Critics’ Choice Awards: The Best and Worst of the Rest

Thanks to technical difficulties, we didn’t get through as much stuff as we wanted to this last week. And so, a special GFY Saturday post that clears out the detritus from our lightboxes as we make way for the Golden Globes on Sunday. Big fun, y’all.

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  1. Miriam

    BEN WAS SNUBBED SO HARD! Yes, that needed caps.

    • Kara K


      But dude is still looking handsome, so good for him.

      • morris

        oh please. his movie wasnt all that. it took scorsese decades to get one, some perspective people…

        • Agent Sculder

          True. But Scorsese at least got NOMINATED. Sure he got screwed for Raging Bull and Goodfellas, but the Academy at least remembered his work.

          I think Ben’s a victim of turning into a really good director at a time when the members of the Academy are increasingly wary of nominating actors who direct. I think if Ben quit acting to ONLY write and direct he’d have a much better shot at getting nominated.

        • CreLa

          Just watched Argo last night- totally Meh.

  2. Art Eclectic

    Clea DuVall’s white dress wouldn’t be quite so bad if it wasn’t so easy to spot the lining ending at the top of her thighs. What is wrong with these designers?

    • amys

      Is she wearing yellow spanxs???Should we even be able to detect the color of said spanx? This seems tacky, but when I start thinking of tacky, this list runs waaay too long. And I give up and go home and start reevaluating my life.

  3. Kris

    Clea Duvall just posed for the most glamorous mug shot ever.

    • Edith

      BWA! That’s hilarious, and spot-on.

      As for the others, Sally Field is gorgeous (but should shun dropped waists), Emmy Rossum is overdressed, Emily Blunt’s straps are amazing, and “Busty von Keyhole” reminds me of my favorite Simpsons’ exchange ever:

      Marge: But I don’t want to be called ‘Busty Sinclair’ OR ‘Chesty LaRue’!
      Homer: Hootie McBoob it is!

  4. anna s.

    I’m not a fan of Clea’s prominent dress liner. It sort of screams FLESH COLOURED LINER HERE, and it looks cheap to me. It’s sort of middle school prom, wannabe risque, and it’s on the outside looking in at higher class.

    • anna s.

      I should have added: the only thing worse than attention-plea transparent dresses are attention-plea transparent dresses that are badly tailored and not even as flashy as they promise.

  5. anna s.

    Also also, Nina Dobrev is capital-G Gorgeous, and I love how she’s working that coloured, spangly, fun dress.

  6. Chasmosaur

    I took one look at Clea Duvall and had to double check it wasn’t Versace from Spring 2011. It looked similar to that red number that January Jones wore a size too tight.

    JanJo wore #44 in red – it looked better on the slimmer runway model – but #45 an #46 were all in similar style. This, however, is a Tadashi Shoji (Spring 2013 RTW). She could have chosen better.

  7. ashley

    I just want to say YAY! for Saturday posts!!!!

  8. Annie E

    NOT a fan of Emily Blunt’s hair color or Octavia Spencer’s bangs.

  9. Hima

    Sally Field looks fantastic. I had to look up other pictures of her to see if this was just a good picture or she always looks like this. She always looks like this.

  10. TaraMisu

    OMG Saturday GFY!!! And also, “Busty von Keyhole” Thank you for making my weekend.

  11. mary lou bethune

    Sally looks fantastic. Helen Hunt, as well. Emily Rossum’s dress is the prettiest one I have seen in ages.And she doesn’t look so scared these days. Ben looks vexed and where is Jennifer? Octavia always looks lovely and calm. Emily Blunt is the queen of chic tonight. She glows as anyone would who had her gorgeousness and that cute husband not to mention the great career. Ladies, you all are fantastic !

  12. Emma

    Nina Dobrev isn’t “selling the hell out of” anything. That dress is ridiculous, stiff, unflattering, blingy and ugly. Just awful. I didn’t think Nina Dobrev could look bad in anything.

  13. Helen

    Saturday GFY, splendid!

    Apart from the need for some color in her makeup, Helen Hunt looks amazing.

    Actually I liked almost all of these, a rarity. It’s too bad about DuVall though. Unique good looks, and a pretty dress (despite the liner problem), but the two don’t go together.

  14. Sandra

    1. I want Octavia Spencer’s dress. That is just gorgeous.

    2. Re: Mr Affleck. Yes, he should stop acting and focus on directing. That is very clearly his skill set. He also has much better taste in projects as a director.

  15. Infoqueen

    Octavia Spencer could use a little lippie…

  16. Ladyblahblah

    Emmy Rossum – HATE the starfish belt
    Nina Dobrev – I feel like this is what the new spokesmodel for Chicken of the Sea would wear.
    Emily Blunt – Guessing her hair colorist isn’t taking credit for this?
    Octavia Spencer – Love her acting abilities and she always looks lovely on the red carpet, but if she was a “Skinnygirl” (as it were in the background) would she get so many kudos for the same outfits?

  17. maryse

    what i find so great about sally field is that she still has the same face that she had when she was gidget at 16. she’s fantastic.

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  19. ErinE

    I just decided Emily Blunt and John K look alike (see picture 10)