christine would have to go to second place – and I’m surprised Cobie isn’t much higher up on the votes.

    I can’t say I actively hate any of these enough to call them “worst” although I’m tempted to do so with Emily’s. The woman makes enough money that she can afford a bodice that actually fits I should think. Why is she playing up her worst asset – the fact that she doesn’t have curves up top to speak of? It reminds of the year Gwyenth won the Oscar in that pink dress that was falling off of her…on second thought, maybe I have found my “worst”.

  17. Sarah

    I had to go with Christine because she’s smoking hot and I love her on Good Wife.

    Emily looks amazing too, but disqualified over the Jim factor. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT ALL BLUNT

  18. vandalfan

    I’m in favor of anything that isn’t strapless or mermaid, so all of these are darn good.

  19. Evalyn

    I’ve never seen Christina do anything that wasn’t Awesome. She just has so much sass and class. I usually vote for Alfre, but that satin dress is just not up to awesomeness.

  20. Molly

    You should totally watch Justified. Oliphant is adorable in a cowboy hat and, in general, it’s entertaining.

  21. witjunkie

    LOVE Christine Baranski. She was my favorite of the night, actually. Navy blue, sleeves, elán…fan-freaking-tastic.

  22. CH

    I like the idea of the Helen Mirren Award for Baranski. She looks awesome, and I CANNOT wait for The Good Wife to return.

  23. GS

    I like Claire Danes’ blue the best! But I’ll vote for someone else I guess

  24. Alexis

    I freakin LOVED Amy Poehler’s dress! I want my own!

  25. Squirrel!

    I may have to redact my stance on hating a plunging V-neck, because it is WORKING on Christine Baranski, whom I have loved since Cybill. Still, I went with Cobie Smulders (whom I have no feelings about) for best blue, because that color puts it over and above all of the others for me.

    As others noted, Claire Danes should have been included; she would have ranked highly for best blue In addition, I would have said Heather Morris’s dress was blue rather than purple — and, in that case, it would have ranked highly for worst blue.

  26. Christopher D

    Christine Baranski for the win because:
    a) She is Christine F***ing Baranski!!!!!
    b) YES to Lynne who nailed it (entire post but especially ” Helen Mirren Award for Age-Appropriate Dressing That Makes You Look Smoking Hot.” – because c’mon people she does! She is ROCKING the crap out of that dress)
    c) I’m gay and I’d wanna date her… zowie!
    d) I genuinely love this dress, but it’s the dress/wearer package that sells it. I see lots of dresses I like better, but this one fits Baranski size/style/attitude to a T. She is wearing it, not the other way around.
    e) She is Christine F***ing Baranski!!!!!

  27. Sajorina

    I had a hard time choosing for BEST to vote on because I ♥ Emily Blunt, Amy Pohler, Minka Kelly & Cobie Smulders’ dresses, but voted for Emily Blunt! My WORST is Paula Abdul! And, on Alfre Woodard’s big picture I can see her bra and noticed that she’s wearing flat sandals… Urgh!

  28. Heather

    I guess I didn’t think of Claire’s as blue because it was sort of patterned, but you’re right, she should’ve been in here. Oops! What can you do?

  29. Heather

    But Heather Morris’s dress was definitely purple — it was kind of a lavender. Also, the nice thing is… these polls are not official, so if someone gets left out, it’s okay because they’re just for fun.

  30. Carolyn

    I kind of LOVE Amy Pohler’s dress. It’s weird. But it works.

  31. Claire Zulkey

    Christine Baranski just looked perfect. Polish pride.

  32. Aria

    I voted Amy, but it was thisclose to La Baranski– she is awesome! Joelle’s was just hideous to me. And I should love Cobie’s- that is one of FAVE colors, I am fan of draping dresses, I love HIMYM…but somehow, I just don’t. Maybe if I had seen her on the red carpet, I would feel differently, but I just feel very blah about it.

  33. Penny

    I am so in the minority. I love Katie Holmes’ dress and I loathe loathe loathe Amy Poehler’s.

  34. OnTheCouch

    I wonder why Claire Danes wasn’t included. Her dress was FAB!

  35. Michelle

    I too adore Christine Baranski. Loved her on Cybill, she was awesome when I saw her on Broadway. She can do no wrong for me. Cobie Smulders close second, for sure.

    I had to pick Alfre for worst because she IS wearing flat sandals (as Sajorina pointed out), and her foot seemed stuck out at a weird angle. I have a thing (phobia?) about feet, what can I say?

  36. anny

    Again, Holmes: Elastic waist on the red carpet? Really?

  37. Dazie

    I like the IDEA of Amy P’s blue shiny dress, but it came across as Amy’s Blue Sausage. She’s not big enough to look that squeezed into her clothes. :( Go up a size.

  38. Liz

    Christine Baranski’s dress really bores me. I would have chosen Claire Danes for the win if she’d been on here, but in her absence I’m going with Minka Kelly. Really a toss-up between her, Amy Poehler, and Emily Blunt.

  39. Amelia

    I really liked Christine Baranski’s (if only because it made me pray “God, can I please pull that dress off when I am her age?”) and Emily Blunt’s – but just decided to go with Cobie, not only because of my undying love for HIMYM, but because her hair looked SO MUCH BETTER here than it did in the season premiere I just witnessed this week. I knew Robin wouldn’t let me down!

  40. G

    Maybe Christine Baranski’s dress looked good in motion but in this picture the sleeves and the color and the shape through the ribcage make it look like she’s wearing a very casual navy blue camp shirt that she forgot to button up. And who wears a formal skirt with a camp shirt?

    I’d like to thank Alfre Woodard for demonstrating the proper deployment of a deep V-neck. Its one and only purpose is to show off cleavage and she’s doing that to the nth degree here. That neckline is completely pointless and unflattering for women without cleavage to show. No one wants to see your sternum, ladies.

  41. ADT66

    I dislike you deeply for making me choose between Ms. Baranski and Ms. Smulders’ blue dresses, because I thought they both looked AMAZING. However, Ms. Baranski won in a squeaker because I want to be her when I grow up. She.is.awesome.

  42. TonyG

    Christine looks fabulous in that dress (and looks like she knows it). I loved everything about Cobie’s look though: the color, the glamour/casual mind-meld that’s going on with that dress, the accessories, the look of happiness/peace she has..she just killed it! Might be my favorite of the evening.

  43. Aaron

    I’m going to ignore the content of this post almost entirely and focus on the part where you said you don’t watch Justified. You need to watch Justified, STAT! It’s a truly great show.

  44. Sophia Loren

    These are all . . . a little off.

    Too busy, too blah, too bridesmaidy, too Star Trek (that’s Amy), molting . . . I vote for Claire Danes.