Demi Lofugto

Demi Lovato did a pretty decent job hosting MTV’s New Year’s Eve show — I mean, the bar has been set pretty low there, but I thought she comported herself very well, and I admire her for being so open about everything she’s been through.

And the Seventeen cover itself is cute. Unfortunately, the rest of her looks like Kim Kardashian dressed up as the third Bangle from the left on National Stevie Nicks Day. Which is not only unflattering but unrealistic, because that is about eight levels too far removed from Sexy Postal Worker to appeal to Kim, and also, that woman would never consent to being a tertiary Bangle.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Stefanie

    Why is her hair always in her face?

    Why am I sounding like my mother?

  2. marie

    does she have some kind of love for black lace 3/4 sleeves. Also I wish you would do a fug montage of alll the terrible dresses on MTV’s NYE show between Demi & Selena Gomez and the drunk teens that room looked like a sparkle vomit disaster.

  3. China

    Demi seems to be having some sort of Seventeen-promotional-tour-induced-fugness. This look isn’t much better:

  4. Sandra

    If the underskirt was a few inches longer and the broderie anglaise window sheers were removed, she might have a decent outfit. She also needs a hairbrush and to stop looking like she’s about to rip someone’s throat out with her teeth.

  5. Tara Misu

    Oh that is unfortunate….. she’s a cute girl. This stumpifies her.

  6. Travis Harrison Lafferty

    I JUST WISH I WAS HER SASSY GAY FRIEND!!! *sigh* So much wrong. Obviously girlfriend doesn’t hang out with Selena Gomez anymore. She wouldn’t dare let Demi wear essentially a mormanized version of an 80′s Madonna outfit, sans jewelry. And let’s talk about those triangular Vampirella nails. Gurl. No.

  7. vandalfan

    Yes, not only the horrible nails, but the (possibly homemade?) cross tattoo on her hand and the bone, I mean jewel, in her nostril really stink up the joint. As much as do the leg curtains. Get rid of the stinky stuff and extend the tennis dress and she’d be not just OK, but quite nice.

    I mean, how do you sneeze and wipe your nose with a thing like that in there? What’s next, ritualized body scarring?

    • Melanie

      It isn’t that hard to sneeze or wipe your nose with a stud in it. I’ve been doing both just fine for 11 years.

  8. witjunkie

    I am transfixed by how she in real life exactly looks like the cover she’s standing next too.

    • Kate

      Yeah I noticed that her face and smile are identical in the picture and on the cover. At least she looks like herself on the cover!

  9. theotherjennifer

    her hair (extensions?) are too freaking long and I hate that color. My God every time I see this girl I think 1984 Tiffany “I think we’re alone now”…lord, kill me now. I also agree with @Travis that those pointy black nails are nasty.

  10. Ladyblahblah

    I get the feeling that she’s trying to be what she interprets as edgy while still appealing to her fan base of very young teenage girls.

  11. Bambi Anne Dear

    Comported? She comported herself very well?

    • Sandra

      Um yeah. It means “behaved or conducted oneself in a particular manner”. So she wasn’t all bat-sh!t crazy or drunk or anything.

  12. Caroleena Stantonova

    Oh, blech!

  13. Restaurant Bruges

    really such a fun post

  14. Miranda

    Good lord. Don’t get me wrong, her hair is really pretty, but there is just too much of it. I feel suffocated just looking at it.

    I can imagine the dress and jacket being okay on their own (except LEG CURTAINS AUGH), but absolutely not together. The shoes are deeply awful.

  15. Jules

    There’s something kinda creepy about her outfit, as though I expect to see her teeth are also filed down to points like her nails.

  16. Sajorina

    I don’t hate it! I think the pieces are fine when they’re separate; her mistake was putting them together! Btw, I love the cover because it’s so life-like, which is unheard of these days!

    • Mahastee

      Agree – I really don’t know who this person is (sounds like another Disney/Nickelodeon type?), but at least her cover photo looks just like her, not a photo-shopped into oblivion version of her.

  17. Carol

    How will you ever top this description: “Kim Kardashian dressed up as the third Bangle from the left on National Stevie Nicks Day” … this should be bronzed …

    • Alanna

      HA! I would totally display a bronzed version of that comment….tertiary Bangle, indeed.

  18. Wade

    I just want to mention that it’s refreshing to see someone who looks just like her magazine cover for a change. Or is that vice versa?

  19. crystal

    I really don’t like that hair color. On anybody. It’s obviously not natural, but not bold enough to be edgy, so it just looks cheap and lazy and so, so 90′s.