This is a very nice gown, and I’m not entirely sure how comfortable she looks in it.

Her makeup is pretty; her accessories game, weak; her DNA, unimpeachable. My note about this when it was on the runway was that I wished it ended as it began, and I stand by that — although I ALSO said it was too pretty to stay mad at for long, and I am not sure I can be as supportive of myself on that one. I keep wanting to trim it near the knees and make it a twirly party dress. But what’s really weird about this for me, and I think I blame it on the bodice, is that it makes her look almost swollen — like a box at Christmas that you’re trying to repurpose but your gifts just don’t quite fit and you’re trying, trying, and you end up wrapping it slightly bowed — and Diane Kruger is the opposite of swollen. Seriously, I keep staring at it and wondering if she put it on and then took an Alice In Wonderland pill. Why is that happening to her? It’s DIANE KRUGER. She is like the Cate Blanchett of Germany, frequently pulling off a high degree of difficulty. Is this like when you spend all your time practicing the hard stuff that you forget to cement the fundamentals? Why does that top fit so weirdly on her? Or am I just bleary and tired and TALKING SO MUCH TALKING and should just be quiet and let you vote? Yes.

Lay it on me:

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  • It needs tweaking. (57%, 2,342 Votes)
  • DISAPPOINTING. (27%, 1,118 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,094

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