Critics Choice Television Awards Fug or Fab: Diane Kruger in Elie Saab


This is a very nice gown, and I’m not entirely sure how comfortable she looks in it.

Diane Kruger, 4th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards - Arrivals

Her makeup is pretty; her accessories game, weak; her DNA, unimpeachable. My note about this when it was on the runway was that I wished it ended as it began, and I stand by that — although I ALSO said it was too pretty to stay mad at for long, and I am not sure I can be as supportive of myself on that one. I keep wanting to trim it near the knees and make it a twirly party dress. But what’s really weird about this for me, and I think I blame it on the bodice, is that it makes her look almost swollen — like a box at Christmas that you’re trying to repurpose but your gifts just don’t quite fit and you’re trying, trying, and you end up wrapping it slightly bowed – and Diane Kruger is the opposite of swollen. Seriously, I keep staring at it and wondering if she put it on and then took an Alice In Wonderland pill. Why is that happening to her? It’s DIANE KRUGER. She is like the Cate Blanchett of Germany, frequently pulling off a high degree of difficulty. Is this like when you spend all your time practicing the hard stuff that you forget to cement the fundamentals? Why does that top fit so weirdly on her? Or am I just bleary and tired and TALKING SO MUCH TALKING and should just be quiet and let you vote? Yes.

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[Photo: Splash]

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  1. Cheryl

    Maybe it’s the photo but she looks almost as broad in the hips as Kim Kardashian – and that just isn’t possible!

    • Big Noise

      Get out of my head, that was my first thought as well. I half-expect to see a side view and there we’ll find a bustle. And she looks very uncomfortable and stiff.

      • Cara

        I think it’s a fun play on her shape- we all know she’s slim hipped, I think its sometimes okay for people to wear crazy shapes that don’t necessarily ‘flatter’ their bodies if the overall look is good, which I think this really is.

        I can fully admit I am probably in the minority on this.

        • proteanlives

          No, you’re not! I agree with you. (Maybe because the aesthetic I prefer on women is hour-glass, which so few of the Hollywood actresses today seem to have).

        •  JenniferA

          I am down with that, but I think it might have been more successful if the hip shaping was even bigger and more dramatic and more obviously not actual hip.

    •  ElizabethT

      Bustle, or even hoops!

      • stacey

        I’m just trying to figure out how its done. Is there padding in there? Stays? Those cannot be her actual hips, can they?

        • Heather

          I think it’s definitely one of those things where you can tell it’s the dress and not her, and that it makes her waist look super tiny, which is all good, but the top part somehow just looks shrunken.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      It’s the dress, and it is bad, bad, bad.

  2. hailey

    My mom thinks she needs earrings without even seeing this photo.

    • Stefanie

      lol. I assumed, even before I looked the picture, that she NAB.

    • mattiesmom

      and lipstick !

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Your mom is right, as usual! Even if I liked the dress, as usual, she’s criminally understyled. Looks like she was on her way to the beach and at the last minute decided to put on an ugly hip enlarger and go to this instead.

  3. Nan

    It looks like she is wearing wee panniers underneath the dress. I am confuzzled.

  4.  Miranda

    This was from his couture show, so I imagine there is only one in existence. Diane is small, but maybe she isn’t runway model small, hence the bad fit. It’s a shame because the dress is gorgeous!

  5. Susan

    She is so petite, it’s an engineering marvel to create a garment that makes HER hips look big. Also, the bejeweled lower portion of the dress is pushing skating skirt territory for me.

  6. Sandra

    I wish the dress was a little more committed. The fade to pink at the bottom looks very washed out, as if everybody stopped caring somewhere around the knees. And yes, there is something wrong with the fit.

  7. TonyG

    This dress does give her badonkadonk-itis. Her backside and hips looks J-Lo strong here. I think the dress would be better its hues tarted with the pink up top, got dark at the waist and then stayed dark all the way down with hints of the pink and blue accents.

  8. JJPP

    In the runway photo, it looked like it didn’t have so much structure beneath the waist, and it flowed more. I liked that a lot better.

    • Mrs. Helpful

      yes. she — or somebody — has added padding or petticoats to the original — and the question is: why?

      I do think that she is kind of holding her arms aloft so as not to crush the extra volume back down. But again: why? It is the mystery of the day — or so far….

  9. Jenny V

    The bodice looks to be about two sizes too small. And incredibly painful to wear.

  10. Stefanie

    How? What? WHY? WHY is it doing this to Diane? I love it on the runway, without the hip inflaters.

  11.  KLeewrite

    It looks to me like it’s belted too tightly. The one on the runway seems a bit looser, and it doesn’t seem to be belted so tightly.

  12.  fiatluxury

    what? no. I realize some of that effect is shadow, but how on EARTH do you make DKru look hippy? That’s like a crime against nature, no matter how pretty the fabric is.

  13. proteanlives

    I love it! I think it is cinched tightly at the waist, but I love the hour-glass look this gives Diane. The runway model had a more boyish figure, and so there wasn’t much of a distinction between waist and hips to showcase.

  14. Mrs. Helpful

    I think the dress is gorgeous — except for the added hip buffeting — but I would like her look better either with less severe hair or some nice lip color — or both.

  15. Alex

    I think it’s the shape of the top. If you look closely, it’s not just a normal top, it has a square piece that comes up higher than her armpits, which I think makes her look squashed into it. If she (or her stylist) wanted it to have more structure and look more like a ball gown, it should have committed to the shape instead of just adding a bunch of padding to the hips. I actually think it would have made a fantastic ball gown a la the Met Gala Fabs we saw. But it’s just not committing to anything, just sort of half-assing it all.

    • Val

      I see it — that funny square shape. It looks like the fabric in the bodice of the gown may be tightly gathered both at the top of the bodice and waist then allowed to fall free below the waist. Maybe it’s the relative “bulk” of the gathered fabric in the bodice that’s making the entire silhouette of the garment look so odd. When I try to picture this with the bodice fabric fitted “flat” on a corset shape I find it improved…

  16.  Jehn

    I feel like bigger hair would have balanced it better?

  17. TalleyL

    I think the top is fine. I also think it looks like there are petticoats (why?!) under there and that is why her hips were embiggened (It’s a totally cromulent word). I don’t necessarily share everyone’s love of DK, but if she were selling this more, she might have saved it.

  18. Art Eclectic

    I don’t like the waist on this, although that fabric is to die for. The belt is questionable but I really don’t care for the extra width the top of the skirt gives her.

  19.  ErinG

    Great pattern, terrible panniers.

    The shape could work well (as a more couture look) in a different fabric, but this fabric is so breezy-floaty-summery, it needs a flowy maxidress shape, not the exaggerated structure it’s been given here.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Panniers! I was trying to think of that word!


      Well played.

  20. Bella

    The fabric is beautiful. I’m confused about the hip area and the bust looks kind of tight. She definitely needs earrings, lipstick and a better smile.

  21. Jenz

    I’m thinking that the bust isn’t too tight but that the wonky cut of the bodice is making it look like because there’s more skin showing. Does that make sense?

  22. Joanie

    If it were less like the repurposed giftbox, I might be down with it. As it stands, not so much.

  23. Blair Sylvester

    I think it is sitting really oddly on her chest and making it look like she is bursting out which i can’t believe is actually happening because she is so tiny.

  24. MollyMonster

    I think it is where the dark color ends and the girth it adds, but at first glance, I thought she was in a diaper.

    Not a fan but would have been convinced if the dark background continued with the other colors continuing to variegate.

  25. Elle

    It was a pretty gown on the runway. Her stylist should not insisted on “improving” it. Moral: don’t mess with success.

  26. Elle

    Sorry. Her stylist should not have insisted on “improving” it.

  27. Sajorina

    I love it! I don’t know about this picture, but it look fabulous on stage, so I say FAB!

  28. Kirsten

    This dress is hideous! The colours are vile, the pattern makes the hip to knee section look dirty, the bottom looks washed out – it’s awful. All of it is awful.